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Marsh Family

First Generation
1.  John Marsh Sr.1 was born in 1579 in England.1 He died in May 1627 at the age of 48 in Braintree, Essex, England.1 John and Grace had seen children:
[1] Sarah [c1614 - c1657]
[2] Joseph [c1616 - bet. 1676-1681]
[3] Mary [1617-20 - c1657, m. John Sherry]
[4] John Jr. [1618 - 1688, m. Anne Webster]
[5] Lydia [1620-26 - c1669, m. William Martin]
[6] Grace [c1622 - 1696, m. Nathanial Tyres]
[7] Samuel [164-26 - 1683]

John Marsh Sr. and Grace Baldwin12 were married circa 1613 in England.1 Grace Baldwin1 was born circa 1592 in England.1 She died circa 1667 at the age of 75 in Braintree, Essex, England.1
John Marsh and Grace Baldwin had the following child:
2 i. John Marsh Jr., born Apr 1618, England; married Anne Webster, ca 1640, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, British America; died 28 Sep 1688, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, British America.
Second Generation
2.  John Marsh Jr.12 (John-1) was born in Apr 1618 in England.1 He died on 28 Sep 1688 at the age of 70 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, British America.12 He was buried after 28 Sep 1688 in Old Burial Ground, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, British America.12 John Marsh arrived in Newtowne/Cambridge about 1635 from Essex, England. He was one of those who joined Rev. Thomas Hooker in the move to Connecticut and become one of the original proprietors of Hartford in 1636. His home lot was on the road from the Little River to the North Meadow [now Front St.]

He married Anne Webster about 1640. He father, John, would become Governor in 1655. Their children were:
[1] John III [c1642 - July 1727, m. Sarah Lyman]
[2] Samuel [c1645 - 7 Sep1728, m. Mary Allison/Ellison]
[3] Joseph [bp. 21 Jan 1647 - bef 1649]
[4] Grace [c1648 - 31 May 1676, m. Timothy Baker]
[5] Joseph [bp. 15 July 1649] twin
[6] Isaac [bp. 15 July 1649] twin
[7] Jonathan [c Sep 1650 - 3 July 1730, m. Dorcas Dickerson]
[8] Daniel [c1653 - 24 Feb 1724, m. Hannah [Lewis] Crow
[9] Hannah [c1655/6 - 1699, m. Joseph Loomis]

Marsh was chosen chimney-viewer in 1658.

John Marsh was part of the group, known as the "withdrawers," led by his father-in-law, John Webster, that were in opposition to Rev. Samuel Stone's policies on baptism. In May 1658, the group received permission to withdraw to Hadley, Massachusetts. Webster's group moved to Hadley in April 1659. The Marshes moved to Northampton and joined the Congregationalist Church there on 18 June 1661. Anne died in Northampton on 9 June 1662.

John married Hepzibah Lyman on 7 October 1664. She was the widow of Richard Lyman and daughter of Thomas Ford and Elizabeth Charde. They had a daughter, Lydia [9 Oct 1667 - 1727]. Hepzibah died 11 April 1683.

John also adopted, Grace Martin, daughter of John's sister Lydia after she died in 1669.

John Marsh died on 28 September 1688 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. It is believed he was visiting his daighter Lydia, who resided in Windsor.
John Marsh Jr. and Anne Webster23 were married circa 1640 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, British America.13 Anne Webster1,3, daughter of John Webster and Agnes Smith, was born on 29 Jul 1621 in Cossington, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom.1,3 She died on 9 Jun 1662 at the age of 40 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, British America.1,3
John Marsh and Anne Webster had the following child:
3 i. Grace Marsh, born ca 1648; died 31 May 1676. 
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