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Family Update: CREGIER [1st generation]

First Generation
1.  Martin Cregier12 was born in 1614–1617 in Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.34 He died after 1686 at the age of 72 in Canastagione, New York, British America.34 There are conflicting places of birth for Martin Cregier, as well as a conflicting time frame  for his death.

Cregier's place of birth has been given as Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrennes, France and Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the latter on the border of The Netherlands. His death was estimated to have fallen between 1686 and 1689 to as late as 1713.

Martin Cregier  married about 1638 in Borken, or possibly in The Netherlands, to Elisabeth Janse. Their eldest child, Francois [Frans] was either born in Borken or Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands. Martin Jr. may have been born in Amsterdam.

The family arrived in New Amsterdam before 5 April 1643 when daughter, Jannetje was baptized at the Dutch Chuch there.

On 2 September 1643, Martin was on record as discussing the price of beaver. He sent 50 beavers to Holland for sale on 15 July 1644. Creiger went into partnership with Willem Kieft, representing the Dutch West India Company, and nine others on 4 December 1646 to purchase the "La Grace," a small French frigate that would be used as a privateer under the control of the Dutch government.

Cregier, on 18 May 1643, acquired a lot north of the fort on the west side of Heere Wegh [Broadway]. Here he erected the first public building on that thoroughfare. By 23 July 1647, Cregier was operating a tavern. He also ran a shipping business between Fort Orange/Albany and New Amsterdam/New York City with a sloop called the Bedfort. The trading venture was later expandined to include the Delaware River markets. Martin would also serve as fire warden [1648] and orphanmaster for New Amsterdam in later years.

In 1651 and 1652 Martin was trading with merchants on the Isle of Wight. On 2 February 1653, Cregier and Arendt van Hatten were commissioned as the first burgomasters of New Amsterdam. Martin served as burgomaster again in 1654, 1659, 1660 and 1663.

Creiger had been commissioned a captain of militia on 5 December 1656 and placed in command of the garrison at New Amstel [modern-day New Castle, Delaware] after the Dutch reclaimed the settlement from the Swedes. [The Swedes had captured the former Dutch settlement in 1654.] Cregier was involved in local military affairs at New Amstel off and on through 1659.

He resigned as burgomaster on 26 June 1663 to devote his efforts once again to the military. Following the aforementioned service at New Amstel, Cregier accompanied Peter Stuyvesant on 12 June 1660 to investigate the Esopus War that had taken place that spring near Wildwyck. Once peace was established, Matin remained in Wildwyck and served as city treasurer and orphan master during 1661.

After the war, a dozen young warriors were sold into slavery in Curacao by the Dutch. This act was deemed unforgivable by the Esopus.. This action led, in part, to the Second Esopus War that began with the Indians attacking Wildwyck on 7 June 1663. Later the village of Nieu Dorp [Hurley] was also attacked. 21 settlers were killed, 9 wounded and another 45 taken captive.

Governor Stuyvesant sent Cregier to quell the uprising. He was given the rank of Captain-Lieutenant of the West India Company. The forces under Cregier included about 80 company mercenaries, 30 English soldier under Sgt. Nicholas Stillwell and some 40 Long Island Indians. Cregier's "scorched earth" campaign successfully ended the war and nearly all of the captives were rescued. The village of New Paltz would be established by Louis DuBois and others on land ceded to thee Dutch by the Esopus. 

Martin Cregier returned to New Amsterdam after conquering the Esopus. Not long after his return, the political tide turned in the Dutch colony. On 8 September 1664, Martin was one of the signers of the Ratification of the Articles of Capitulation, turning control of New Netherland over to the English. Richard Nicholls became governor of the colony of New York. Cregier took the Oath of Allegiance to England.

Cregier remained a force in New York City. He was appointed a captain of one of two companies ordered to appear upon Stuyvesant's departure on 17 August 1668. He was made captain of a foot company under Governor Lovelace in 1670 and 1672. Martin was a customs collector, superintendent for the "erection of fortifications" and tax commissioner under Lovelace.

The Dutch regained control of the colony for a brief period in 1673-74. Martin once again served as burgomaster and superintendent of building fortifications. After Gov. Andros reestablished British control of New York, Cregier served briefly as a tax commissoner and was listed as a merchant. He was a church master the same year.

During the 1670s, Cregier had purchased property near Canastagione [Niskayuna] not far from Albany. He retired there, probably living with Martin Jr. The elder Cregier was back in New York City in 1686, when he appeared on the list of church members. Martin was residing on Pearl Street, either with his daughter, Tryntje, or next door to her.

After 1686, Martin Cregier's life becomes a bit of mystery. He may have died between 1686 and 1689, probably in New York City, or returned to Canastagione, where he died between 1689 and the early part of 1713.

Martin Cregier and Lysbeth Jans were married circa 1638 in prob. Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.45 Lysbeth Jans was born in 1620–1623 in Germany or The Netherlands.6 She died before 1686 at the age of 66 in New York City, New York, British America.4
Martin Cregier and Lysbeth Jans had the following children:

              2              i.   Francois "Frans" Cregier, born ca 1639, Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany; married Walburga DeSille, 29 Feb 1660, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; died 1666, New Castle, Maryland, British America.

              3             ii.   Martin Cregier Jr., born ca 1640, prob Amsterdam, Noord Holland, The Netherlands; married Jannetje Hendricks, Sep 1671, Albany, New York, British America; died 21 Jan 1702, Castagoa, Albany, New York, British America.

                            iii.   Catharina Cregier was born in Apr 1643 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She was baptized on 5 Apr 1643 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She died before 1645 at the age of 2 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7

                            iv.   Willem Cregier was born in Aug 1644 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 He was baptized on 28 Aug 1644 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7

              4             v.   Catrina "Tryntje" Cregier, born Dec 1645, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Christoffel Hoagland, 23 Jun 1661, New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Reoloff Martinszen Schenck, ca 30 Nov 1688, New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; died 1713, Flatlands, [Brooklyn, Kings Co.], Kings, New York, British America.

                            vi.   Elizabeth "Lysbeth" Cregier7 was born in Nov 1647 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 She was baptized on 24 Nov 1647 in New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 Lysbeth appears to have married a Borgardus.

              5           vii.   Cornelis Cregier, born ca 1651, New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Annetje Bording, 30 Jun 1676, New York City, New York, British America; died ca 1720, New York City, New York, British America.


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