Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Serendipitous Moment

Over the weekend I was helping my girlfriend go through boxes in hopes of finding a packet of her older family pictures. We found a manila envelope with an assortment of papers. It was one of those serendipitous moments! The papers included the DAR file that one member of the family had copied & sent to a great aunt, a few pages of family members with kids & vital statistics, a letter from the 1830s & another gem or two.

The DAR file was the crown jewel. The pages took the family back to Ireland in 1774, fleshed out a few later generations & added a family or two.

Much of the info I had put together from various sources. The Ireland story is new, as is quite a bit of the data.

Now to verify the new material! I hope the names start getting spelled with uniformity! [lol]
Brady = Bradie in the marriage record & the first & middle names of the groom are transposed [Murphy Malone should be Malone Murphy.]
Murphy = Murfohey in another.
Parthenia = Parchena in yet another.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Timeline Observations

Preparing timelines for the vast majority of my ancestral families has been interesting, eye-opening & a bit exhausting - but definitely worthwhile!

Interesting: There were many families that I hadn't looked at in years. I was able to revisit those families, brush up on the stories & discover where I needed to renew research on them.

Eye-opening: I was amazed at some of the gaps I had in information. The fact that I had the wrong John Low & wife Elizabeth. [Stodder/Stoddard rather that Howland] was disappointing. Maps really came in handy when details looked fishy.

Exhausting: Quite a few families covered 8-10 generations or so. I thought I'd never get through some of them!

Worthwhile: I was able to locate additional information on a number of families. I need to evaluate what I've uncovered to see how well it is documented & worth adding to my files. There are some other lines I'd like to flesh out a bit more. Just putting the timelines together was worth the effort. They are now available to refer to & use as research tools.

Give this little exercise a try. You can go with major life events, migratory events, births, marriages & deaths; the options are up to you!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Final Timeline: Dally

 My preliminary research on the Dally family included Catherine Dally, wife of John Simmons, & her father. Follow-up research takes the family back another hundred years. The Dallys were Huguenots, originally D' Ailly from northern France. Jean D'Ailly married Marguerite Madou.

c1644: Jean Dally settles in New Amsterdam.
Apr 1644 -Dec 1645: Jean Dally acquires the ship St. Peter & does business with the West Indies Co.
1646-1648: Dally captains ships along the Atlantic Coast as far south as Northampton Co., VA.
c1650: John Dally is born in either New Amsterdam or Northampton Co., VA.
11 Aug 1668: John marries Elizabeth Obie in New York City.
1676-77: Jean goes into farming on Staten Island.
16 Oct 1680: Nicholas Dally [John & Elizabeth] is christened in the NY Dutch Church.
1689-91: Dally serves on the NY Assembly for Staten Island.
15 May 1691: Jean Dally dies on Staten Island, Richmond Co., NY.
c1700: Elizabeth Obie Dally dies in New York City.
2 Mar 1700: John marries Gertrude Roomen at New York City.
c1705: Nicholas marries Elizabeth Creigier in New York City.
1708: John Dally dies in New York, Kings Co., NY.
11 Mar 1716: Henry Dally [Nich. & Eliz.] is born in NY City.
c9 Nov 1739: Henry marries Sarah Gifford in Perth Amboy, NJ.
c1741: Catherine Dally [Henry & Sarah] is born in Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., NJ.
4 Sep 1756: Catherine Dally marries Dr. William Salter in NY City. [Salter dies by 1758.]
Nov 1756: Henry Dally dies in NY or NJ.
28 Dec 1758: Catherine marries John Simmons in NY City.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Timelines for the Families Lacking Clearcut European Origins - Part III

c1766: Nicholas Reel is born in Virginia.
c1781: Nicholas marries Amy Reeder in Virginia.
4 Apr 1782: Elizabeth Reel [Nicholas & Amy] is born in Virginia.
23 Oct 1798: Elizabeth marries William Smith in Harrison Co., (W) Virginia.
1830: Reels have settled in Rush Co., IN.
Jun/Jul 1830: Nicholas Reel dies in Rush Co., IN.
[The Reels are reportedly of German lineage.]
13 Aug 1761: Henry Smith is born in Virginia.
bef 1780: Henry married his first wife in Virginia. [She dies by late 1780s.]
13 Apr 1780: Son William Smith is born in Virginia.
1781: Henry serves in the Revolutionary War under Col. Penn & then Captain Hill's company at Yorktown, VA.
11 May 1790: Henry marries Elizabeth Powell in Franklin Co., VA.
23 Oct 1798: William marries Elizabeth Reel in Harrison Co., (W) VA.
c1803: Ama Jemima Smith [William & Elizabeth] is born in Virginia.
1810-1814: William Smith moves to Clinton Co., Ohio.
15 Apr 1814: William purchases about 29 acres in Clinton Co., OH. [Which he sells in 18118.]
1818-20: William moves to Highland Co., OH.
23 Sep 1820: William, of Highland Co., sells 50 acres in Clinton Co. to son John.
29 Aug 1822: Ama Jemima marries Jacob Crousore in Clinton Co., OH.
1830: William is residing in Rush Co., IN. [Smiths, Reels, Crousores move as a group.]
29 Nov 1835: Henry dies in Franklin Co., VA.
1840: William is residing in Delaware Co., IN.
1 May 1855: Elizabeth Powell Smith dies in Franklin Co., VA.
1849: William & Elizabeth [Reel] Smith die in Delaware Co., IN.
[The Smith are probably English, but the name could have been Anglicized.]

5 May 1788: Henry Wolary [Ullery] is born in Virginia or Pennsylvania.
1795 & 1796: A Henry Ullery is shown on the Hampshire Co., (W) VA tax lists. [Possible father?]
1801-1814: A Henry Wolary is taxed in Hampshire Co., (W) VA. [Henry would not have been 21 until 1809.]
17 Oct 1811: Henry Wolary marries Elizabeth Rogers in Frederick Co., VA.
17 Sep 1818: William Wolary [Henry & Elizabeth] is born in Frederick Co., VA.
1820-25: Wolarys move to Clinton Co., OH.
6 Jul 1836: Henry Wolary, now of Clinton Co., OH, buys 160 acres in Allen [Auglaize] Co., OH.
29 Dec 1839: Henry acquires 60.92 acres in Auglaize Co., OH [formerly Allen Co.]
8 Aug 1841: William marries Sarah Hubbard in Fayette Co., OH.
c1849: William moves to Clinton Co., OH.
7 Aug 1849: While visiting the Rogers family, Henry dies in Frederick Co., VA.
1851-53: Wolarys move to Grant Co., IN.
26 Oct 1856: Margaret Jane Wolary [William & Sarah] is born in Grant Co., IN.
1860-63: Sarah Hubbard Wolary dies in Grant Co., IN.
1863: William moves back to Clinton Co., OH.
28 Jan 1864: William marries sister-in-law Sina Hubbard in Clinton Co., OH.
16 Sep 1866: Elizabeth Rogers Wolary dies in Auglaize Co., OH.
c1867: Wolarys move to Auglaize Co., OH.
8 Oct 1874: Margaret Jane marries Hugh M. Prall in Auglaize Co., OH.
c1875-79: Wolarys move to Logan Co., OH.
bef 1894: Wolarys move to Shelby Co., OH.
24 Aug 1894: William Wolary dies in Shelby Co., OH.
[Ullery was a German name.]

Timelines for the Families Lacking Clearcut European Origins - Part II

10 Aug 1751: John Faucett is born in Augusta Co., Virginia. [Now Greenbrier Co., WV.]
c1760: During a Shawnee raid into the Greenbrier Valley, John is taken captive & his family killed while his father is away.
c1763-73: John is adopted into the tribe & later is returned to "his own people," possibly in exchange for a horse. [It is unknown if he was ever reunited with his father.]
1776: John is living at Beason's Town near Redstone Fort in modern Fayette Co., PA.
1777-81: John serves six tours of duty as a "ranger & spy" [on the Western Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia & Ohio frontier during the Revolutionary War.
c1790: John Faucett marries Eve Fry in either Pennsylvania or the eastern Ohio Territory.
1797: The Faucetts leave for Ohio.
4 Dec 1797: Joseph Faucett is born on a flatboat on the Ohio River enroute to Ohio.
1798: The Faucetts settle on the Symmes Purchase between the Miami Rivers north of Cincinnati.
30 Dec 1801: John acquires land in Hamilton Co., OH. [Warren Co. in 1804.]
1812-13: John sells land to son Thomas.
18 May 1820: Joseph Faucett marries Rebecca N. Hurin in Warren Co., OH.
25 Sep 1822: John sells off remaining property in Warren Co., OH.
24 Oct 1822: John purchases a 160 acre tract in Hendricks Co. & an adjoining 160 acre tract in Marion Co., IN.
1823: Most of the Faucett clan moves to the new land in Indiana. John settles the Marion Co. tract.
4 Feb 1825: John sells equal thirds of the Hendricks Co. tract to son Joseph & two sons-in-law.
6 Oct 1827: Benjamin Franklin Faucett [Joseph & Rebecca] is born in Washington Twp., Hendricks Co., IN.
26 Oct 1833: John is granted a pension for his Revolutionary War service.
23 Apr 1838: John Faucett dies in Marion Co., IN. [Burial in Shiloh Methodist Cemetery, Avon, IN.]
27 Feb 1839: Joseph Faucett purchases 124.88 acres in Hendricks Co., IN [Sec. 31]
2 Mar 1839: Joseph sells land deeded to him by his father.
6 Aprr 1851: Eve Fry Faucett dies in Marion Co., IN [Buried next to John.]
24 Nov 1852: Benjamin F. Faucett marries Nancy Clark in Hendricks Co., IN.
22 Mar 1862: Charles E. Faucett [Benj. & Nancy] is born in Washington Twp., Hendricks Co., IN.
19 Jan 1871: Rebecca Hurin Faucett dies in Washington Twp., Hendricks Co., IN.
14 Dec 1871: Joseph Faucett dies in Washington Twp., Hendricks Co., IN.
c1882: Benjamin F. Faucett  moves family to Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.
21 Mar 1885: Benjamin dies in Indianapolis.
12 Apr 1885: Charles E. Faucett marries Elizabeth June Cawby in Indianapolis.
25 Aug 1885: Mayme Faucett [Charles & Lizzie] is born in Indianapolis.
23 Dec 1911: Mayme Faucett marries William Marshall Prall in Indianapolis.
31 Dec 1911: Nancy Clark Faucett dies in Indianapolis.
9 Dec 1934: Charles dies in Indianapolis.
19 Feb 1937: Lizzie Cawby Faucett dies in Indianapolis.
[John Faucett seemingly fits the profile of the Scots-Irish. He was born on the frontier, was uneducated, but had the savvy of  the wilderness & pioneered new territory (Ohio in his mid-40s & Indiana at age 73.) The Faucetts may have been English or Irish as well.]

c1769: Levin Hubbard is born in Dorchester Co., MD.
16 Dec 1789: Levin marries Lydia Marshall in Dorchester Co., MD. [She dies by 1812.]
c1814/5: Levin marries for the 2nd time; name of wife unknown. [She dies between 1824 & 1826.]
c1818: Hubbards move to Delaware.
c1819: Sarah Hubbard [Levin & ????] is born in Delaware.
27 Jan 1825: Levin acquires land in Clinton Co., OH.
29 Nov 1827: Levin marries Charlotte Adams in Ross Co., Ohio.
24 Feb 1831: Sina Hubbard [Levin & Charlotte] is born in Ross Co., OH.
8 Aug 1841: Sarah Hubbard marries William Wolary in Fayette Co., OH.
19 Jun 1849: Levin dies in Clinton Co., OH.
1850-55: Charlotte Adams Hubbard dies in Clinton Co., OH.
Jun 1860 - Dec 1863: Sarah Hubbard Wolary dies in Grant Co., IN.
2 Mar 1862: Sina gives birth to son Peter, whose father is killed during Civil War.
28 Jan 1864: Sina marries widowed brother-in-law William Wolary in Clinton Co., OH.
[My best guess is that the Hubbards were English, but German is a possibility.]

c1725: Thomas Land is born in Virginia.
c1755: Thomas Land marries Anna Sumter in Louisa Co., VA.
c1756: John [Thomas & Anna] is born in Virginia.
May - June 1760: Thomas Land acquires property in Louisa Co. [Albemarle in 1761]
1778: Thomas Land & other family members move to Wilkes Co., NC.
c1780: John, who remains in VA, marries Elizabeth Barlow in Albemarle Co., VA. [She dies in childbirth on 1 Jan 1796.]
c1788: John moves family to Madison/Fayette Co. area in Kentucky.
1790: Thomas Land dies in Wilkes Co., NC.
1 Jan 1796: Betsy Land [John & Elizabeth] is born in Fayette Co., KY.
15 Apr 1802: John marries Rebecca Renfro in Madison Co., KY.
1803/4: John Land moves to Jessamine Co., KY.
Dec 1804: John Land dies in Jessamine Co., KY.
6 Nov 1817: Elizabeth "Betsy" Land marries Willis Gulley in Madison Co., KY.
[The Lands were probably from England, although Moravia has been suggested.]

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Timelines for the Families Lacking Clearcut European Origins - Part I

c1750: Samuel Clark is born in Pennsylvania.
c1780: Samuel migrates to Maryland.
c1790: Samuel migrates to Kentucky.
c1790: Samuel marries Martha ________ probably in Kentucky.
23 May 1792: Son Isaac is born in Kentucky.
1807: Samuel purchases land in Fairfield Twp., Butler Co., Ohio.
12 May 1812: Isaac marries Polly Enyart in Reily Twp., Butler Co., OH. [She dies in 1814.]
30 May 1815: Isaac marries Catherine Miller in Reily Twp., Butler Co., OH.
1820-1826: Samuel Clark dies in Butler Co., OH.
22 May 1827: Widow Martha _______ Clark marries James Bartilow/Partlow in Butler Co., OH. [He dies before 1850.]
16 Jun 1836: Nancy [Isaac & Catherine] is born in Reily Twp., Butler Co., OH.
1849: Isaac moves to Hendricks Co., Indiana.
1850: Isaac purchases 200 acres in Washington Twp., Hendricks Co., IN.
1850-60: Isaac's mother, Martha dies in Hendricks Co., IN.
24 Nov 1852: Nancy Clark marries Benjamin Franklin Faucett in Hendricks Co., IN.
15 Jan 1874: Isaac Clark dies in Hendricks Co., IN.
7 Jan 1879: Catherine Miller Clark dies in Hendricks Co., IN.
If I had to hazard a guess, I would imagine that the Clarks were of English, Scottish or Scots-Irish origin.

c1834: James B. Crail marries Mary Ann Jones in Hamilton Co., Ohio.
20 Jan 1835: Sylvester Crail is born in Hamilton Co., Ohio.
30 May 1837: John Crail is born in Hamilton Co., Ohio.
c1838: Crails move to Marion Co., Ohio,
16 Nov 1839: Aaron Crail is born in Marion Co., Ohio.
1842: J.B. Crail & son are taxed for 240 acres in Addison Twp., Shelby Co., IN - this could be James Sr. & Jr. [The rest of the family of James Sr. was in Shelby Co. at that time.]
20 Sep 1851: Mary A. Crail purchases lot #6 in Marietta, Shelby Co., IN.
5 Mar 1853: Mary A. Crail purchases lot #5 in Marietta, Shelby Co., IN.
13 Oct 1854: James B. & Mary A. Crail sell lots #5 & #6 in Marietta.
9 Jun 1857: Aaron Crail marries Catherine O'Neil at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.
4 Apr 1858 James [Aaron & Catherine] is born in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.
9 Mar 1864: Brothers Aaron & John Crail enlist in Co. I of the 124th Indiana Infantry at Indianapolis.
17 Mar 1864: Aaron & John are mustered into service at Indianapolis.
23 Jun 1864: Aaron Crail falls ill with chronic diarrhea & rheumatic swelling of the lower limbs due to constant exposure to the elements at the Battle of Kennesaw Mtn., GA.
15 Sep 1864: Aaron returns to duty near Decatur, GA, but is declared unfit for duty 5 days later.
Sep 1864 - Jun 1865: Aaron spends roughly 8 months in field hospitals in Georgia & Ohio.
6 Jun 1865: Aaron is discharged at Camp Dennison, OH.
24 Jun 1865: Aaron purchases an acre of land in Hamilton Co., IN.
25 Mar 1868: Aaron Crail dies of consumption in Hamilton Co., IN.
1870: Catherine is living in Noblesville, IN with 6 minor children.
1880: Catherine & children are living in Peru, Miami Co., IN.
14 Sep 1882: James Crail marries Ama Jemima "Mima" Simmons in Tipton, IN.
1886: The Crails are living in Peru, Miami Co., IN, where James works as a blacksmith.
c1890: James is blacksmithing in Kokomo, IN.
13 Jul 1891: Bess Catherine Crail [James & Mima] is born at Kokomo, Howard Co., IN.
1893/4: James Crail attends the Ontario Veterinary College in Toronto, Canada.
24 Mar 1894: James Crail graduates from Veterinary College & returns to Kokomo.
1900: James has opened a veterinary practice in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN.
25 Feb 1908: Dr. James Crail is appointed a federal meat inspector in Chicago, IL.
7 Jan 1910: Bess Catherine Crail marries Charles J. McHugh in Chicago.
18 Mar 1911: James receives a transfer to Indianapolis.
25 Oct 1920: After rporting numerous violations at the Armour & Co. Plant, Dr. Crail was found dead at the foot of a stairwell in the plant. His family did not believe the report that James had a heart attack & fell. Rather he was beaten & thrown down the stairs.
25 Feb 1921: Ruthjane McHugh [Charles & Bess] is born in Marion Co., IN.
4 Jan 1931: Mima Simmons Crail dies at Indianapolis.
29 Jul 1934: Catherine O'Neil Crail dies at Indianapolis.
Over the years, I have been extremely stubborn with this family. James Crail is probably James Berry Crail Jr., son of James Sr. Inconsistencies in research offered from other people & the inability to tie a possible 4th son [George B.] to sons Sylvester, John & Aaron has played a major role in my hesitation. If the Crail lineage proves out to my satisfaction at some point, then the family will trace back to Scotland.

1 Aug 1773: James Cunningham marries Pathiah/Bathiah Standiford in Baltimore, Maryland.
c1782: Bathiah Cunningham is born in Baltimore, MD.
c1790: Harriet Cunningham is born in Baltimore, MD
1801-05 or 1815-16: Captain James Cunningham is captured by Barbary Pirates; his release is negotiated after a fellow Mason or Redman notifies the American Consul. [This incident appears to have taken place during one of the Barbary Wars. If the 1st, it could have been the elder James; if the 2nd, probably the younger. Whichever James it was, he was traveling to Spain a few years later when he died.]
11 Oct 1803: Bathiah marries Captain Ralph Porter in Baltimore. [He dies in 1822.]
31 Jul 1810: Harriet Cunningham marries Captain Zachariah Rhodes in Baltimore. [He dies at sea in 1814.]
1812: Ann Bathiah Rhodes [Zachariah & Harriet] is born in Baltimore.
1812-15: Sea Captain James Cunningham [probably son] serves in the War of 1812.
c1818: Harriet Cunningham Rhodes dies in Baltimore.
c1818/9: Ann becomes ward of Ralph & Bathiah Porter.
1823-1825: Bathiah & Ann move to Harford Co., MD.
2 Feb 1825: Batiah marries Cornelius Prall Jr. in Harford Co., MD
7 Feb 1828: Ann marries Isaac Rittenhouse Prall in Harford Co., MD.
1860-70: Bathiah Cunningham Porter Prall dies in York Co., PA.
1865: Ann Bathiah Rhodes Prall dies in York Co., PA.
The Cunningham timeline relies heavily on a story passed down by one of Ann's sons & written about 1905. No dates were given, so matching events with historical dates is a challenge. The two James Cunnighams could be mixed up as well. Fortunately, I was able to find, at least, a secondary source on Zachariah's death. Census, probate & city directories fleshed out the 1810-1818 stretch. Nativity: Probably Scots or Irish.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Timeline update/correction: Howland, Joyce, Lowe

Back on 25 June, I noted that I had erred in my match-ups of John Lows. Walter Joyce married Elizabeth Low daughter of John Low & Elizabeth Howland. I had recorded the parents as John Low & Elizabeth Stoddard/Stodder. The Howland timeline was posted on 17 June.

Below is the corrected Low - Howland - Joyce Timeline under Low. John was reportedly born in England between 1629 & 1640, but may have had Indian blood & was born in the Massachusetts - Rhode Island area. I have Elizabeth Howland born "before 1647;" she may have been born as early as 1634. 

c1659/60: John Low marries Elizabeth Howland [Arthur Sr. & Margaret] at Marshfield, Plymouth Colony.
c1660: Elizabeth Low [John & Elizabeth] is born at Marshfield, Plymouth Colony.
9 Jun 1664: John Low witnesses a deed from Chicatabutt to Pompanohoo and other Indians living on the Catuhtkut river. [Richard Bourne, the 1st witness on the deed, was a teacher of Indians at Sandwich. John may have been one of his pupils who took an English name.]
2 Mar 1668/9: John Low is fined 5 shillings for drunkenness.
1 Mar 1669/70: John Low is fined 10 shillings for drunkenness.
5 Mar 1670/1: John Low is fined 40 shillings for profaning the Sabbath.
3 Jun 1673: Joseph Rose is suspected of "too much familiarity" with the wife of John Lowe & ordered to refrain from her company.
c1675: Elizabeth Low marries Walter Joyce at Marshfield.
26 Mar 1676: John Low, serving in Captain Price's Company, is among the 63 soldiers & 20 Wampanoags massacred by the Narragansetts at what is now Central Falls, Rhode Island near Cumberland.
5 Jun 1678: Elizabeth Low is sentenced to be whipped for having a child out of wedlock [Daniel]; she accuses Phillip Leonard of being the father.
12 Oct 1683: Elizabeth Howland Low dies at Marshfield.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The 1800s: Well, the 1830s - 1850s Anyway!

c1832: Brothers John & Daniel McHugh [with wife & two children] emigrate from County Donegal, Ireland to Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines in Schuylkill Co.
c1836: John McHugh marries Sarah Hickey in Pennsylvania.
c1845: John & Daniel move west to Galena, Jo Daviess Co., Illinois.
c1846: James McHugh [John & Sarah] is born in Jo Daviess Co., IL.
C1847: The McHughs move to near Gratiot in Lafayette Co., Wisconsin.
20 Jan 1874: James McHugh marries Louisa Wagner in Lafayette Co., WI.
c1877: James moves family to Shullsburgh, Lafayette Co., WI.
1886-87: McHughs sell lots #7 & 8 in the village of Collins.
20 Mar 1887: Charles Joseph McHugh [James & Louisa] is born in Lafayette Co., WI.
3 Nov 1887: John McHugh dies at Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.
25 Nov 1896: James McHugh enters the Wisconsin State Hospital for treatment for sclerosis of the spinal chord, which causses him to become extremely irritated.
6 Jun 1898: James McHugh dies at Shullsburgh.
22 Jul 1901: Sarah Hickey McHugh dies at Gratiot, Lafayette Co., WI.
c1904: Louisa moves the family to Chicago, IL.
13 Sep 1906: Louisa Wagner McHugh dies at Chicago.
7 Jan 1910: Charles marries Bess Catherine Crail in Chicago, IL.
1911: McHugh & Crails move to Indianapolis, IN.
1912: Charles buys Universal Tool & Die at auction & runs the company until the Great Depression.
8 Feb 1915: Charles applies for a patent for the "Putt-Putt" boat [a power propelled toy boat].
10 Oct 1916: Charles receives patent for the toy boat.
25 Aug 1921: Ruthjane McHugh [Charles & Bess] is born in Indianapolis.
24 Aug 1826: Charles & his business partner are granted a patent for an improved model of the Putt-Putt Boat.
c1931-33: McHughs move briefly to Vermont to try the lumber business.
1937-1942: Charles owned & operated Indianapolis Tool & Die.
1938: Ruthjane graduates from Washington High School.
23 Aug 1940: Ruthjane marries Hugh Charles Prall in Indianapolis.
1942-1946: Charles & sons George & Jack ran  Craftsman Tool & Engineering Co.
20 Sep 1952: Bess Catherine Crail McHugh dies in Indianapolis.
5 Mar 1954: Charles McHugh dies in Indianapolis.

c1840: John Wagner, possibly with his family, arrives in Pennsylvania from Baden.
c1842: John marries Catherine Laubscher in Pennsylvania.
1844/5: The Wagners, with Lewis & George Laubscher move to Madison Co., Missouri.
12 Feb 1849: Louisa Wagner is born in Madison Co., MO.
1850: Catherine & three children are living with George Laubscher while John checks out land in SW Wisconsin.
Apr 1851: John Wagner & George Laubscher purchase land in Lafayette Co., WI.
May - Oct 1851: John Wagner dies in Lafayette Co., WI.
Nov 1851: George Laubscher sells half of the land to his sister Catherine.
20 Jan 1874: Louisa Wagner marries James McHugh in Lafayette Co., WI.
c1882: Catherine Laubscher Wagner dies in Lafayette Co., WI.

c1840: Lewis, Catherine, George & Charles Laubscher arrive in Pennsylvania with their parents from Baden. They settle in the Pike - Wayne Co. area.
c1842: Catherine marries John Wagner in Pennsylvania.
1844/5: The Wagners, with Lewis & George Laubscher move to Madison Co., Missouri.

25 Aug 1852: Catherine O'Neil, servant, of County Cork, Ireland, arrives in New York City aboard the Yorkshire out of Liverpool, England.
1853-56: Catherine migrates to central Indiana.
9 June 1857: Catherine marries Aaron Crail at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Indianapolis, IN.
4 Apr 1858: James Crail is born in Indianapolis.
25 Mar 1868: Catherine is left a widow with 6 minor children when Aaron dies from consumption.
1868: Catherine moves family to Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN, where son James finds work as a blacksmith.
4 Jun 1868: Catherine receives a widow's pension for Aaron's Civil War service.
c1880: Catherine moves family to Peru, Miami Co., IN.
c1893-1900: Catherine was living in Indianapolis, while son James was working on his veterinary license in Canada.
c1901-09: Catherine resides in Shelbyville, IN. [Part of that time with son James.]
1910-11: Catherine lives with son James in Chicago.
1912-34: Catherine lives in Indianapolis.
15 Dec 1933: Family celebrates Catherine's 100th birthday.
29 Jul 1934: Catherine O'Neil Crail dies in Indianapolis.

Catherine O'Neil was the last of my ancestors to arrives in the U.S. It took 252 years for everyone to get here!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1751-1799 Hodge-podge Part II

My apologies for deviating from my chronology, but I wanted to post & didn't have time for the last  family below. The next post will be my four 1800s families, all on Mom's side! After that, I'll be dealing with the ten families that I haven't traced back to England, Scotland, Ireland or Germany, where I suspect they originated & the Low family, which I goofed up on some 15 or so years back.

1751-55: John Simmons arrives in New York City from Hampshire, England.
28 Dec 1758: John Simmons marries widow Catherine Dally Salter in NYC.
24 Oct 1761: Son John Jr. is born at NYC.
8 Oct 1770: John Simmons opens his tavern at the corner of Wall & Nassau St. in NYC.
1773-76: The Common Council of NY City meets at Simmons' tavern.
Mar - May 1776: John Sr. serves with the provisional 2nd Regiment of New York
c Sep 1776: The Simmons family evacuates NYC as British troops begin their occupation of the city.
1776-77: John relocates his family to Orange Co., NY & then to Burlington Co., NJ.
4Apr 1778 - 9 Aug 1780: John Simmons Jr. serves in Hays NY Militia, guarding the Hudson's north shore from invasion.
c1780: John Jr. marries Mary Nelson in New York.
1781-82: John Jr. serves in Weissenfel's Regiment of NY Levies.
16 Oct 1781: John William Simmons [John & Mary] is born in New York.
c1783: John Simmons Sr. returns to NYC.
25 Nov 1783: George Washington attends the "Evacuation Day" celebration at Simmons' Tavern.
Feb 1784: James Duane is installed as the 1st American Mayor of New York City at Simmons' Tavern.
1790/1: Mary Nelson Simmons dies in NYC.
1791/2: John Jr. moves to Philadelphia, PA.
8 Jan 1792: John Jr. marries widow Lucy Morris Cunningham at Philadelphia.
1793: John Sr. & three others invest in 43000 acres on the Unadilla River in Montgomery [Chenango] Co., NY.
1793: John Jr. is sent to serve as agent for the 4850 acres [19 lots] & occupies Lot #75 in Town #16.
12 Aug 1795: John Sr. dies in NYC.
c1803: John W. marries Dolly Jennison at New Berlin, Chenango Co., NY.
23 Oct 1804: James Morris Simmons [John W. & Dolly] is born at New Berlin, Chenango Co., NY.
1814: John Jr. sells his Chenango Co., NY property & moves to near Canonsburgh, PA.
1817-20: John Jr. moves to Dearborn Co., IN.
15 Jul 1818: Catherine Dally Simmons dies in Washington, D.C. at the home of eldest son William.
1819: John W. moves family to Switzerland Co., IN.
c1821: John W. relocates to Ohio.
c1822: Lucinda Morris Simmons dies, probably in Indiana.
1823: John Jr. is back in New York, residing in Canajoharie Co.
12 Feb 1824: John Jr. marries Margaret Harbison in Wheeling, (W)VA.
1824: John Jr. returns to Canosburgh & opens a "public house" on the road from Washington to Pittsburgh.
c1825: James Morris Simmons settles in Warren Co., OH.
26 Oct 1826: James Morris marries Hester Jane Moore in Warren Co., OH.
31 Jan 1828: John T. Simmons [James & Hester] is born in Warren Co., OH.
1830: John W. & James Morris reside in Oxford Twp., Butler Co., OH.
1833: John Jr., now a resident of Monroe Co., Ohio, applies for his Revolutionary War pension.
1834: John Jr. moves to East Wheeling, (W) VA.
6 Mar 1836: Robert W. Cunningham, grandson of John Sr.'s 2nd wife, Lucy, & nephew of Dolly, John W.'s wife, is killed in defense of the Alamo in San Antonio de Bexar, Texas.
1840: John W. is living in Henry Co., OH & James Morris in Prebble Co., OH.
19 May 1843: John Simmons Jr. dies at his home in East Wheeling.
c1845: James Morris & John T. move to Howard Co., IN.
1845-47: John W. moves to Newport, Campbell Co., KY.
24 Jun 1849: John T. marries Edith Crousore in Howard Co., IN.
c1857: John William Simmons dies at Newport, KY.
25 Jan 1858: Ama Jemima Simmons [John T. & Edith] is born in Howard Co., IN.
Nov 1860: Widow Dolly is living with son Slyvanus in Henry Co., IN & later moves to Kentucky.
11 Mar 1862: Dolly Jennison Simmons dies in Covington, KY.
9 Mar 1864: Margaret Harbison Simmons dies in Washington Co., PA.
1867: John T. moves to Sharpsville, Tipton Co., IN.
May 1876: Hester Jane Moore Simmons dies in Howard Co., IN. [James Morris moves to Carroll Co. to reside with son Samuel.]
1 Apr 1877: Edith Crousore Simmons dies in Sharpsville, Tipton Co., IN.
14 Sep 1882: Ama Jemima Simmons marries Dr. James Crail at Tipton,
27 May 1883: James Morris Simmons dies at Camden, Carroll Co., IN.
2 Aug 1909: John T. Simmons dies at Sharpsville.

Monday, July 7, 2014

1751-1799 Hodge-podge Part I

c1752: Nicholas Kraushaar arrives in Philadelphia.
c1756: Nicholas marries Elisabetha _______ in Pennsylvania.
c1773: John Crousore is born in Pennsylvania.
7 Apr 1785: Nicholas purchases 249 acres in Fayette Co., PA.
c1798: John marries in Fayette Co., PA
c1804: Son Jacob is born in Fayette Co., PA.
1810: John is living in Fayette Co., PA.
c1813: Nicholas Crousore dies in Fayette Co., PA.
c1814: John moves to Clinton Co., OH.
22 Aug 1822: Jacob Crousore marries Ama Jemima 'Amy' Smith in Clinton Co., OH.
c1826: Crousores move to Rush Co., IN.
20 May 1829: Edith [Jacob & Amy] is born in Rush Co., IN
1834-37: Crousores move to Delaware Co., IN.
1840: John Crousore is living in Madison Co., IN.
c1849: Crousores move to Howard Co., IN
24 Jun 1849: Edith marries John T. Simmons in Howard Co., IN.
bef 1860: John Crousore dies in Howard Co., IN.
1873: Jacob moves to McPherson Co., KS
c1876: Amy Smith Crousore dies in McPherson Co., KS.
1877/8: Jacob Crousore dies in McPherson Co., KS.

c1760: John Cawby arrives in Philadelphia from Germany.
c1760: John Cawby settles in Maryland.
c1768: John marries 1st wife in Maryland.
1777: Son Martin is born in Maryland [perhaps NC.]
16 Feb 1789: John "Gaba" settles on 100 acres along Howard's Creek in Lincoln Co., North Carolina.
c1790: John marries Anna Margaretha Rheinhardt Fulbright in Lincoln Co., NC
1 Sep 1791: John purchases another 100 acres along Howard's Creek.
31 Dec 1805: Martin "Gavey" acquires 55 acres adjoining his father's tract.
22 May 1806: John sells his two 100 acre tracts to sons Martin & David.
6 Oct 1808: Martin sells his NC property.
1808/9: John & sons Martin & David move to Jessamine Co., KY.
6 Nov 1809: Martin marries Susanna Trisler in Jessamine Co., KY.
1810-16: Cawbys appear on Jessamine Co., KY Tax lists.
8 Feb - 7 Mar 1815: Martin serves in War of 1812; regiment marches for Canada, word that war ends reaches them in Urbana, OH.
6 Jul 1818: Martin Cawby Jr. is born in Jessamine Co., KY.
1819/20: John Cawby dies in Jessamine Co., KY.
23 Aug 1824: Martin Cawby dies in Jessamine Co., KY.
2 Aug 1847: Martin Jr. marries Elizabeth Ann Masters in Jessamine Co., KY.
c1850: Martin Jr. moves to Johnson Co., Indiana.
28 Nov 1852: Elizabeth Masters Cawby dies in Johnson Co., IN
1858: Susanna Trisler Cawby dies in Johnson Co., IN.
c1858: Widow Anna Cawby dies in Mercer Co., KY.
11 Mar 1858: Martin Jr. marries Lucinda Gulley in Decatur Co., IN. [They lived in Johnson Co.]
16 Dec 1867: Elizabeth June Cawby is born in Johnson Co., IN.
c1870: Cawbys move to Hendricks Co., IN.
c1880: Cawbys move to Indianapolis.
18 Apr 1885: Elizabeth marries Charles E. Faucett in Indianapolis.
14 Jun 1898: Martin Jr. dies in Indianapolis.
28 Sep 1920: Lucinda Gulley Cawby dies in Indianapolis.

Apr 1780: Dr. Peter Trisler, his wife, Elizabeth [Howser] & two children arrive in Maryland or Philadelphia aboard the Royal Edith.
1780: Dr. Trisler settles at Hagerstown, Maryland.
1788: Susanna Trisler is born in Maryland.
1791: The Trislers settle along Jessamine Creek in Kentucky.
1794: Trisler moves within the boundaries of present-day Jessamine Co., KY.
6 Nov 1809: Susanna marries Martin Cawby Sr. in Jessamine Co., KY.
22 Apr 1821: Peter Trisler dies in Jessamine Co., KY.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At Last! The Timeline Machine Moves into the 1700s!

We now jump ahead twenty-some years into the first half of the 18th century......

c1719: William Wall arrives in Rhode Island.
1 Dec 1720: William Wall announces his intent to wed Susannah Goddard.
28 Jan 1721: William Wall marries Susannah Goddard at Jamestown, Rhode Island.
17 Feb 1723/4: Son John Wall is born at Warwick, RI.
6/16 Aug 1742: William Wall dies at North Kingstown, RI.
bef 1750: John Wall marries Patience Pierce at Warwick, RI.
1750: Susannah [John & Patience] is born at Warwick, RI.
12 Mar 1768: Susannah marries Holden Rhodes at Warwick, RI.

c1728: William & Elizabeth Sumter arrive in America & settle in Hanover Co., VA. [Louisa Co. in 1743 & later Albemarle Co.]
c1737: Daughter Anna is born in Hanover Co., VA
Nov 1752: William Sumter dies in Louisa Co., VA.
c1755: Anna marries Thomas Land in Louisa Co., VA.
(This is also the family of General Thomas Sumter, "The Gamecock" of South Carolina.)

c1730-1735: Thomas Gulley arrives in Virginia. [He may have married Mary _______ after arrival.]
24 Mar 1739: A Thomas Gulley receives a 400 acre grant in Orange Co., VA.
c1750: Thomas Gulley appears on a list of individuals who proved their importation to Virginia in order to obtain a "head right."
c1750: Enoch Gulley [Thomas & Mary] is born in Orange Co., VA.
22 Aug 1771: Thomas Gulley purchases 95 acres in Orange Co., VA.
26 Dec 1781: Enoch marries Frances Ann "Frankey" Franklin in Culpepper Co., VA.
1783: Thomas Gulley dies in Orange Co., VA.
14 Feb 1794: Willis [Enoch & Frances] is born in Culpepper Co., VA.
c1795: Enoch moves to Elbert Co., Georgia [on the South Carolina border.]
1811: Enoch Gulley appears on the Tax List for Davidson Co., Tennessee.
c1812: Willis Gulley moves to Madison Co., Kentucky.
Feb-May 1815: Willis Gulley serves in the 17th Kentucky militia regiment. [Regt. marched to Urbana, OH for invasion of Canada when war ended.]
6 Nov 1817: Willis marries Betsy Land in Madison Co., KY.
1820: Enoch is enumerated in the census for Madison Co., Kentucky. [He may have moved there as early as 1815.]
10 Mar 1828: Enoch, with sons Elias & Willis, acquire land in Shelby Co., Indiana.
1828/9: Enoch Gulley dies in Shelby Co., IN.
22 Mar 1831: Lucinda Gulley [Willis & Betsy] is born in Shelby Co.
1834: Willis moves family to Decatur Co., IN.
11 Mar 1858: Lucinda marries Martin Cawby, Jr. in Adams Twp., Decatur Co., IN.
1865: Gulleys move to Eel River Twp., Hendricks Co., IN.
1871: Gulleys return to Decatur Co., IN.
7 Aug 1879: Willis dies in Adams Twp., Decatur Co., IN.
9 Apr 1880: Betsy Land Gulley dies in Adams Twp., Decatur Co., IN.
(Enoch may have served in the Revolutionary War. The DAR records show a George Gulley with wife Frances Ann Franklin. Other details match Enoch, except for an 1814 death.)

30 Aug 1743: Hans Casper Rinker, his step-mother & siblings arrive at Philadelphia aboard the Francis & Elizabeth out of Rotterdam with other Swiss emigrants. The Rinkers settle at Germantown.
c1750: Casper & brothers Jacob & Henry travel to Virginia. [Henry buys land in Frederick Co. on 15 May 1753.]
11 Apr 1757: Casper Rinker marries Maria Schultz at Germantown.
c1758: Rinkers move to Frederick Co., VA.
9 Sep 1759: Daughter Maria Magdalene Rinker is born in Frederick Co., VA
2 Jun 1762: Casper "of Frederick Co." acquires 800 acres in Hampshire Co., VA.
8 Sep 1762: Casper is deeded lot 104 in Winchester by brother Henry.
7 Oct 1770: George Washington dined at the Rinker's home.
1775: Casper has 338 acres surveyed in Frederick Co.
1 Apr 1777: Casper replaces Robert White as commander of local militia company, with a promotion from lieutenant to captain.
c1779: Maria marries Daniel Allemong in Frederick Co. [Daniel dies before 1787.]
30 Oct 1787: Maria marries John Rogers in Frederick Co.
1802: Casper has acquired 2180 acres in Frederick & Shenandoah Counties.
8 Feb 1804: Casper Rinker dies near Gainsboro in Frederick Co., VA.
26 Jan 1820 or 26: Maria Schultz Rinker dies in Frederick Co., VA.
(Maria Schultz's family probably arrived in Philadelphia about the same time as the Rinkers.)