Friday, September 22, 2017

Tracking a Crail Family in the Census

Census records can be a valuable tool in tracking a family's movement and putting together a family group sheet. Case in point, the family of James Berry Crail.

The 1800-1840 censuses are flawed in that they do not list names of the family or ages. These records break the family down by age groups [5 or 10 year periods] for males, females and slaves. The head of the household is given.

The children of James and Margaret Crail began marrying during the 1830s. Only Margaret, the youngest, failed to marry. James [b. 1783] and Margaret [b. 1784/5] were married about 1808. So, the 1810 census would be the first to look at and 1840 the last. The children and their families should be listed by themselves from 1850 on. [Except for my James B. Jr., of course.

1810 Pendleton Co., KY - James Crale [3m 0-10] [1m 10-15] [1m 26-44] [1f 45+]
1820 Harrison Co., IN - James Crale [2m 0-10] [1m 10-15] [1m 26-44] [3f 0-10] [1f 10-15] [1f 26-44] [8m slaves under 14] The index left out the 1f 26-44, but that column was "ticked off" on the sheet.
1830 Washington Co., IN - James B. Crade [1m 5-9] [1m 10-14] [1m 15-19] [1m 20-29] [1m 40-49]
[1f 0-5] [1f 5-9] [1f 10-14] [1f 15-19] [1f 40-49]

1840 Shelby Co., IN - James B. Crail [1m 15-19] [1m 20-29] [1m 50-59] [1f 10-14] [1f 50-59]

We'll look at 1810 first. James should have been about 27 [b. 1783], Margaret 25/6 [b. 1784/5] and  James Jr. 1 [b. c1809]

Results? 3m 0-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 26-44, 1f 45+ Should be 1m 0-10 1m 26-44 1 f 26-44.
No explanation for the discrepancies, other than the enumerator misfired or other family members were living with the Crails.

From what I have pieced together, the known family of James and Margaret was as follows: [*accounted for in census]

name             est. born 1820 1830 1840 married
James B. Sr. [b. 1783]  37*     47*   57*  c1808
Margaret      [b. 1784]  36*     46*   56*    "   "
James B. Jr. [b. 1809]  11*     21*    31   c1832
Thomas J.    [b. 1811]   9*      19*    29   c1836
Mary W.      [b. 1813]   7*      17*    27   c1834
Absalom      [b. 1816]   4*      14*   24*  c1844
Senar Jane   [b. 1820]   0*      10*   20    c1837
Robert R.     [b. 1822]   -          8*   18*  c1845
Margaret      [b. 1828]   -          2*   12*    dnm

Unaccounted for in 1820 and 1830 is a daughter born between 1810-1820. She may have died between 1830-1840 or married and has not been accounted for. Senar Jane married in Dearborn Co., so it is possible that the girl married in Ohio or Indiana.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Evaluating information on the early Crails

Family info collected by historian/genealogist E.E. Barton in Pendleton Co., KY [available on CD] includes a letter that offers the following tidbits [2nd-hand] from a Crail lawyer/researcher in LA:

1) John Boggs Crail's mother was Lady Campbell, daughter of the Duke of Argyll.
2) John, on his father's side, was a direct lineal descendant of the Duke of Marlborough.
3) John's father was a prominent landowner, owner of Castle Crail in Scotland.
4) John arrived in America in 1763 and served two years with the 12th Virginia Regiment during the Revolutionary War.

Cool stuff, huh?
1) John Boggs Crail was the son of Thomas Crail Sr. and Elizabeth / Jane Wilson. Unless the missus had an earlier marriage to a Campbell back in Scotland, that Argyll connection is shot! The parents posted for her on Find A Grave were from Massachusetts - that is also a bit suspect. Value of info: marginal, at best.

2) John's father, Thomas, was reportedly born in Scotland about 1720. Thomas' father has been identified as various Creels, Creals and Crails. You'd think the family of the Dukes of Marlbourogh would keep better records of their male line! Value of info: marginal, at best.

3) According to Wikipedia, Castle Crail was in ruins by 1563, there wasn't much to own. Since the castle had been in ruins for about 160 years, by the time John's father was born, we can eliminate that bit. The odds of a prominent land owner cashing it all in for a gamble in America, are slim at best.Value of info: less than marginal.

4) John was born in Maryland, not Scotland, in 1745. He did serve in the 12th Virginia. [Rev. War pension file]. Value of info: adequate.

I don't know where Lawyer Crail's info came from, but someone in the family had a desire for a "prominent family" and invented same!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Will of Thomas Crail: 10 April 1809

Now we begin with documentation and linking it to family line. First up, the will of Thomas Crail.

Thomas Crail of Pendleton, KY is believed to be the father of James B. Crail, Sr. and husband of Elizabeth Berry. Thomas made his will on 10 April 1809 [Deed Book B, p. 243] naming his wife, Elizabeth, and sons Wilson, Absalom, James and John. Also named is Edward Downing and his children [Eliza, Sally, Elizabeth and Polly]. Downing married Thomas' daughter, Elizabeth. Witnessing the will were Joel Berry, Stephen Mullins, James Morris and Pope Williams. Son, Wilson, and wife, Elizabeth, were named executors. Will probated: 15 May 1809.

Two of the witnesses are of note:
(1) Joel Berry was believed to be the brother of Elizabeth Berry Crail.
(2) Stephen Mullins was the brother of Richard Mullins, who married Rebecca Berry, Joel's daughter.

The James named in Thomas Crail's will was James Berry Crail, Sr.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Under Investigation: Possible Crail Lineage

Here is the possible Crail family line:

(1) Me
(2) Mom [Ruthjane McHugh m. Hugh C. Prall]
(3) Bess Catherine Crail m. Charles J. McHugh
(4) Dr. James Crail m. Ama Jemima Simmons
(5) Aaron Crail m. Catherine O'Neil
(6) James Berry Crail, Jr. m. Mary Ann Jones
(7) James Berry Crail, Sr. m. Margaret Stewart
(8) Thomas Crail, Jr. m. Elizabeth Berry
(9) Thomas Crail, Sr. m. Elizabeth Anne or Jane Wilson

Earlier generations are assigned, but don't fit too well. For example, one of the earlier Crails was roughly 50-60 years older than his son. That is possible, but unlikely with a single marriage.

Pennsylvania and Virginia records need to be researched to make sure the right Crails are in the right colony/state at the right time. Kentucky, Ohio and/or Indiana figure into most generations.

It should be interesting convincing myself I have the family sorted out as I go along.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mary Ann Jones [Crail]

What is known about Mary Ann Jones Crail?

1) She was born in Ohio in 1811 [aged 76 at death in 1887]

2) Her father's "name" was T. Jones [per death certificate] & was born in Kentucky.

3) She married James B. Crail before 1835 in Ohio.

4) Named as mother on death certificates of John Crail & George Crail. Mother of Sylvester & Aaron based on other evidence.

5) Residences: 1835-1837 Hamilton Co., OH; 1839 Marion Co., OH; 1843 Miami Co., IN, 1851-1854 Shelby Co., IN.

6) From 1875-1887 she resided with either Sylvester or John. [Indy City Directory entries]

7) Mary Ann died 11 August 1887 and was buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Friday, September 15, 2017

James B. Crail

What is known about James B. Crail?

1) He was according to  census and death records of his children, born in Ohio.

2) In some cases he was referred to as "Junior." Therefore, his father was James Berry Crail Sr., who married Margaret Stewart.

3) Sometime prior to January 1835, he married Mary Ann Jones, also of Ohio.

4) James Crail, James B. Crail, J.B. Crail was named as the father of Sylvester B. Crail [b. 1835 Hamilton Co., OH], John V. Crail [b. 1837 Hamilton Co., OH], George B. Crail [b. 1843 Miami Co., IN] and by proof of relationship to Sylvester and John, Aaron S. Crail [b. 1839 Marion Co., OH].

5) He was in Hamilton Co., OH from, at least, 1835-1837;  Marion Co., OH 1839, Miami Co., IN 1843, Shelby Co., IN 1851-54 [deed records]

6) James died between 1854 [recorded in Shelby Co., IN] and 1874. Beginning in 1875, Mary was listed as a widow in the Indianapolis City directories.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Resolve is Weakening!

Sticking with my Crail family......
John and Sylvester Crail moved around a bit before1875. Aaron was living in southern Hamilton Co., IN when he died in 1868. His widow, Catherine, moved with her son James until he went to veterinary school in Canada [1892-94], then opened a practice in Shelbyville, IN.

John and Sylvester stayed in Indy from about 1875 on. [Sylvester moved to the State Soldiers Home at Lafayette in 1897 and died the next year.] Catherine moved in with John for a few years, until James was transferred from Chicago to Indy in 1911.

John Crail lived on the "Old North Side" of Indianapolis late in his life. George B. Crail Sr. was also residing in this part of town around the turn of the 20th century.

The 1902 Indianapolis City Directory contained the following entries:
John Crail - 1743 Alvord
George B. Crail - 2336 Sheldon
These two addresses are/were 0.98 miles apart.
Also residing at the Sheldon address: Albert Crail [Geo. B.'s son]
The Alvord addess was home to: Catherine Crail [John's sister-in-law]; and George Crail [presumably George B.'s son]
James F. Crail was residing at 2309 Yandes, just a block or two from his father, George B.
Albert R. Crail lived at 1927 Alvord [John's son]
[John was living on Cornell (a couple of streets over from Alvord) when he died in 1907.]

If George B. Crail Jr. was boarding at the home of John Crail, would it not make sense to suspect a possible familial relationship? If so, at the least, George Sr. and John were therefore related. Cousins? Brothers?

Should I give in and accept George B. Crail Sr. [1842-1923] as brother of Sylvester [1835-1898], John [1837-1907] and Aaron [1829-1868]?