Monday, May 22, 2017

Generational Adjustment: Annetje Bording

I am making adjustments to information on a previous post about Annetje Bording, daughter of Susanna Vreught and Claes Bording. The focus here is on Annetje's mother, Susanna.

The Dutch Church records have Susanna listed variously as Elias, Lees, Lies, Lees, Lues,  Vreught, Vrught, Marsuryns, Martyrns and possibly a few other variations of Lies, Vreught or Marsuryn.

Two theories exist. (1) A marriage to an Elias/ Lies Marsuryn prior to her marriage to Claes Bording. (2) She was not a Vreught.  has the Netherlands Births and Baptisms, 1564-1910. Among the records is a 6 April 1631 christening for Susanna, daughter of Maturijn Lies and Marij Sijmon in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands.

Susanna was previously shown as the daughter of Pieter Vreught and Marritje Simons. Marritje, or Marij, married three times. (1) Maturin Lies; (2) Pieter Vreught & (3) Symon Joosten - c1647.

Maturin Lies must have died shortly after Susanna's birth. Vreught would then have been the only father, Susanna knew. He may have adopted her. Susanna had a brother Willem. He may have been a Lies or Vreught, but both were called the children of Marritje and Pieter Vreught in 1647.

So, an adjustment to the Generations: Pieter Vreught is replaced by Maturin Lies as the grandfather of Annetje Bording.

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