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The Moyce Family

First Generation
1.  Joseph Moyce / Moyse13 was born in 1585–1590 in Suffolk, England.23 He died after 1669 at the age of 84 in Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America.23 Joseph Moyse or Moyce was probably born in Suffolk Co., England, between 1585 and 1590. He is believed to be the Joseph Moyce who married Anna / Hannah Folcord 2 November 1609.

Hannah's year of birth becomes an issue concerning the 1609 marriage. The majority of the IGI and PRF entries for her at FamilySearch give Hannah's birth in 1601. A handful sjow years ranging from 1587 to 1597. A birth range of 1589 to 1593 would be plasible if Hannah, the wife of Joseph Moyce, was Hannah Folcord.

In his will dated 9 November 1648, the Rev. Nicholas Stanton of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, left a legacy of 40 shillings to "Joseph Moyce or his wife, living in New England." The supposition is that either Joseph Moyse or Anna Folcord had some connection to Rev. Stanton.

The Moyses had three known children: Anna [baptized 16 September 1618 at Dennington, Suffolk], Martha [b. c1619] and Mary [b. c1622]. If Joseph did indeed marry Anna Folcord in 1609, there is a strong possibility that there were three or four children born before Anna.

Lending credibility to this idea is an entry in
Bradley of Essex County: early records from 1643 t0 1746: "Goodman Moyce and his three sons: 1648, Hav., Jan. 26." If Joseph and Hannah were married in 1609, they could easily have had three sons born between, say, 1611 and 1616.

Joseph was in Salisbury [originally Merrimac], Essex, Massachusetts Bay by 1639. The town granted him land in the first division in December 1640. Moyse was a joiner by trade. Joseph was a commoner and was taxed in 1651 and 1652 and received additional land in 1654. He served on the Grand Jury in 1651 and the Trial Jury in 1653.

Moyse left no will, but deeded land to grandsons Philip and Andrew Greeley. George Goldwyer and wife Martha deeded rights to land that he bought from his father-in-law, Joseph Moyse of Salisbury, in March 1674/5. Martha Pike mentioned her sister Greeley and cousin, Ephriam Winsley, Sr. in 1700.

No proof exists tying Hannah to Josephn and Anna. The rarity of the Moyse name and the fact that she named a son Joseph make her a likely daughter of the couple.

Hannah Moyce married Bartholomew Heath.
Martha Moyce married George Goldwyer & Mjr. Robert Price,
Mary Moyce married Andrew Greeley,

Anna died in 1655 in Salisbury. Joseph was still living in 1669.
Joseph Moyce / Moyse and Hannah Folcord / Folkard1,3 were married on 2 Nov 1609 in Dennington, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.13 Hannah Folcord / Folkard3 was born in 1587–1593 in Suffolk, England.2 She died in 1655 at the age of 68 in Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America.23
Joseph Moyce / Moyse and Hannah Folcord / Folkard had the following child:
2 i. Mary Moyce / Moyse, born ca 1622, Suffolk, England; married Andrew Greele/Greeley Sr., ca 1642, Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died 24 Dec 1703, Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
Second Generation
2.  Mary Moyce / Moyse3 (Joseph-1) was born circa 1622 in Suffolk, England.34 She died on 24 Dec 1703 at the age of 81 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1,3
Mary Moyce / Moyse and Andrew Greele/Greeley Sr.3 were married circa 1642 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1,3 Andrew Greele/Greeley Sr.1 was born circa 1617 in England [?].1 He died on 30 Jun 1697 at the age of 80 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1 Andrew Greele was probably born in England about 1617. His arrival in Massachusetts is not documented. The town of Merrimac was granted in 1638 as a plantation to Simon Bradstreet and others. The town was incorporated as Colchester in 1639 and renamed Salisbury in 1640.

By 1640 Andrew had settled in what is now Seabrook, New Hampshire and built a tide mill for the grinding of corn on Kane's River contiguous to a rock-bound island in the marsh where he built a sawmill in August 1655. The mill was passed down to Andrew Jr., then to his son Andrew, remaining in the family until 1747.

The Greele homestead consisted of about three acres and two sets of buildings. Three generations of Andrew Greele children were born there.  Andrew was chosen constable of Salisbury for 1654 and was active in local affairs. Shortly after the mill was completed, he moved to Haverhill.
Andrew Greele/Greeley and Mary Moyce / Moyse had the following children:
i. Phillip Greele/Greeley was born on 21 Sep 1644 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1
3 ii. Andrew Greele/Greeley Jr., born 10 Dec 1646, Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts; married Sarah Brown, 12 Jun 1673, Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died 26 Nov 1736, Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
iii. Mary Greele/Greeley was born on 16 Jul 1649 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1
iv. Joseph Greele/Greeley was born on 5 Feb 1652 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1
v. Benjamin Greele/Greeley was born on 9 Dec 1654 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1
vi. Westwood Greele/Greeley1 was born 29 Mar 1658/9 in Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.1 Westwood probably died young. Other than the birth record, there is no further mention of him.
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