Friday, March 23, 2018

Summing up my Billiou Theory

There are a variety of birth and death dates available on family trees for the various members of the extended early Billiou family. Thomas' birth ranges from 1560 to 1600; his death from 1617 to 1625.
Aimie's birth ranges from 1573 to 1585. Abigail, Ann and their spouses range from about 1580 to 1605, although little is available on Nathaniel Walker. As for Jeacq, very little is offered, probably due to lack of research. Marriage dates are documented for the girls and their nephew, Pierre Billiou.

The following is my best guess on who fits where and when.

1) Thomas Billiou [c1570 England - aft 1624 prob. Leiden, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands]
m1. unknown -c1588 England

2) Abigail Billiou [c1600 England - aft 1669 Plymouth Colony]
       m. 22 Oct 1622 Leiden - John Dunham, widower [c1588 Eng. - 2 Mar 1668/9 Plymouth Colony]

2)  Ann Billiou [c1602 England - unk.]
     m. 28 May 1624 Leiden - Nathaniel Walker, widower

m2. c1604 possibly Leiden -  Aime _______ [c1573 Spanish Netherlands? - Jul 1621 Leiden]

2) Jeacq Billiou [c1605 prob. Leiden or Wicres]
    m.  c 1623 prob. Wicres - unknown [d. bef. May 1649]

3) Pierre Billiou [c1625 Artois - c Dec 1701 Staten Island, NY]
    m. 2 May 1649 Leiden - Francoise du Bois

Thomas Billiou was a witness at the marriages of Abigail Ballou and Anneken Bailliuw, so died sometime after Ann's 1624 marriage. Jeacq was identified as a widower at Pierre's marriage.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The rest of the Billiou story - maybe

The website I came across included a page on the Billiou/Billiau and Barlow family. It's focus was on Pierre Billiou's brother, Jean who settled in Germany. It mentioned Pierre and gave ancestry of bothThomas and Aimie!

Thomas [b. c1570] was the son of Thomas Billiou and father of Jeacq, who was also recorded as Jean.

Aimie was a BARLOW. Her birth name was Ann Aimie.

The Billious were from Wicres, Artois, Flanders. The Barlows had their roots in Prestbury, Cheshire, England.

Ann Aimie was born in Prestbury in 1573. Her parents were Henry and Margaret. The Barlow abcestry continues with  Henry, Humphrey, Alexander, Alexander, Nicholas, John/Jenkin, and Sir John Barlow of Barlow Hall, Cheshire, England.

It is not explained how Henry and Margaret found their way to Leiden for Thomas and Aimie to marry. Perhaps I just missed the idea that Thomas was also English and just settled in Wicres.

Why did the couple give their daughters more English sounding names and their son a decidedly French name?

Unfortunately, other than giving the LDS Family History Library and website some credit, the Billiou article lacks evidence.

Aimie died in Leiden in 1621, Thomas after 1622.

I checked Ancestry and searched other online trees. The Barlow lineage frequently appeared - sans documentation. A couple of trees gave Thomas as a probable English exile. Abigail's and Ann's marriage records give their place of birth as England. Abigail is recorded as Ballou and Ann as Anneken Bailliuw. Most trees show Thomas Billiou either born in or of Wicres. Some list his wife as Ann Aimie - given name and surname.

For the time being, I'm sticking with my theory. I just don't buy Aimie as an Englishwoman.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Billiou family - an issue confused by lack of documentation

Also on the "new info" front is material on the family of Pierre Billiou. Pierre was a patentee of Staten Island and the father of Marie Billiou, who married Arent Jansen Prall in Kingston, NY in 1670. Louis du Bois gave permission for his niece's betrothal.

Research had it that Pierre was the son of Thomas Billiou and his wife Aimie. He was the brother of Abigail and Ann Billiou, who married John Dunham and Nathaniel Walker, respectively. The Dunhams and Walkers immigrated to New England. The problem was that Pierre was born after his sisters were married. Dunham was a Pilgrim, but sailed for Plymouth over a decade after the Mayflower.

A marriage record was eventually located for Pierre and Francoise du Bois naming Jeacq du Bois as Pierre's father.

I developed a theory that the Billiou family [appearing as Ballou and Barlow in various sources] might have been from England and joined other Pilgrim families who left England for the Netherlands.

The Pilgrims pretty stayed associated with their own. Thomas Billiou's daughters had decidedly English names of Abigail and Ann. His wife's name Aimie seemed very French in spelling.

Could Thomas have had a first wife who bore the two girls and died around the time the family left England? Then, after arriving in the Netherlands, remarried to a young woman of French Huguenot extraction?

That was my theory. The mother of Abigail and Ann died and Thomas married Aimie. Jeacq was the product of this marriage.

I had no proof that this scenario was reality, but it seemed possible. Then a few days ago, I came across a website that supported my theory!

[to be continued...]

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A new look at the du Bois family

In one of my "let's see if there's anything new" searches, I decided to check out Chretien du Bois. Chretien was the father of my ancestor Francoise du Bois Billiou and New Paltz, NY founder Louis du Bois.

Chretien had been awarded noble lineage by several early researchers. This ancestry became a bit suspect over the years.

The Du Bois Family Association, of which I was a member for a few years, published new research findings in their June 2011 through February 2013 newsletters. Two French genealogists had been hired by the DBFA to reexamine the Lille Archives in France. Monte Horton wrote a four part article covering the results.

Chretien was the son of Antoine du Bois [c1570 - c1617] and Ann Cousin, His siblings were Jean, Ferry, Francois, Laurent and Isabeau.. Chretien married Francoise le Poivre.

Antoine was the son of Louis du Bois and Allenore le Michele.

The family resided in Wicres until about 1627, when Chretien moved a few miles to Herlies.

Chretien and Ann were the parents of twins Louis and Antoine [1622], Philippe [1625], Toussaint [1626], Anne [c1628], Francoise [1630-32] and Jacques [1633-35].

Louis married Catherine Blanchan. Francoise married Pierre Billou and were the in-laws of Arent Jansen Prall.

Ann Cousin's brother Jacques was the grandfather of Antoine Crispell, who was among the New Paltz patentees with Louis du Bois. .

Monday, March 19, 2018

Kansas [and Vermont]

Kansas became a state in 1861. Jacob and Amy [Smith] Crousore moved to McPherson Co., Kansas in 1873, joining their only surviving son, William. Amy had died there between 1875 and 1877. Jacob died about 1878.

I should probably add an honorable mention as ancestral colonies and states wraps up. Vermont joined the US as the 14th state in 1791.

After the Stock Market crashed in 1929, Charles and Bess McHugh packed up their four kids and joined Bess' sister Pansy Tierney and her family in Vermont. The families were in the logging business near Drummerston. Although the Tierneys stayed for 3-4 years, the McHughs only stayed about aa year befor retuning to Indianapolis.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


The McHugh brothers moved their families to Lafayette Co., WI just about the time Wisconsin was admitted to the union in 1848, possibly a year later. John and Daniel were masons with mining experience. Lafayette Co. was lead mining country. John and his sons, including James, also farmed.

John and Catherine Wagner arrived in Lafayette Co. by 1851. Catherine was widowed by 1855.

James McHugh married Louisa Wagner. James died in 1898. Louisa and most of the kids moved to Chicago.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Florida joined the union in 1845. After several summers of vacationing in Florida, my parents decided to retire there. They made the move in 1977, four years after I started teaching in the Sunshine State. The folks remained in Florida for the rest of their lives. I moved back to Indiana in 2008, after 34 years.