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The Strickland Family

First Generation
1.  John Strickland12 was born circa 1595 in England.2 He died on 5 Sep 1672–13 Dec 1672 at the age of 77 in Hempstead, Long Island, New Netherland.2 John Strickland arrived in America about 1629, settling in Salem, Massachusetts Bay. He moved to Charlestown in 1630 and was made a freeman there on 18 May 1631. From Charlestown, he moved to Watertown by 1634 and was granted a homestall of 16 acres. John was one of six men dismissed by the Church of Watertown on 29 May 1635 with the intent to form a new church covenant in the "River of Conectecott." Wethersfield was the next stop for Strickland in 1635. He sold his homelot, house and barn on 28 March 1640 to William Frost of Fairfield, CT. John spent the early 1640s in Fairfield, CT.  Strickland then moved to Long Island and was one of the founders of Hempstead in 1644. By 1659, he had moved to Huntington, Long Island, then to Jamaica by 1663.

John Strickland held numerous offices in Massachusetts, Connecticut and on Long Island, in addition to holding the rank of Sergeant in the Massachusetts militia in 1631.
18 September 1630: coroner's jury, Charletown.
3 May 1631: Juryman, Charlestown.
9 September 1641: Deputy to Connecticut General Court, Fairfield.
5 March 1658: Magistrate, Hempstead.
4 February 1660: Magistrate, Huntington.

The name of the wife of John Stricland is not known. There is some speculation that it may have been Jane. The name of Jane Fenwick has also appeared as a possible spouse, but has been suspect, at best. The Stricklands had at least four daughters. Although John's will does not give their given names, the girls are probably:
(1) Elizabeth, b. c1620; m. c1640 - Jonas Wood "Oram"
(2) Hannah, b. c1625; m. c1645 - John Lum
(3) Sarah, b. c1628; m. c1650 - John Smith "Blue"
(4) Susannah, b. c1630; m. c1651 - Timothy Baker; m. c1660 - Samuel Matthews

John Strickland made his will 5 September 1672. It was proved on 13 December 1672. His daughters were mentioned under their married surnames only: Loum [Lum], Matthews and Smith. His daughter Elizabeth apparently predeceased him, as did his wife.
Jane? [Strickland]3 died before Sep 1672 in Prob. Jamaica, New York, British America.3
John Strickland and Jane? [Strickland] had the following child:
2 i. Susannah "Susan" Strickland, born ca 1630, Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay, British America; married Samuel Matthews Sr., ca 1660, Prob. Jamaica, Long Island, New Netherland.
Second Generation
2.  Susannah "Susan" Strickland4 (John-1) was born circa 1630 in Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay, British America.1
Susannah "Susan" Strickland and Samuel Matthews Sr.1 were married circa 1660 in Prob. Jamaica, Long Island, New Netherland.1,4 Samuel Matthews Sr.1,4 was born circa 1627 in England.4 He died in 1695 at the age of 68 in Jamaica, Queens, New York, British America.4 Samuel Matthews was born in England and was an early settler on Long Island. He first appeared in New Amsterdam records in 1655. Matthews was a resident of Hempstead, Ling Island in March 1656. He was one of 14 petitioners who requested to settle on land recently purchased from local Indians. Matthews and the others, mostly from Connecticut, established the village of Jamaica.
Samuel would go on to serve a magistrate of Jamaica.

Samuel married Susannah Strickland about 1660.  The couple had three children: Samuel [d. 1700], Mary, who married Joseph Smith, and Susannah.
Matthews died in 1695.
Samuel Matthews and Susannah Strickland had the following child:
3 i. Susannah Matthews, born ca 1679, Jamaica, Long Island,  New York; married Thomas Smith, ca 1697–8, Maidenhead Twp., Burlington Co., West Jersey; married Timothy Baker Jr., abt 1703, Maidenhead Twp., Burlington Co., West Jersey.
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