Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crousore land: Howard Co., IN

Boy am I dragging behind with posts! I've been examing land and census records for my Crousore & Simmons families. The 1850 Howard Co. census shows Jacob, John, John C. and Stephen Crousore, Samuel Langley and John Simmons as neighbors. Stephen, both Johns and Langley all are shown on Section 5 Twp 23-N, R4-E and John Smith on Section 4. These are all 1849 BLM-GLO purchases. Jacob Crousore and John Simmons [father & son-in-law] must have acquired property from their relatives or other neighbors by 1850. A Jacob Crousore [Christian] also bought land in 1849 - but not close to John's brood.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Simmons, New Book, Cousins, PFA Reunion

While searching the online databases for the Tipton Co., IN Library, I discovered a 1900 directory that placed my John T. Simmons [then living with son, Charles] on West Walnut St. in Sharpsville. Wish the directory gave the house number!

Cousin Betty Harrell Gerlack [we share my 4th great-grandfather, Cornelius Prall Sr., as our common ancestor] sent a 74 page book that she wrote on our Swart, Tietsoort, Whittaker & Van der Lindt families. There is some really interesting new stuff in the Tietsoort chapter. [That's all I've read so far.] Betty has done a really nice job!

I received an e-mail from one of my cousins in the Philippines last night! She was inquiring about how the Crousores and Pralls tied together. How is it I have cousins in the Philippines? GGM Mima [Simmons] Crail's baby brother, John W. Simmons, served in the Philippines in 1900, married a local girl and stayed on.

The Prall Reunion is regaining life. More as soon as details are sorted out again!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tipton & Kokomo Research; Prall Reunion

I've been negligent again! My Crousore-Smith [and Simmons] odyssey took me to Tipton and Kokomo yesterday. I found another good place to eat! Jim Dandy's on Hwy 28 going into Tipton. Nice waitress, good breakfast!

I learned a lesson on the trip: One day per town! After visiting the Tipton Library and Recorder's Office in the morning, I took off for Kokomo. After lunch, I had a short afternoon and ran out of time. Also caught rush hour on I-465. Next time I stay over, even if it's only 50 miles!

I could use a full day in the Howard Co. [Kokomo] Assessor's office and Recorder's office! A little more time in Tipton would be beneficial as well. The new Indiana Room at the Kokomo Library is very impressive!

Research results: I learned that my John Simmons was one of two or three in Tipton Co., so they need to be sorted out. I'm not sure if the grantee deeds are my guy or not. In Kokomo, the Recorder's Office closed before I was finished. Two Crousore deeds are being mailed. I did locate a Smith deed.

Staff: the ladies at the Tipton facilities were great. The ladies at the Kokomo government offices were really helpful.

The Prall Reunion may be postponed due to low registration. More on that in the next day or two.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anderson Research

I made it up to Anderson today. Would you believe TWO court house fires?! The first was in 1840 and the second in 1880. That really played havoc with my time frame for John & Christian Crousore. John was there prior to 1837, when he acquired government land in Delaware Co. He was back by the 1840 census enumeration and, I think, until the 1849 move to Howard Co. Brother Christian arrived after 1835, but by 1840 and left about 1849 for Howard Co.

Tax and court records were lost in the fires, but the court house did have the deed records. Nothing even close for either brother.

The Anderson Library's Indiana Room is a nice facility. Staff there and at the Madison Co. Historical Society, as well as at the court house were friendly and helpful.

I did find another neat eatery - The Lemon Drop Drive-In, on Rt. 32. The diner seats about 40. Four or five big booths and 10-12 stools at the counter. The grill is behind the counter, menu on the wall, great service and polite, friendly folks manning the place. I'd guess it's a family operation. Good tenderloin! An order of fries could feed a family of four! If you are in Anderson, check it out! Oh yeah, in place of a basket of mints at the register, they have a basket of lemon drops!