Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bording Records

I'm back after a few days away from the computer. Today's post returns to the family of Claes Bording - indirectly.

I decided to look at some available online Bording records. Although Claes and his family was secured in America by 1700, I looked at records from the 18th century [1700s]. I ruled out English Bordings since there was no suggestion that Claes lived there.

Four countries did dominate the records: Denmark, Prussia, Germany and Norway. Denmark was by far the dominant country Prussia next, followed by Germany and a couple of entries for Norway.

In no way do records from a century after the fact offer proof of birthplace. It does, however, offer a glimmer of hope in determining the birthplace of Claes  Bording. The Netherlands do not appear in the available records. Prussia remains a strong possibility, with Demark the most likely option. Germany is a slim possibility.

Nothing firm, but maybe closer to an answer.

Friday, May 26, 2017

A Birthplace Quandry

I am hoping to have an update on the Bording [Bordingh] family ready to go for tomorrow. Preparations for that post have put me in a bit of a quandary - determining the birthplace of one Claes Claeszen Bordingh. Nearly every source presents a different locale for Claes' birth. Specific details will be presented in the Bording narrative.

The options:
(1) The Netherlands
(2) Danzig, Denmark
(3) Denmark
(4) Bording, Denmark
(5) Ravox [Ravaux or Roubaix, France / Ravnholt or Ravnholtlund, Demark]
(6) Bloemendaal, Noord Holland, The Netherlands 
(7) Danzig

(1) Claes clearly spent time in The Netherlands before settling in New Amsterdam during the 1640s, so a birth in that country would be a possibility. His mother was still living in Amsterdam in 1647. So, either Bording was a Dutch native, or his family had moved there during his youth.

(2) Danzig, Denmark. Danzig, now Gdansk, Poland, is not part of Denmark. That takes this one out of the competition, even though "Danzig, Denmark" is a popular birthplace among the undocumented sources.

(3) Denmark is a possibility for Claes' birth.

(4) Bording, Denmark. That Claes' surname could be a Danish place name makes sense.

(5) Ravox appears in the marriage record for Claes and Susanna. Researchers have turned up similarly spelled locations in France, as well as Danish towns beginning with "Rav."

(6) Bloemendaal appears in at least record as Claes' home. This would make him a Dutchman by birth. This could also have been where the Bordings settled after leaving 'wherever.'

(7) Danzig shows up as Claes' place of birth either separately or with "Denmark" with some frequency. The most intriguing source is the Half Moon Series: Papers on Historic New York. [1897] This source states that Danzig seems to be the place of Bordingh's origin. It goes on to mention that Bordingh is an occupational name meaning "lighterman" or "boatman" in the East Prussian dialect of the region. Bordingh was a mariner.

Now, where was Claes Bording born? We can rule out Danzig, Denmark, since that place never existed. Denmark is a possibility, as is The Netherlands and Danzig. Danzig was a major trading partner with The Netherlands. The Bordings may have had their origins in The Netherlands and Claes was born in Danzig or vice versa. Definite conclusion? Claes was not born in Danzig, Denmark!  

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Family Update: CREGIER [2nd - 3rd generation; sources]

Second Generation

2.  Francois "Frans" Cregier89 (Martin-1) was born circa 1639 in Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.7,9 He died in 1666 at the age of 27 in New Castle, Maryland, British America.78 The birthplace of Frans Cregier has been given as Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands, the birthplace of his wife, Walburga DeSille.

Frans and Walburga had one child, a daughter, Elisabeth.

Frans was a merchant at New Castle on the Delaware River. He died there prior to 10 July 1666, when letter of administration were granted to his father, Martin, and brother-in-law, Laurence DeSille. Frans' widow married Willem Bogardus in 1669.

Francois "Frans" Cregier and Walburga DeSille were married on 29 Feb 1660 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.79 Walburga DeSille was born on 30 Nov 1639 in Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands.8 She died in 1686 at the age of 47 in New York City, New York, British America.8

Francois Cregier and Walburga DeSille had the following child:

                              i.   Elisabeth Cregier was born on 21 May 1662 in Staten Island, New Netherland.8 She was baptized on 5 Jul 1662 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.8

3.  Martin Cregier Jr.10 (Martin-1) was born circa 1640 in prob Amsterdam, Noord Holland, The Netherlands.7 He died on 21 Jan 1702 at the age of 62 in Castagoa, Albany, New York, British America.7 MartIn Cregier Jr. was public clerk of New Amsterdam from 1646 until 1661. He removed to New Albany about 1685. Martin inherited a lot from his mother-in-law on the east side of North Pearl Street, just south of Steuben Street.

Martin made his will 12 January 1702 and it was probated 3 March 1711 at New Albany. He left property to his wife, Jannette, and eldest son, Martin, and other children. Other children named in the will were Elizabeth, Margaritse, Catrina, Johana, Samuel and Gertruy.

Jannetje made her will 22 Aug 1734, proved 10 June 1741. She named all of the children except Johana, who was buried at Canastiagione [Niskayuna] on 28 August 1734.

Another daughter, Maria/Marytje is mentioned in Early Bergen Co. Families. She married Johannes Vreeland.

Martin Cregier Jr. and Jannetje Hendricks were married in Sep 1671 in Albany, New York, British America.9 They had marriage banns published on 6 Sep 1671 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.9 Jannetje Hendricks was born in 1653 in Fort Orange [Albany], New Netherland.9 She died in Aug 1734 at the age of 81 in Albany, New York, British America.9

4.  Catrina "Tryntje" Cregier (Martin-1) was born in Dec 1645 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She was baptized on 31 Dec 1645 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She died in 1713 at the age of 68 in Flatlands, [Brooklyn, Kings Co.], Kings, New York, British America.11

Catrina "Tryntje" Cregier and Christoffel "Stoffel" Hoagland were married on 23 Jun 1661 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.12 Christoffel "Stoffel" Hoagland was born circa 1634 in Haarlem, Noord Holland, The Netherlands.12 He died on 8 Feb 1684 at the age of 50 in New York City, New York, British America.12

Catrina "Tryntje" Cregier and Reoloff Martinszen Schenck were married circa 30 Nov 1688 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.11 They had marriage banns published on 30 Nov 1688 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.11 Reoloff Martinszen Schenck was born circa 1630 in The Netherlands.11 He died in 1705 at the age of 75 in Flatlands, [Brooklyn, Kings Co.], Kings, New York, British America.11

5.  Cornelis Cregier (Martin-1) was born circa 1651 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.3 He died circa 1720 at the age of 69 in New York City, New York, British America.3

Cornelis Cregier and Annetje Bording were married on 30 Jun 1676 in New York City, New York, British America.13 Annetje Bording was born circa 1652 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.3 She died circa 1722 at the age of 70 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.3 Domine Selyns' 1686 register of members of the New York Dutch Church includes the following entry: Breede weg [Broadway] - Annetje Bording, housvrouw van [wife of] Cornelis Kregier. Also residing on Broadway were Hendrick Obee and wife Aeltje Claes. Annetje's father-in-law, Martin, was residing on Pearl Street.

Cornelis Cregier and Annetje Bording had the following child:

              6              i.   Lysbeth Cregier, born ca 1676, New York City, New York, British America; married Nicholas Dally, 30 Aug 1702, Reformed Dutch Church, New York, New York, British America; died ca 1718, New York or New Jersey.

Third Generation

6.  Lysbeth Cregier14 (Cornelis-2, Martin-1) was born circa 1676 in New York City, New York, British America.3,15 She was baptized on 2 Aug 1676 in Reformed Dutch Church, New York, British America.3 She died circa 1718 at the age of 42 in New York or New Jersey.16 Lysbeth was the daughter of Cornelis Cregier and Annetje Bording.  She married Nicholas Dally in 1702. It is believed that Lysbeth died about 1718.

Lysbeth Cregier and Nicholas Dally were married on 30 Aug 1702 in Reformed Dutch Church, New York, New York, British America.1415 Nicholas Dally14, son of John / Jean / Jan Dally and Elizabeth / Lysbeth Obee, was born before 16 Oct 1680 in Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands.15 He was christened on 16 Oct 1680 in Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands.15 He died on 28 Aug 1722 at the age of 41 in New York City, New York, British America.15

Nicholas Dally and Lysbeth Cregier had the following child:

              7              i.   Henry / Hendrick Dally, born bef 11 Mar 1716, New York City, New York, British America; married Sarah Gifford, aft 9 Nov 1739, Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died bef Nov 1756, New York or New Jersey.


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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Family Update: CREGIER [1st generation]

First Generation
1.  Martin Cregier12 was born in 1614–1617 in Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.34 He died after 1686 at the age of 72 in Canastagione, New York, British America.34 There are conflicting places of birth for Martin Cregier, as well as a conflicting time frame  for his death.

Cregier's place of birth has been given as Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrennes, France and Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the latter on the border of The Netherlands. His death was estimated to have fallen between 1686 and 1689 to as late as 1713.

Martin Cregier  married about 1638 in Borken, or possibly in The Netherlands, to Elisabeth Janse. Their eldest child, Francois [Frans] was either born in Borken or Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands. Martin Jr. may have been born in Amsterdam.

The family arrived in New Amsterdam before 5 April 1643 when daughter, Jannetje was baptized at the Dutch Chuch there.

On 2 September 1643, Martin was on record as discussing the price of beaver. He sent 50 beavers to Holland for sale on 15 July 1644. Creiger went into partnership with Willem Kieft, representing the Dutch West India Company, and nine others on 4 December 1646 to purchase the "La Grace," a small French frigate that would be used as a privateer under the control of the Dutch government.

Cregier, on 18 May 1643, acquired a lot north of the fort on the west side of Heere Wegh [Broadway]. Here he erected the first public building on that thoroughfare. By 23 July 1647, Cregier was operating a tavern. He also ran a shipping business between Fort Orange/Albany and New Amsterdam/New York City with a sloop called the Bedfort. The trading venture was later expandined to include the Delaware River markets. Martin would also serve as fire warden [1648] and orphanmaster for New Amsterdam in later years.

In 1651 and 1652 Martin was trading with merchants on the Isle of Wight. On 2 February 1653, Cregier and Arendt van Hatten were commissioned as the first burgomasters of New Amsterdam. Martin served as burgomaster again in 1654, 1659, 1660 and 1663.

Creiger had been commissioned a captain of militia on 5 December 1656 and placed in command of the garrison at New Amstel [modern-day New Castle, Delaware] after the Dutch reclaimed the settlement from the Swedes. [The Swedes had captured the former Dutch settlement in 1654.] Cregier was involved in local military affairs at New Amstel off and on through 1659.

He resigned as burgomaster on 26 June 1663 to devote his efforts once again to the military. Following the aforementioned service at New Amstel, Cregier accompanied Peter Stuyvesant on 12 June 1660 to investigate the Esopus War that had taken place that spring near Wildwyck. Once peace was established, Matin remained in Wildwyck and served as city treasurer and orphan master during 1661.

After the war, a dozen young warriors were sold into slavery in Curacao by the Dutch. This act was deemed unforgivable by the Esopus.. This action led, in part, to the Second Esopus War that began with the Indians attacking Wildwyck on 7 June 1663. Later the village of Nieu Dorp [Hurley] was also attacked. 21 settlers were killed, 9 wounded and another 45 taken captive.

Governor Stuyvesant sent Cregier to quell the uprising. He was given the rank of Captain-Lieutenant of the West India Company. The forces under Cregier included about 80 company mercenaries, 30 English soldier under Sgt. Nicholas Stillwell and some 40 Long Island Indians. Cregier's "scorched earth" campaign successfully ended the war and nearly all of the captives were rescued. The village of New Paltz would be established by Louis DuBois and others on land ceded to thee Dutch by the Esopus. 

Martin Cregier returned to New Amsterdam after conquering the Esopus. Not long after his return, the political tide turned in the Dutch colony. On 8 September 1664, Martin was one of the signers of the Ratification of the Articles of Capitulation, turning control of New Netherland over to the English. Richard Nicholls became governor of the colony of New York. Cregier took the Oath of Allegiance to England.

Cregier remained a force in New York City. He was appointed a captain of one of two companies ordered to appear upon Stuyvesant's departure on 17 August 1668. He was made captain of a foot company under Governor Lovelace in 1670 and 1672. Martin was a customs collector, superintendent for the "erection of fortifications" and tax commissioner under Lovelace.

The Dutch regained control of the colony for a brief period in 1673-74. Martin once again served as burgomaster and superintendent of building fortifications. After Gov. Andros reestablished British control of New York, Cregier served briefly as a tax commissoner and was listed as a merchant. He was a church master the same year.

During the 1670s, Cregier had purchased property near Canastagione [Niskayuna] not far from Albany. He retired there, probably living with Martin Jr. The elder Cregier was back in New York City in 1686, when he appeared on the list of church members. Martin was residing on Pearl Street, either with his daughter, Tryntje, or next door to her.

After 1686, Martin Cregier's life becomes a bit of mystery. He may have died between 1686 and 1689, probably in New York City, or returned to Canastagione, where he died between 1689 and the early part of 1713.

Martin Cregier and Lysbeth Jans were married circa 1638 in prob. Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.45 Lysbeth Jans was born in 1620–1623 in Germany or The Netherlands.6 She died before 1686 at the age of 66 in New York City, New York, British America.4
Martin Cregier and Lysbeth Jans had the following children:

              2              i.   Francois "Frans" Cregier, born ca 1639, Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany; married Walburga DeSille, 29 Feb 1660, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; died 1666, New Castle, Maryland, British America.

              3             ii.   Martin Cregier Jr., born ca 1640, prob Amsterdam, Noord Holland, The Netherlands; married Jannetje Hendricks, Sep 1671, Albany, New York, British America; died 21 Jan 1702, Castagoa, Albany, New York, British America.

                            iii.   Catharina Cregier was born in Apr 1643 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She was baptized on 5 Apr 1643 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She died before 1645 at the age of 2 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7

                            iv.   Willem Cregier was born in Aug 1644 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 He was baptized on 28 Aug 1644 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7

              4             v.   Catrina "Tryntje" Cregier, born Dec 1645, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Christoffel Hoagland, 23 Jun 1661, New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Reoloff Martinszen Schenck, ca 30 Nov 1688, New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; died 1713, Flatlands, [Brooklyn, Kings Co.], Kings, New York, British America.

                            vi.   Elizabeth "Lysbeth" Cregier7 was born in Nov 1647 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She was baptized on 24 Nov 1647 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 Lysbeth appears to have married a Borgardus.

              5           vii.   Cornelis Cregier, born ca 1651, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Annetje Bording, 30 Jun 1676, New York City, New York, British America; died ca 1720, New York City, New York, British America.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Family Updates Preview

Covering the next several posts, I will be updating family groups and stories. This plan could be interrupted, of course, if more vital information or news becomes available.


A few others may find their way into the picture, as well. The updates may be a few sentences, clarifying a relationship, or several generations, expanding on my previous information.

Several of these are related by marriage. Hopefully. I will have the wherewithal to run their stories in successive posts. BUT, I make no promises! 

I don't have any particular order set to mind, so if you are related to any of these families, check back from time to time to see if your family of interest has been covered.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Generational Adjustment: Annetje Bording

I am making adjustments to information on a previous post about Annetje Bording, daughter of Susanna Vreught and Claes Bording. The focus here is on Annetje's mother, Susanna.

The Dutch Church records have Susanna listed variously as Elias, Lees, Lies, Lees, Lues,  Vreught, Vrught, Marsuryns, Martyrns and possibly a few other variations of Lies, Vreught or Marsuryn.

Two theories exist. (1) A marriage to an Elias/ Lies Marsuryn prior to her marriage to Claes Bording. (2) She was not a Vreught.  has the Netherlands Births and Baptisms, 1564-1910. Among the records is a 6 April 1631 christening for Susanna, daughter of Maturijn Lies and Marij Sijmon in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands.

Susanna was previously shown as the daughter of Pieter Vreught and Marritje Simons. Marritje, or Marij, married three times. (1) Maturin Lies; (2) Pieter Vreught & (3) Symon Joosten - c1647.

Maturin Lies must have died shortly after Susanna's birth. Vreught would then have been the only father, Susanna knew. He may have adopted her. Susanna had a brother Willem. He may have been a Lies or Vreught, but both were called the children of Marritje and Pieter Vreught in 1647.

So, an adjustment to the Generations: Pieter Vreught is replaced by Maturin Lies as the grandfather of Annetje Bording.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Generational Wrap-up

At long last the generations list has come to a conclusion! As has been the case for most of my lengthy series of posts, this has been an enlightening endeavor. I have a sizable stack of documents and articles shedding new light on, perhaps, 15-20 families. Updates on those families will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Generations: Clark, Keeling, Bonney, Thorowgood, Moore, McClanahan

CLARK: England - 1 generation - 1633 - MA/PL
Jane Clark & William Collier

England: 1 generation, 2 total - John Clark & Elizabeth Hobson

KEELING: England - 2 generations - 1628 & 1634 -VA (arrived as servant; then with family)
Thomas Keeling & Ann Thorowgood
Frances Keeling & Renatus Land Sr.

England: 1 generation. 3 total - John Keeling & Alice Waterhouse

BONNEY: England - 2 generations - c1666 - VA
Richard Bonney & Mary Moore
Phebe Bonney & Robert Land Sr.

England: 1 generation, 3 total - John Bonney & Unk

THOROWGOOD: England - 1 generation - 1634 - VA
Ann Thorowgood & Thomas Keeling

England: 6 generations, 7 total - Sir John Thorowgood & Frances Meautis - William Thorowgood & Anne Edwards - John Thorowgood & Anne Lucken - John Thorowgood & Unk - Thomas Thorowgood & Unk - John Thorowgood & Unk

MOORE: England - 2 generations - 163? - VA
Cason Moore & Unk
Mary Moore & Richard Bonney

MCCLANAHAN: prob. Ireland or Scotland - 1 generation - unk - VA
Eleanor McClanahan & Edward Land

Friday, May 19, 2017

Generations: Bowater, Schultz, Prence, Collier, Vissenburg

BOWATER: England - 1 generation - 1705 - PA
Mary Bowater & James Wright (see earlier posts on the Bowater/Davis Question)

England: 3 generations, 4 total - John Bowater & Mary Maunder - William Bowater & Mary Byrt - John Bowater & Unk

SCHULTZ: Switzerland - 1 generation - c1755 - VA
Maria Schultz & Hans Casper Rinker

Switzerland: 1 generation, 2 total - Jacob Schultz & Margaret Huber

PRENCE: England - 2 generations - 1621 - MA/PL
Gov. Thomas Prence & Mary Collier
Elizabeth Prence & Arthur Howland Jr.

England: 1 generation, 2 generations - Thomas Prance & Elizabeth Tolderby

COLLIER: England - 2 generations - 1633 - MA/PL
William Collier & Jane Clark
Mary Collier & Gov. Thomas Prence

VISSENBURG: Netherlands - 1 generation - 1642 - NN/NY
Maeke Damen Vissenburg & Esias van der Lindt (widowed; arrived with 2nd husband Jan Verbeck) 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Generations: Bridgum, Barlow, Harding, Wright, Bagwell

BRIDGUM: England - 1 generation - 1640 - MA
Mary Bridgum & Thomas Benedict

England: 1 generation, 2 total - John Bridgum & Unk

BARLOW: England - 5 generations - c1695 -VA
Sir Thomas Barlow & Unk
Thomas Barlow & Unk
Thomas Barlow & Unk
Henry Barlow & Judith Livingston?
Elizabeth Barlow & John Land

There is some speculation on the first 3 generations and the maiden name of Henry's wife.

HARDING: England - 2 generations - 1677 - NJ
Thomas Harding & Eleanor Bagwell
Mary Harding & Henry Ballinger Sr.

England: 1 generation, 3 total - Thomas Harding & Agnes North

WRIGHT: England - 2 generations - 1682-1700 - PA
James Wright & Mary Bowater
Mary Wright & Josiah Ballinger Sr.

BAGWELL: England - 1 generation - 1677 - NJ
Eleanor Bagwell & Thomas Harding

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Generations: Scott, Scofield, Strutt, Moyer, Tinker

SCOTT: England - 2 generations - 1634 - MA
Thomas Scott & Elizabeth Strutt
Hannah Scott & Edmund Lockwood

England: 3 generations, 5 total - Henry Scott & Martha Whatlock* - Edmund Scott & Joan Howard? - George Scott & Unk [*Arrived in America with her son.]

SCOFIELD: England - 2 generations - 1635 - MA
Richard Scofield & Mary [Unk]
Hannah Scofield & Joseph Webb Sr.

STRUTT: England - 1 generation -1634 -MA
Elizabeth Strutt & Thomas Scott

England: 2 generations, 3 total - Christopher Strutt & Anne Waller - Robert Strutt & Agnes [Unk]

MOYER: England - 1generation - unk - CT
Margery Moyer & Richard Webb

TINKER: England - 1 generation - 1633-34 - MA
Mary Tinker & Matthias St. John

England: 1 generation, 12 total - Robert Tinker & Mary Merwin [arrived with son in 1636]  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Generations: Mattle, Oldham, Norton, Benedict

MATTLE: England - 1 generation - 1640 - MA
Anne Mattle & William Douglas

England: 1 generation, 2 total - Thomas Mattle & Unk

OLDHAM: England - 1 generation - 1623 - PL/MA
Lucretia Oldham & Jonathan Brewster [arrived with her brother]

England: 1 generation, 2 total - William Oldham & Philippa Sowter

NORTON: England - 2 generations - bef 1722 - CT
Hugh Norton & Unk
Mary Norton & James Lockwood

BENEDICT: England - 2 generations - MA [CT]
Thomas Benedict & Mary Bridgum
Mary Benedict & John Olmstead

England:3 generations, 5 TOTAL - William Benedict & Elizabeth Stephenson - George Benedict Jr. & Thomazine Goche - George Benedict Sr. & Jane Hales

Monday, May 15, 2017

Generations: Douglas, Haburne, French, Perkins, Gaymer

DOUGLAS: Scotland or England - 2 generations - c1640 - MA
William Douglas & Anne Mattle
Sarah Douglas & John Keeney

Some new evidence has surfaced; update forthcoming

HABURNE: England - 1 generation - c1638 - MA
Jane Haburne & Thomas Grant

England: 3 generations, 4 total - Ralph Haburne & Maud Jecles - John Haburne & Anna [Unk] - John William Haburne & Unk

FRENCH: England - 2 generations - 1630 - MA
Thomas French & Susan Riddlesdale
Alice French & Thomas Howlett

England: 1 generation, 3 total - Jacob French & Susan Warren

PERKINS: England - 2 generations - bef 1637 - MA
Isaac Perkins & Alice [Unk]
Lydia Perkins & Francis Peabody

England: 1 generation, 3 total - Thomas Perkins & Alice Kebble

new information; update forthcoming

GAYMER: England - 1 generation - 1630-32 - PL/MA
Lydia Gaymer & Humphrey Turner

England: 2 generations - Richard Gaymer & Margaret Mason - Richard Gaymer & Alice Dobbes/Hobbes

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Generations: Olmstead, Webb, Grant, Peabody, Brewster

OLMSTEAD: England - 3 generations - 1632 - MA
Richard Olmstead & Unk.
John Olmstead & Mary Benedict
Rebecca Olmstead & Samuel St. John

England: 4 generations, 7 total - James Olmstead & Beatrice [Unk] / James Olmstead & Alice Sorrels/Hawkins / James Olmstead & Jane Bristow / Richard Olmstead & Frances Slany

WEBB: England - 3 generations - 1651 - CT
Richard Webb & Margery Moyer
Joseph Webb & Hannah Scofield
Margery Webb & Joseph Lockwood

GRANT: England - 2 generations - 1637 - MA
Thomas Grant & Jane Haburne
Hannah Grant & Edward Hazen

England: 4 generations, 6 total - William Grant & Jane Burton / John Grant & Jane Belford / George Grant & Julian Clargennet / John Grant & Jane Watson

PEABODY: England - 3 generations - 1636 - MA/PL
John Peabody & Isabella Harper
Francis Peabody & Lydia Perkins
Lydia Peabody & Thomas Howlett

BREWSTER: England [Neth.] - 3 generations -1620 - MA/PL
Elder William Brewster & Mary [Wryall?]
Jonathan Brewster & Lucretia Oldham
Mary Brewster & John Keeney

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Lockwood, Low, Howlett, Keeney

LOCKWOOD: England - 5 generations - 1630 - MA
Edmund Lockwood & Ruth [Unk]
Edmund Lockwood & Hannah Scott
Joseph Lockwood & Margery Webb
James Lockwood & Mary Norton
Anna Lockwood & John St. John

England: 2 generations, 7 total - Edmund Lockwood & Unkn. / Edmund Lockwood & Alice Cowper

LOW: England - 2 generations - bef 1660 MA/PL
John Low & Elizabeth Howland
Elizabeth Low & Walter Joyce

HOWLETT: England - 3 generations - 1630 - MA
Thomas Howlett Sr. & Alice French
Thomas Howlett Jr. & Lydia Peabody
Mary Howlett & Thomas Hazen

KEENEY: England - 3 generations - 1640 -MA[CT]
William Keemey & Agnes [Unk]
John Keeney & Sarah Douglas
Susanna Keeney & Ezekiel Turner

Post #1000!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Franklin, Sumter, Turner, Lewis

FRANKLIN: Wales - 1 generation - bef 1781 -VA
Frances Ann "Franky" Franklin & Enoch Gulley

SUMTER: England - 2 generations - bef 1730 - VA
William Sumter & Elizabeth [Unk]
Anna Sumter & Thomas Land

TURNER: England - 4 generations - 1630-32 - MA
Humphrey Turner & Lydia Gaymer
John "The Elder" Turner & Mary Brewster
Ezekiel Turner & Susanna Keeney
Elizabeth Turner & John Hazen

LEWIS: prob. England or Wales - 1 generation - bef 1728 - prob. NY
Sarah Lewis & Job St. John

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Latham, Hostetler, Howser

LATHAM: England - 1 generation - 1637 - RI
Frances Latham & William Dungan [she arrived with mother & step-father]

HOSTETLER: Switzerland - 2 generations - 1749 - PA
Nicholas Hostetler & Anna [Unk]
Margaret Hostetler & Isaac Clark
update coming

HOWSER: Germany - 1 generation - 1780 - MD
Elizabeth Howser & Peter Trisler

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Collins, Howland, Waite

COLLINS: England - 2 generations - 1644 - RI
Elizur Collins & Sarah Wright
Elizabeth Collins & Samuel Gorton
update coming

HOWLAND: England - 3 generations - c1640 - MA
This is an unusual case - descent from siblings*!
Arthur Howland Sr. & Margaret [Unk]
*Arthur Howland Jr. & Elizabeth Prence  
Mary Howland & Henry Goddard

*Elizabeth Howland & John Low

England: 1 generation, 4 total - Henry Howland & Margaret or Anne Aires

WAITE: England - 1 generation - bef 1630 - MA (some sources have the surname as Rice)
Bethiah Waite & Richard Waterman

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Swart, van der Lindt, Glover

As we are down to paternal families only, I will forego the numbering pattern from here on out.

SWART: The Netherlands - 2 generations - 1637 - NN/NY
Teunis Cornelisz van Vechten Swart & Lysbeth van der Lindt
Neeltje Swart & Willem Abrahamse Titsoort

Netherlands - 1 generation - 3 total: Cornelis Swart & Unk

VAN DER LINDT: The Netherlands - 2 generations - 1641 -NN/NY
Esaias/Josias Ewouten van der Lindt & Mayken Damen Vissenburg [She arrived with 2nd husband]
Lysbet van der Lindt & Teunis Swart

Netherlands: 3 generations - 5 total: Ewout van der Lindt & Maritjen Jeronimus / Esaias Arentse van der Linde & [unk] Pieters / Atentse Jans van der Lindt & Anneke Esaias or Jans

GLOVER: prob. England - 1 generation - before 1700 - MD
Mary Ann Glover & Thomas Treadway

Monday, May 8, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Land, Scudder, Matthews, Foule

117. LAND: England - 7 generations - 1630 - VA
Francis Land & Frances [UNK]
Renatus Land, Sr. & Frances Keeling
Robert Land & Phebe Bonney
Edward Land & Eleanor McClanahan
Thomas Land & Anna Sumter
John Land & Elizabeth Barlow
Elizabeth "Betsy" Land & Willis Gulley

118. SCUDDER: England - 1 generation - c1635 - MA
Bridget Scudder & Thomas Very [Bridget went to America after death of Thomas]

119. MATTHEWS: England - 2 generations - bef. 1679 -NN/NY
Samuel Matthews & Susannah Strickland
Susannah Matthews & Timothy Baker, Jr.

120. FOULE: England - 1 generation - c1633 - MA
Elinor Foule & William Haskell [arrived after death of husband]

Unless I have made an error or two, this will end the maternal line listings - a total of 60 surnames. As for the paternal line, there are 52 more that I have listed - again, barring error. That should take me up to about 112 surnames. More tomorrow!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Wall, Singletary

Well, it was inevitable. I misfired on the numbering system. The 70s are a bit fouled up, but I think I have the 80s on headed in the right direction. I also left out families 35 & 36, so here they are!

35. WALL: Ireland - 3 generations - between 1704-19 - RI
William Wall & Susanna Goddard
John Wall & Patience Pierce/Pearce
Susannah Wall & Holden Rhodes

36. SINGLETARY: England - 5 generations - c1637 - MA
Richard Singletary & Susanna Cooke
Nathaniel Singletary & Sarah Belknap/Beltoft
John Singletary & Mary Greeley
Amos Singletary & Mary Curtis
Mehitable Singletary & Peter Jennison

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ancestral Generations: Simons, Lakin, Tybott

114. SIMONS: Netherlands - 1 generation - c1647 - NN/NY
Marritje Simons & Peter Vreught

115. LAKIN: England - 2 generations - 1685 - PA
Henry Lakin & Margery Muse
Hannah Lakin & Daniel Howell

116. TYBOTT: Wales - 2 generations - 1640 - MA
Walter Tybott & Mary [Unk]
Mary Tybott & William Haskell

Friday, May 5, 2017

Generations: Barnard, Haskell, Thomas

111. BARNARD: England - 1 generation - 1631 - MA/RI
Mary Barnard / Rev. Roger Williams

England: 2 generations, 3 total - Sir Richard Barnard / unk - John Barnard / Anne Wright

112. HASKELL: England - 2 generations - 1635/6 - MA
William Haskell / Mary Tybott
Mary Haskell / Edward Dodge

England: 1 generation, 3 total - William Haskell / Elinor Foule

113. THOMAS: England - 1 generation - 1687 - NJ
Katherine Thomas / Thomas Howell - Katherine did not join family until after husband died.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Generations: Miller, Almy, Brayne

108. MILLER: England - 1 generation - unk - MA
Sarah Miller / Thomas Looke

109. ALMY: England - 2 generations - 1635 - MA
William Almy / Audrey Barlowe
Annis Almy / Mjr. John Greene

England: 3 generations, 5 total - Christopher Almy / [unk] Clarke - Thomas Almy / Joane Wale - John Almy / [unk] Reignolds

110. BRAYNE: England - 1 generation - c1638 - MA
Edith Brayne / Richard Dodge

England: 1 generation, 2 total - Edward Brayne / Elizabeth [unk]

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Generations: DuBois, Hibbert, Tattershall

105. DUBOIS: Netherlands - 1 generation - 1661 - NN/NY
Francois DuBois / Pierre Billiou

The Netherlands & Artois: 2 generations, 3 total - Jean DuBois / unk - Chretien DuBois / Cornelia [unk]

106. HIBBERT: England - 1 generation - 1640 - MA
Christian Hibbert / George Browne

107. TATTERSHALL: England - 1 generation - 1635 - MA/RI
Joan Tattershall / Dr. John Greene

England: I generation, 2 total - Richard Tattershall / Margart Fox

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Generations: Blom, Folcord

103. BLOM: Sweden - 2 generations - c1637 - NN/NY
Barent Jansen Blom / Styntie Pieters
Tryntje Barets Blom / Hans Christoffelsz

104. FOLCORD: England - 1 generation - c1640 - MA = update coming!
Hannah Folcord / Joseph Moyse

England: 3 generations, 4 total - Robert Folcord / unk - John Folcord / Alice [unk] - Thomas Folcord / unk 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Generations: Wakeman, Woodis, Titsoort, Soane/Garnford

99. WAKEMAN: England - 2 generations - 1631 - MA/CT
Samuel Wakeman / Elizabeth [unk]
Joanna [Hannah] Wakeman / Edward Whittaker

England: 7 generations , 9 total - Francis Wakeman / Anne Goode - John Wakeman / Joan Beauchamps - Roger Wakeman / Joan Haselwood - William Wakeman / [unk] Clarke - William Wakeman / [unk] Godespayne - John Wakeman / Alice Wormsley - William Wakeman / unk

100. WOODIS: England - 2 generations - 163? - MA
John Woodis / Frances [unk]
Alice Woodis / Samuel Very

101. TITSOORT: Netherlands - 3 generations - c1647 - NN/NY
Abraham Willemsz Titsoort / Aechtje Jans
Willem Abrahamsz Titsoort / Neeltje Swart
Lysbet Titsoort / James Whitaker

102. SOANE or GARNFORD: England - 1 generation - c1636 - MA
Elizabeth Soane or Margaret Garnford married Robert Jones = clarity coming soon, I hope!