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Timelines for the 1690s:

c1690: Hugh Mahurin arrives in Massachusetts & settles at Taunton.
c1691: High marries Mary Campbell in Bristol Co., Mass.
c1691: Son Ebenezer is born in Bristol Co., Mass.
15 Mar 1692/3: Hugh is granted 20 acres in a valley near Stage Pond.
26 Jul 1695: Hugh acquires two tracts totally 17 1/2 acres. [The Mahurin property is in that part of Taunton that becomes Raynham in 1731.]
1718: Ebenezer is deeded 29 acres by his father.
May 1718: Hugh Mahurin dies at Taunton, Bristol, Mass.
12 Dec 1718: Ebenezer marries Bathsheba Joyce at Taunton.
11 Nov 1729: Seth Mahurin [Ebenezer & Bathsheba] is born at Taunton/Raynham.
26 Jul 1731: Ebenezer moves his family to Hunterdon Co., NJ, probably due to the ironworks located there.  [That part that becomes Morris Co.]
1738: The Mahurins are among the earliest members of the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown.
c1753: Seth marries Mary Hazen in Morris Co., NJ.
Nov 1755: Ebenezer dies in Pequannock Twp., Morris Co., NJ.
10 Jan 1759: Othniel Mahurin [Seth & Mary] is born in Morris Co., NJ
May 1776: Seth is among the signers of the "Articles of Association" pledging their support to the Continental & Provincial Congress.
18 Mar 1780: Seth is awarded a certificate for payment by the Quartermaster at Morristown for supplies provided during the winter encampment there.
1787: The Mahurins relocate to New Marlborough Twp., Ulster Co., NJ.
1790: Seth is listed as "Seth Hurin" in the 1st US Census, having dropped the 1st two letters of his surname.
C1794: Ohtniel marries Bathiah St. John in Ulster Co., NY.
30 Jun 1794: Mary Hazen Hurin dies in Ulster Co., NY.
c1795: The Hurin families leave NY for Cincinnati, Ohio.
1800: Seth acquires land in that part of Hamilton Co. that becomes Warren Co. in 1804.
1800: Othniel settles near Red Lion & Lebanon in Hamilton/Warren Co.
20 Sep 1801: Rebecca Norrice Hurin [Othniel & Bathiah] is born in Hamilton Co., OH.
4 Feb 1813: Othniel dies in an accident in Warren Co., OH.
8 Oct 1815: Seth Hurin dies in Warren Co., Ohio.
18 May 1820: Rebecca N. Hurin marries Joseph Faucett in Warren Co., OH.
14 Jul 1831: Bathiah St. John Hurin dies at Red Lion, Warren Co., OH.

c1697: Thomas Barlow arrives in Virginia. [nothing further]
1719: Son Thomas Jr. is recorded as a landowner in Hanover Co., Virginia.
c1726: Henry [Thomas & ????] is born in Hanover [Caroline] Co.
c1756: Henry marries Judith Livingston in Caroline Co., VA.
19 Nov 1761: Henry Barlow & John Carlton acquire land on Priddy's Creek in Albemarle Co.
c1762: Daughter Elizabeth is born in Caroline Co., VA.
1778: Thomas Jr. dies in Albemarle Co., VA.
c1780: Elizabeth marries John Land in Virginia.
1789: Henry is residing in Fayette Co., Kentucky
1790: Henry is residing in Woodford Co., Kentucky
c1792-93: The Barlows move to Scott Co., KY
1814: Henry Barlow dies in Scott Co., KY.
1815: Judith Livingston Barlow dies in Scott Co., KY.

Evans & Pugh:
1698: Robert Pugh & Sarah Evans arrive in Pennsylvania & settle in the Welsh Quaker settlement of Gwynned.
21 Jun 1717: Ellen [Robert & Sarah] marries John Rogers at Gwynned MM.
1717: Robert Pugh dies at Gwynned.
c1740: Sarah Evans Pugh dies at Gwynned, Montgomery Co., PA.
(Robert ap Hugh & Sarah verch Evan were descended from Ievan  Robert Lewis.)

c1698:  Roger ap Robert arrives in Pennsylvania & settles in the Merion Welsh Tract at Gwynned.
2 Aug 1700: Roger's wife Elizabeth dies at Gwynned.
1 Jul 1715: Roger marries widow Mary Price Roberts at Radnor MM.
21 Jun 1717: John Rogers [Roger & Elizabeth] marries Ellen Pugh at Gwynned MM.
21 Jun 1722: Son Evan is born at North Wales, Montgomery Co., PA.
July 1723: Roger ap Roberts dies near Philadelphia, PA.
1742: John moves family to Back Creek Valley, Frederick Co., VA.
15 Apr 1749: Evan Rogers marries Sarah Ballinger at Hopewell MM, Frederick Co., VA.
31 Oct 1750: John [Evan & Sarah] is born in Back Creek Valley, Frederick Co., VA.
25 Apr 1751: Evan has a 220 acre grant surveyed on Back Creek.
Apr 1763: John Rogers dies near Gainsboro, Frederick Co., VA.
1767: Evan is a founder of the Bear Garden MM on Mill Branch Creek.
cSep 1767: Ellen Pugh Rogers dies Gainsboro, Frederick Co., VA.
26 Jul 1770: Sarah Ballinger Rogers dies in childbirth at home on Mill Branch Creek.
30 Oct 1787: John marries Maria Magdelene [Rinker] Allemong in Frederick Co., VA.
5 Dec 1787: John is reported to Hopewell MM for marrying out of unity & removed from the church.
21 Feb 1788: Elizabeth [John & Mary] is born in Back Creek Valley.
Nov 1805: Evan Rogers dies in Back Creek Valley.
17 Oct 1811: Elizabeth Rogers marries Henry Wolary in Frederick Co., VA.
23 Jun 1823: Mary Rinker Rogers dies at home in Bear Creek Valley.
Nov. 1826: John Rogers dies at home in Bear Creek Valley.

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The 1680s Timelines

27 Oct 1682: Thomas Howell & children arrive at Newcastle aboard the Welcome.
Nov 1682: The Howells settle on the land Thomas purchased in 1677 on the north side of Cooper's Creek, Waterford [Delaware] Twp., Gloucester [Camden] Co., West Jersey.
4 Sep 1686: Son Daniel marries Hannah Lakin at Philadelphia.
8 Mar 1687: Daniel transfers his 250 acre portion of Cooper's Creek plantation to brother Mordecai & moves to Philadelphia.
1687: Son Mordecai returns to England & brings back mother, Katherine [Thomas] Howell.
Oct 1687: Thomas Howell dies at Cooper's Creek home.
c1690: Daniel moves to Solebury Twp., Bucks Co., PA.
Sep-Oct 1695: Widow Katherine dies at residence near Philadelphia.
c1700: Catherine [Daniel & Hannah] is born at Philadelphia.
c1719: Catherine Howell marries William Rittenhouse at Germantown, PA.
Sep 1739: Daniel Howell died in Solebury Twp., Bucks Co., PA. [Hannah preceded him in death.]

1682-83: Brothers John [1682] & Thomas [1683] Bowater arrive in Pennsylvania ahead of their half-sister Mary.
1705: Mary Bowater arrives at Philadelphia following the death of her parents.
28 June 1705: Mary joins Philadelphia MM.
28 Jun 1706: Mary Bowater marries James Wright in East Nottingham Twp., Chester Co., PA.

c1687: Henry Goddard settles in York, Massachusetts [now Maine].
1688: Henry buys 40 acres & erects a fulling mill, which he sells in 1690.
1690-92: Henry relocates to Jamestown, RI.
17 Aug 1693: Henry Goddard marries Quaker Mary Howland at  Jamestown, RI.
21 Jun 1696: Henry is made a freeman at Jamestown.
16 Feb 1701/2: Susannah [Henry & Mary] is born at Jamestown.
29 Jan 1741/2: Mary Howland Goddard dies at Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.
30 Aug 1744: Henry dies at Newport, RI.

1688: Wilhelm Rittenhouse arrives at New Amsterdam with his wife & three children & migrates to Germantown, PA.
1690: Wilhelm leases 20 acres in Roxborough Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA for the purpose of building a paper mill.
1690-1710: Rittenhouses operate the only papermill in British colonial America.
7 May 1691: Rittenhouses are among 64 Germantown settlers to be naturalized as British citizens.
c1694: Son Gerhard/Garret marries Mary Schumacher? at Germantown.
c1695: Garret establishes a farm in Cresheim, Germantown Twp., PA.
c1695: William [Garret & Mary] is born in Cresheim.
c1701: Wilhelm is ordained as the 1st Menno Divisionnite minister in America.
1701: The papermill is destroyed by flood & rebuilt in 1702.
1703/4: Garret purchases tracts of 50 & 175 acres in Cresheim for farming & erecting a gristmill.
cFeb 1708: Wife Giertrude Pieters Rittenhouse dies at Germantown.
18 Feb 1708: Wilhelm Rittenhouse dies at Germantown, PA.
c1719: William moves to Hunterdon Co., NJ
c1719: Willam marries Catherine Howell in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
13 Jul 1726: Isaac [William & Catherine] is born at Rosemont.
c1728: Garret's wife Mary dies in Cresheim.
18 Nov 1734: William purchases 1000 acres [800 east of Rosemont, 200 along the Kings Highway] in Hunterdon Co.
1737: William builds a stone house in Rosemont & opens a tavern called "Crosskeys."
Feb 1742/3: Garret dies in Cresheim.
c1757: Isaac marries Susannah Baker in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
Apr 1767: William dies at Rosemont.
21 Feb 1771: Elizabeth Rittenhose [Isaac & Susannah] is born at Rosemont.
1778: Catherine Howell Rittenhouse dies following a fall into a well at Rosemont.
1789-97: Isaac is granted a license to operate a "puplic house" [tavern].
2 Jan 1791: Elizabeth marries Cornelius Prall Jr. in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
23 Feb 1809: Isaac Rittenhouse dies at Rosemont.
4 Jun `1824: Susannah Baker Rittenhouse dies at Rosemont.

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Timelines for the 1670s

c1670 [as early as 1668] Walter Joyce arrives in New England & settles at Marshfield, Plymouth.
c1675/6: Walter marries Elizabeth Low at Marshfield.**
17 Jan 1692/3: Daughter Bathsheba is born at Marshfield.
21 Aug 1698: Elizabeth Low Joyce dies at Marshfield.
1713: Walter Joyce dies at Marshfield.
12 Dec 1718: Bathsheba Joyce marries Ebenezer Mahurin at Marshfield.
(**As I evaluate my old records, some errors crop up. It would appear that has happened with the Joyce-Low family. I have Elizabeth Low's parents as John Low & Elizabeth Stodder/Stoddard of Hingham. A number of searches & a reevaluation of my own files, leads me to believe that Elizabeth was the daughter of John Low & Elizabeth Howland of Marshfield. Elizabeth was a daughter of Arthur & Margaret Howland & sister to Arthur Jr.. I will amend the Howland timeline & plug the Lowe timeline in where it fits. At least connecting Elizabeth to her correct parents will be a relatively easy fix.)

c1677: Peter Twiss is named as a servant of a Captain Marshall at Salem, Massachusetts.
26 Oct 1680: Peter marries Ann MacCallum/Callum at Marblehead, Mass.
Sep 1681: Peter Twiss Jr. is born at Salem.
20 Dec 1699: Peter Jr. marries Sarah Nurse at Salem.
Sep 1700: Peter co-purchases a tract of land lying partly in Lynn & partly in Salem.
11 Jan 1719: Martha [Peter Jr. & Sarah] is born at Salem.
1743: Peter Twiss dies in Essex Co., Massachusetts.
1745: Martha Twiss marries Joseph Jennison at Salem.
29 Sep 1757: Peter Twiss Jr, dies at Danvers [old Salem Village.]

16 Aug 1677: Thomas & Eleanor [Bagwell] Harding, Quakers, arrive at Newcastle aboard the Kent.
Oct 1677: Thomas is one of the founders of Burlington Twp. Burlington Co. in West Jersey.
Dec 1681: Harding acquires a 200 acre tract on the Rancokus River.
4 Nov 1684: Daughter Mary marries Henry Ballinger at the Burlington Monthly Meeting.
1691: Thomas purchases the 500 acre "Two Brothers" tract on the Fenwick River. [Sells it in 1700.]
10 July 1692: Eleanor dies in Burlington Co., NJ.
3 May 1693: Thomas marries Elizabeth Nichols in Burlington Co.
10 May 1707: Elizabeth Nichols Harding dies in Burlington Co.
c6 Oct 1708: Thomas dies in Burlington Co., NJ

1678: Henry Ballinger arrives at Newcastle aboard the Kent.
4 Nov 1684: Henry marries Mary Harding at the Burlington Monthly Meeting [NJ].
1697: Henry is appointed to the Burlington Assembly.
1697: Son Josiah Ballinger is born in Burlington Co., NJ.
1725: Josiah & brother Henry move to the Monocacy Valley in present-day Frederick Co., Maryland.
1726: The first Monthly Meeting of the Monocacy Valley Quakers is held at Josiah Ballinger's home.
31 Aug 1727: Josiah marries Mary Wright at the Monocacy MM.
27 Nov 1731: Sarah [Josiah & Mary] is born in Frederick Co., VA.
Apr 1733: Henry Ballinger dies in Burlington Co., NJ.
1735: Josiah & family join the Quaker migration to Virginia. They settle on a 500 acre tract on Apple Pie Ridge in the Shenandoah Valley.
Dec 1748: Josiah Ballinger dies in Frederick Co., VA
15 Apr 1749: Sarah Ballinger marries Evan Rogers at the Hopewell MM, Frederick Co., VA.
May-Aug 1755: Various units of Braddock's Army camp at the "Widow Ballinger's."
24 Oct 1800: Mary Wright Ballinger dies in Frederick Co., VA.

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The Sixties! 1660s that is!

1660: Louis DuBois, his wife, two infant sons & niece [Marie Billiou] arrive in New Amsterdam & join Louis' in-laws & others at Esopus on the Hudson River.
1660: DuBois & others remove to Wildwyck, New Netherland. [Louis' sister, Francoise Billiou & her family arrive at Staten Island.]
1662: DuBois & others establish the village of Nieu Dorp [Hurley] about a mile west of Wildwyck. Louis establishes a trading post at the village.
7 Jun 1663: Indians raid & burn settlement, taking 34 captives, including Catherine DuBois & 3 of her children.
Sep 1663: The captives are rescued.
1667: Louis draws lots 16 & 24 in Nieu Dorp/Hurley.
1670: Louis gives permission for his niece, Marie Billiou to marry wheelwright Arent Jansen [Prall].
13 Oct 1676: Louis & Catherine sign an agreement providing for their children's education & inheritance.
26 May 1677: DuBois & others purchase land from the Indians for the village of New Paltz.
1686-88: Louis is granted a meadow north of Kingston.
1689: Louis is granted a tract north of Kingston on the Great Bennewater.
23 Jun 1693: Louis DuBois dies at Kingston, Ulster Co., NY.
Dac 1713: Catherine Blanchon DuBois dies at Kingston.

1660: William Allen arrives in New England & settles at Warwick, RI.
c1663: Willam marries Elizabeth _______ at Warwick. The couple moves to Portsmouth.
1664: Daughter Mary is born at Portsmouth, RI.
c1679: Mary marries Thomas Remington at Portsmouth.
Jun 1685: William Allen dies at Portsmouth.

1660: Marie Billiou arrives in New Amsterdam with her uncle's family.
6 Aug 1661: Pierre Billiou, wife Francoise, four daughters & newborn son arrive at New Amsterdam aboard the St. Jean Baptiste.
22 Aug 1661: Billiou & 18 others petition the government to allow them to settle Staten Island.
22 Aug 1663: Billious settle on Staten Island & begin construction of house that still stands today.
14 May 1669: Pierre is made commander of the local militia.
1670-90: Pierre acquires tracts of land on Long Island & in New Jersey.
c1675: Daughter Marie, husband Arent Jansen Prall & 2 children move to Staten Island.
c1690: Marie Billiou Prall dies on Staten Island.
c1695: Francoise DuBois Billiou dies on Staten Island.
19 Jan 1696: Pierre marries Geertje Spiegelaer on Staten Island.
cDec 1701: Pierre dies on Staten Island.

1661: A Johannes Christoffels was among the Staten Island patentees, he may be the immigrant of the family.
c1669: Hans Christoffels marries Tryntje Barents Blom on Long Island, NY.
c1674: Maria Christoffels is born on Long Island.
1675-76: Has appears on the assessment rolls for Brooklyn & Middlewout.
22 Feb 1678/9: Hans purchases a farm at Ould Dorp on Staten Island next to the Billious.
c1690: Hans dies on Staten Island.
1690-93: Tryntje Blom Christoffels marries Arent Jansen Prall on Staten Island. [She dies sometime before 1721.]
c1693: Maria Christoffels marries Pieter Prall on Staten Island.

Sep 1664: Edward Whittaker arrives in New Amsterdam as a soldier in Captain Broadhead's Company in the Duke of York's Regiment to take control of the colony from the Dutch..
1664: Whittaker is stationed at Wildwyck.
Nov 1667: While in New York City, Edward meets Hannah Wakeman Hackleton & hires her as a servant.
1669: Whittaker receives a grant of land at Kingston from the governor after the regiment is disbanded & resides at Hussey's Hill.
4 Jun 1670: Hannah appears before the Kingston court to relate her problems in Hartford, CT & a similar situation with Whittaker [an illegitimate child who dies shortly after birth]. Edward is ordered to care for Hannah.
1670-72: Whittaker appears in court several times over altercations with other Kingstonites, including Hannah & her daughter.
cMay 1673: Edward Whittaker marries Hannah Hackleton at Kingston.
24 Apr 1675: Son James is baptized at the Kingston Dutch Church.
23 May 1685: Edward has 200 acres syrveyed on the north side of Esopus Kill.
1 Sep 1689: Edward gives the oath of allegiance when Willam & Mary take the throne in England.
Jan 1694/5: Edward Whittaker dies at his home in the Valley of Esopus Creek.
6 Dec 1696: James marries Lysbet Titsoort at Kingston. [Lysbet dies prior to 1745.]
1699/1700: Mary [James & Lysbet] is born at Kingston.
1 Jun 1728: Mary Whittaker marries Aaron Prall at Kingston.
1745: James purchases 150 acres in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
1751: James sells his Hunterdon Co. land to son-in-law Aaron Prall.
aft Nov 1751: James Whittaker dies in Hunterdon Co., NJ. [A James Whittaker is recorded back in Kingston as late as 1763.]

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Timelines: The Decade of the 1650s

This decade is a short one - two surnames. Of course one of those is 11 generations! The timeline exercise continues to be an interesting one. I have uncovered "new" information on several families that will be added to the RootsMagic software program. I'm postponing the inclusion of a few timelines until I can investigate the families further. I'll add those at the end with my families that don't "stretch back across the pond." Also, check earlier posts every now & then. I'm finding that I've miscalculated the arrival date of a few families. When that has happened, I have gone back & inserted them in the proper time slot.

Nov 1651: Malcolm/Micam MacCallam is among those Scots captured at the Battle of Dubar by Cromwell the previous December to be sold into indentured servitude at the Saugus Iron Works [Lynn] & shipped to Boston aboard the Unity.
c1655: Micam marries Martha _______ at Lynn, Massachusetts.
6 Jan 1757: Micam contributes to the Scot's Charitable Society of Boston.
25 Aug 1659: Daughter Ann is born at Lynn.
26 Feb 1677: Micam takes oath at Lynn.
26 Oct 1680: Ann marries Peter Twiss at Marblehead, MA.
7 Dec 1686: Martha MacKallam is received at the Salem Church from Lynn.
(I have yet to locate the death dates for Malcolm & Martha. They may have moved to Salem after 1677. It appears, at least, that Martha was there as late as 1686.)

1650: Jan Arentsen van Heerde & family arrives with Cornelis Melyn's party to settle Staten Island, New Netherland.
Sep 1655: Jan's family is among the 67 survivors of the Staten Island Massacre during the Peach War. The family takes refuge at Manhattan.
14 Nov 1657: Jan & the wife of Caaptain Adrian Post report the massacre to officials at Zutphen in the Netherlands.
19 Jun 1658: Jan returns to New Amsterdam.
1658: A "Jan Aertsz" is listed in Fort Orange [Albany].
1663-70: Wheelwright Arent Jansen [Jan Arentsen & Baetje Jans] is recorded in the Esopus [Kingston] records.
3 Jun 1670: Marriage Banns announced for Arent Jansen & Marie Billiou at Kingston Dutch Church.
8 May 1672: Son Pieter is baptized at Kingston.
c1674: Arent first appears as Praal/Prall in Kingston records.
c1675: Pralls relocate to Staten Island; Arent is granted land at Long Neck.
4 Apr 1685: Arent has property at Carle's Neck surveyed.
c1690: Marie Billiou Prall dies at Staten Island.
1690-93: Arent marries widow Tryntje Barents Blom Christopher. [She dies before 1721]
1693-95: Pieter marries Maria Christopher at Staten Island.
10 Jan 1694/5: A patent is issued to Arent for his 160 acre Long Neck property, plus an addition 124 acres of land.
12 Dec 1697: Pieter is deeded 40 acres by his father.
7 Sep 1698: Aaron [Pieter & Maria] is baptized at Port Richmond, Staten Island.
1711/2: Maria Christopher Prall dies at Staten Island.
cApr 1713: Pieter marries Aeltje Gerrits at Staten Island. [She dies before 1742]
1716: Pieter purchases 750-1000 acre tract in Hunterdon Co., West Jersey.
bef. 1721: Arent marries Madlenor _______, who is named as his wife in his will of that year.
c1721: Aaron marries _______ _______ at Staten Island.
c1722: Aaron moves to Hunterdon Co., West Jersey, 250-350 acres of the family tract on the Neshanic River.
Oct 1725: Arent Jansen Prall dies on Staten Island.
1 Jun 1728: Aaron Prall marries Mary Whittaker in Kingston, NY.
c1732: Cornelius [Aaron & Mary] is born in East Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.
bef. 1742: Pieter marries Elizabeth ________, who is named in his will.
27 Oct 1748: Pieter dies at Staten Island.
c1757: Cornelius marries Rebecca Garrison in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
Oct 1757: Aaron Prall dies in Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.
Nov 1761: Mary Whittaker Prall dies in Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.
19 Jun 1768: Cornelius Prall Jr. [Cornelius & Rebecca] is born in East Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ.
18 Apr 1772: Cornelius purchases 19 3/4 acres along Back Brook adjoining the family homestead & erects a gristmill.
c1780: Rebecca Garrison Prall dies at Back Brook homestead in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
c1782: Cornelius marries Sarah Sutphin in Hunterdon Co.
10 June 1784: Cornelius sells the Back Brook property & moves to Tewksbury Twp.
2 Jan 1791: Cornelius Jr. marries Elizabeth Rittenhouse in Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.
1791: Cornelius moves to Kingswood Twp.
10 Apr 1693: Cornelius deeds the Kingwood property to Cornelius Jr.
1797: Cornelius sells Kingwood property & returns to Amwell Twp.
22 Jun 1799: Cornelius Jr. buys acreage in Bernards Twp., Somerset Co., NJ.
1800: Sarah Sutphin Prall dies in Somerset Co.
15 Jan 1800: Isaac Rittenhouse Prall [C-Jr. & Elizabeth] is born in Bernards Twp.
6 Mar 1803: Cornelius marries widow Christiana Lucretia Catterlin in Cranbury, NJ.
1803-09: Cornelius & Christiana live on Catterlin farm in Middlesex Co., NJ.
1806: Cornelius moves family to Warren Twp., Somerset Co.
1808: Cornelius moves family to Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co., then East Windsor Twp., Middlesex Co.
1809: Pralls return to Amwell Twp.
1811: Cornelius Jr. moves to Pilesgrove Twp., Salem Co., NJ.
1813: Cornelius Jr. moves to Chester Twp., Delaware Co., PA
Mar 1813: Cornelius Prall dies in Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.
1819: The estate of Cornelius Prall is settled.
1820: Cornelius Jr. moves to Chester Co., PA, then to Cecil Co., MD.
c1822: Cornelius Jr. moves the family to Harford Co., MD.
21 Sep or Dec 1826: Elizabeth Rittenhouse Prall dies in Harford Co.
11 Feb 1827: Cornelius Jr. marries widow Bathia Cunningham Porter in Harford Co.
7 Feb 1828: Isaac R. marries Ann Bathia Rhodes, Bathia Prter's niece, in Harford Co.
c1830: Pralls move to Hopwell [Cornelius Jr.] & Lower Chanceford [Isaac R.] Twps., York Co., PA
8 Jul 1834: Cornelius Jr. dies in a railroad accident in Delaware Co., PA.
26 Mar 1844: Isaac acquires land in Fawn Twp., York Co., PA
23 Nov 1852: Hugh McDonald Prall [Isaac & Ann] is born in York Co., PA
30 Mar 1860: Isaac is forced to sell 96 acres to satisfy creditors.
Jan/Feb 1865: Ann Bathia Rhodes Prall dies in York Co., PA.
15 Feb 1865: Isaac sells 50 acres to John Howgate.
1870: Isaac is living with daughter Ann Kohler & family in Clinton Co., Ohio.
1870: Hugh M. is residing with brother Charles' family in Highland Co., OH.
c1874: Hugh M. is in Auglaize Co., OH.
8 Aug 1874: Hugh M. marries Margaret Jane Wolary at Wapakoneta, Auglaize Co., OH.
c1877: Hugh, Margaret & daughter Cora move to Grant Co., Indiana.
30 Dec 1878: William Marshall Prall [Hugh & Margaret] is born in Grant Co., IN.
c1880: Isaac R. Prall dies in Ohio or Pennsylvania.
1880: Hugh begins farming in Sims Twp., Grant Co., IN.
1895-1904: Pralls reside at Marion, Grant Co., IN.
1897-1901: William M. Prall is employed by B. F. Fowler Candy Co. [Building burned in 1901.]
1901-1906: Wm "Marshall" Prall works for candy company in Cincinnati, OH.
1904-07: Pralls reside at Herbst, Grant Co., IN
27 Mar 1906: Marshall Prall marries Marie Laeschele at Cincinnati, OH. [A son was born in 1904.]
6 May 1907: Hugh M. Prall dies at Herbst.
1907: Marshall Prall moves to Indianapolis, IN & begins work at J. F. Darmody Confectionary.
27 Jan 1910: Margaret J. Wolary Prall dies at daughter's home in Marion.
3 Jun 1910: Marshall files for divorce at Indianapolis; finalized 3 October.
23 Dec 1911: Wm. M. Prall marries Mayme Faucett at Indianapolis.1939
19 Jan 1918: Hugh Charles Prall [W.M. & Mayme] is born at Indianapolis.
1936: Hugh graduates from Arsenal Tech H.S.
23 Dec 1939: Wm. M. Prall dies at St. Vincent's Hospital, Indianapolis.
23 Aug 1940: Hugh C. Prall marries Rthjane McHugh at Indianapolis.
1940-77: Hugh begins work as a tool & die maker with his father-in-law & running his own shop, Van All Tool & Die, for about 30 years.
1941-1963: Pralls reside at 44 N. Elizabeth St. in Indy.
7 Apr 1951: Terry [Hugh & Ruth] is born in Jennings Co. [long story!]
1957-63: Terry attends P.S. #77 in Indy.
14 May 1960: Mayme Faucett Prall dies at Indianapolis.
1963-66: Terry attends Woodview Jr. High in Warren Twp.
1963-1977: Pralls reside at 1414 Roseway Dr. in Warren Twp.
1966-69: Terry attends & graduates from Warren Central H.S.
1969-71: Terry attends Hanover College [IN].
1972-73: Terry attends & graduates from Tarkio College [MO] with B.A. in Elementary Ed.
1973-79: Terry teaches at Nocatee Elementary School, Nocatee, FL [grades 3 & 5]
1974-93: Terry coaches youth baseball.
1975-77 Summers: Terry attends Butler University, Indy.
1977: Hugh & Ruth retire to Bonita Springs, Florida.
1979-97: Terry teaches at Desoto Middle School, Arcadia, FL. [grades 6-8, social studies, math, English, reading, science]
1980-95: Terry is active with Desoto Little Theatre.
1981 Summer: Terry attends Butler.
1982 Summer: Terry completes graduate work
Dec 1982: Terry receives M.S. in Education from Butler.
1997-2003: Terry teaches at West Elementary, Arcadia, FL [grades 4, 5, Social Studie K-5]
20 Jul 2000: Ruthjane McHugh Prall dies in Lee Co., FL.
2003: Terry retires from teaching.
11 May 2007: Hugh C. Prall dies at North Collier Hospital in Naples, FL.
Jan 2008: Terry moves to Avon, Hendricks Co., IN
Oct 2008- present: Terry gets involved with Hendricks Civic Theatre [primary] & MarryMac Players [Martinsville].
May-Oct2009: Terry helps gut & remodel Hendricks Civic Theatre.

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The Decade of the 1640s: 1641-1649

van der Linde/deLindt:
29 Nov 1641: Lijsbetjen [Elizabeth] van der Linde arrives in New Amsterdam with her mother [Mayken] & step-father [Jan Verbeck].
c1642: Verbecks settle in Rennselaerswyck.
c1649: Elizabeth marries Teunis Cornelis Swart in New Netherland, probably near Fort Orange [Albany].

c1642/3: Richard Webb arrives in New England & settles at New Haven [Connecticut Colony.]
1 July 1644: Richard takes the Oath of Allegiance at New Haven.
c1647: Richard Webb marries Margery Moyer at New Haven.
c1648: Joseph Webb is born to Richard & Margery at New Haven.
1651: The Webbs move to Stamford, CT.
11 Nov 1657: Webb purchases land in Stamford & operates a flouring mill.
8 Jan 1672: Joseph marries Hannah Scofield at Stamford.
15 Mar 1675/6: Richard Webb dies at Stamford.
1676: Joseph inherits the mill property from his father.
4 Oct 1683: Daughter Margery is born at Stamford five moths before her father's death.
8 Mar 1683/4: Joseph Webb dies at Stamford.
aft 1684: Margery Moyer Webb marries John Finch at Stamford.
10 Aug 1715: Margery marries Joseph Lockwood at Stamford.

1643: Thomas Looke is sent by his employer, John Bex & Co., to help establish the Ironworks at Lynn, Massachusetts Bay, where he works as a collier.
c1644/5: Thomas marries Sarah/Mary _______ at Lynn.
Jul 1654: Daughter Mary is born at Lynn.
30 Jun 1666: Sarah Looke, wife of Thomas dies at Lynn.
4 Dec 1672: Mary marries Samuel Curtis at Topsfield, Massachusetts.
1673: Thomas leaves Lynn to work at the iron works in Rowley.
1676: The Rowley Ironworks burn down, but Thomas remains in the village.
25 Sep 1683: Thomas dies at Rowley. (Have yet to find source for death date.)

1643: Zachariah Rhodes arrives at Plymouth & settles at Rehoboth.
7 Mar 1645/6: Zachariah married Joanna Arnold at Newport [RI]
1646: Zachariah & others leave Plymouth for Providence for religious reasons.
1 Jun 1658: Rhodes & others petition for Pawtuxet to be dismissed from the government of Massachusetts. [Granted in October.]
1658: Son John is born at Pawtuxet. [RI]
11 Oct 1665: Zachariah is among a group of Baptists arrested by the General Court of Boston for speaking against the accepted church doctrine.
10 April 1666: Zachariah drowns off Pawtuxet Shore.
1681: John is made a freeman of Warwick.
12 Feb 1684/5: John Rhodes marries Waite Waterman at Pawtuxet.
20 Nov 1691: John [John & Waite] is born at Warwick.
29 Apr 1714: John marries Catherine Holden at Warwick.
14 Aug 1716: John dies at Pawtuxet.
20 May 1731: Holden [John & Catherine] is born at Warwick.
25 Jul 1731: Catherine Holden Rhodes dies at Warwick.
c1733: John marries widow Mary Whipple.
1746: John retires as a major in the RI militia,
c1749: Holden marries Mary Remington at Warwick.
22 Sep 1750: Holden Jr. [Holden & Mary] is born at Warwick.
12 Mar 1768: Holden Jr. marries Susannah Wall at Warwick.
c1774: Holden dies at Warwick.
Jun 1776: Major John Rhodes dies at Warwick.
15 Aug 1776: Holden Jr. is named prize master of the sloop Joseph.
27 Jul 1778: The sloop Satisfaction is captured by the British. The crew, including Holden Rhodes, is sent to Forten Prison at Gosport, England.
11 Dec 1779: Holden Rhodes Jr. is part of a prisoner exchange.
20 May 1784: Zachariah [Holden & Susannah] is born at Warwick.
1792-1795: Captain Holden Rhodes is master of at least three sloops.
8 Dec 1796: Captain Rhodes is issued a Seaman's Protection Certificate. [Issued to protect US seamen from being impressed into the British Navy.]
16 Mar 1806: Susannah Wall Rhodes dies at Warwick.
1 Feb 1809: Captain Rhodes dies at Warwick.
bef 1810: Zachariah moves to Baltimore, Maryland to continue his life as a mariner.
31 Jul 1810: Zachariah marries Harriet Cunningham at Baltimore.
1812: Daughter Ann Bathia is born at Baltimore.
14 Aug 1815: The schooner Hannah, Zachariah Rhodes, captain & his brother Perry Rhodes, first mate, departs Baltimore for Puerto Rico & is lost at sea.
c1818: Harriet Cunningham Rhodes dies at Baltimore; Ann is entrusted to the care of her aunt, Bathia Porter. [They relocate to Harford Co. after Bathiah's husband dies.]
7 Feb 1828: Ann Bathia Rhodes marries Isaac Rittenhouse Prall in Harfor Co., MD.

1640: William & Ann [Mattle] Douglas arrive in Cape Ann [Gloucester] with two children.
6 Aug 1640: Douglas relocates to Boston & becomes a freeman.
28 Feb 1641: Douglas family moves to Ipswich.
8 Apr 1643: Daughter Sarah is born at Ipswich.
1645: The Douglas clan moves back to Boston.
1 May 1646: William Douglas purchases a dwelling house & shop from Thomas Anchor.
Dec 1659: Douglas purchases property in New London, CT.
Oct 1661: Sarah Douglas marries John Keeney at New London.
19 May 1676: Douglas is one of two men elected commissioners to the Army at New London.
26 July 1682: William dies at New London.
c1685: Ann [Mattle] Douglas dies at New London.

c1647: Edward Hazen arrives in Massachusetts & settles at Rowley.
c1649: Edward's wife, Elizabeth dies.
Mar 1650: Edward marries Hannah Grant at Rowley.
29 Jan 1657/8: Son Thomas is born at Rowley.
1 Jan 1682/3: Thomas marries Mary Howlett at Boxford.
1684: Thomas & Mary move to Boxford.
22 Jul 1683: Edward dies at Rowley.
23 Mar 1687/8: John Hazen [Thomas & Mary] is born at Boxford.
c1710: John marries Mercy Bradstreet at Boxford or Norwich.
17 Mar 1711/2: Edward buys land at Norwich, CT.
Oct 1724: John is made Quartermaster of the troops of New London Co.
22 Nov 1725: Mercy Bradstreet Hazen dies at Norwich.
31 May 1726: John marries Elizabeth Turner Dart at Norwich.
24 Oct 1727: Mary Howlett Hazen dies at Norwich.
17 May 1732: John sells his Norwich property & relocates to Lyme.
5 Jan 1734/5: Mary [John & Elizabeth] is born at Lyme.
12 Apr 1735: Thomas dies at Norwich.
Oct 1740: John Hazen last appears in the Lyme records.
1741-1745: John Hazen is residing in Morris Co., New Jersey.
c1753: Mary Hazen marries Seth Mahurin/Hurin.
24 Feb 1772: John Hazen dies in Old Lyme, CT. [It is not known when he left NJ.]

c1644-46: Abraham Willemse Titsoort arrives in New Amsterdam from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
c1647: Abraham Titsoort marries Achtje Jans at New Amsterdam.
c1648: Willem Abrahamse Titsoort is born at New Amsterdam.
2 Aug 1648: Willem is baptized in the Dutch Church I n New Amsterdam.
c1670: Willem moves to Schenectady, New Netherland.
c1670: Willem marries Neeltje Swart at Schenectady.
c1678: Lysbet [Willem & Neeltje] is born at Schenectady.
1689/90: French & Indians raid Schenectady. Following raid Willem sells out & moves to Albany.
1690: Titsoorts  is the first to settle near Port Jervis in Minisink Valley, NY, where Willem, a blacksmith, helps Indians fashion tools,
1692: Titsoorts move to Kingston, NY.
6 Dec 1696: Lysbet marries James Whittaker at Kingston.
3 Jun 1700: Willem acquires additional land in the Minisink Valley along the Delaware River from local Indians & moves there in 1701.
c1715: Willem moves to Dutchess Co., NY.
c1720: Neeltje [Swart] Titsoort dies at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY.
cJan 1721: Willem Titsoort dies at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY.

c1647: Teunis Cornelise Swart & his brother Fredric arrive at New Amsterdam & settle at Fort Orange [Albany].
c1649: Teunise marries Elizabeth van der Linde at Schenectady.
c1650: Daughter Neeltje is born at Schenectady.
c1660: The Swarts moves about 15 miles NW of Schenectady.
1664: The family returns to Schenectady. The colony is taken over by the British & becomes New York.
c1670: Neeltje marries Willem Titsoort at Schenectady.
1677-80: Teunis dies at Schenectady.
c1708: Lysbet [van der Linde] Swart dies in Ulster Co., NY.

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1640 Timeline!

1640: William & Agnes/Annis Keeney arrive with the Blinman's "Welsh Party" & settles at Cape Ann [Gloucester]. (Kenney was English. Several members of the Blinman group were from counties bordering Wales.)
c1641: Son John is born at Cape Ann [Gloucester].
1650: Keeney joins the "Cape Ann Party" [Blinman's followers again] in settling at Pequot [New London], Connecticut.
1660 & 1664: Three barques [trading vessels] were built for William Keeney & two others.
Oct 1661: John Keeney marries Sarah Douglas at New London.
6 Sep 1662: Susanna [John & Sarah] is born at New London.
29 Nov 1669: John Keeney is granted permission to trade powder, lead & shot to local Indians.
1670: John becomes New London freeman.
1675: William Keeney dies at New London.
4 Aug 1689: Sarah [Douglas] Keeney dies at New London.
26 Dec 1678: Susanna Keeney marries Ezekiel Turner at New London.
3 Jun 1690/94: John marries Elizabeth Latham at New London.
1703: Elizabeth [Latham] Keeney dies at New London.
17 Feb 1703/4: John marries Naomi Burdick at New London.
3 Feb 1715/6: John dies at Niantic, Connecticut.

c1640: Arthur Howland Sr. arrives at Plymouth. He was preceded by brothers John [in 1620 of Mayflower fame] & Henry [during the early 1630s.]
28 Aug 1640: Arthur is named as a settler of Duxbury, Plymouth.
Nov 1640: Arthur is granted land at North River [Marshfield], Plymouth.
1640-47: Arthur Howland Jr. is born at Marshfield.
1657: Henry, Arthur Sr. & John Jr. [son of Mayflower immigrant] run afoul of  the law by associating with Quakers.
2 Mar 1658: Arthur is fined for holding Quaker meetings at his home in Marshfield.
June 1660: Arthur & other family members are fined for Quaker activities.
5 Mar 1666/7: Arthur Jr. is fined for making overtures of marriage to the governor's daughter.
2 Jul 1667: Arthur Jr. promises to desist in his efforts to wed the governor's daughter.
9 Dec 1667: Much to the chagrin of the bride's father, Gov. Thomas Prence, Arthur Jr. marries Elizabeth Prence at Marshfield. [Papa was staunchly anti-Quaker.]
23 Dec 1688: Daughter Mary is born at Marshfield.
c30 Oct 1675: Arthur Sr. dies at Marshfield.
c22 Jan 1683: Margaret _______ Walker Howland dies at Marshfield.
4 Jun 1684: Arthur & Elizabeth are jailed for refusing to pay the tax to maintain the local minister.
12 Aug 1693: Mary [Arthur & Elizabeth] marries Henry Goddard at Jamestown, RI
Dec 1726: Arthur Howland Jr. dies at Marshfield.

c1640: William Towne, wife Joanna & six children arrive in New England. [May have arrived in Salem c1635.]
11 Oct 1640: William is granted land in Salem, Massachusetts Bay.
1651: William purchases land in Ipswich.
1656: William purchases land in Topsfield.
c1672/3: William dies at Topsfield.
17 Aug 1677: Daughter Rebecca marries Francis Nurse at Salem.
Jan 1682: Joanna [Blessing] Towne dies at Topsfield.

11 Oct 1640: Francis Nurse is first recorded at Salem, Massachusetts Bay for the stealing of victualls
& for supposition of breaking a house.
24 Aug 1644: Francis marries Rebecca Towne at Salem.
c1645: Son John is born at Salem.
11 Apr 1664: Francis is granted 20 acres of land.
1 Nov 1672: John marries Elizabeth Smith. [She dies a year later.]
18 Nov 1672: Francis is appointed town constable.
17 Aug 1677: John marries Elizabeth Very at Salem.
1678: Francis bought "Orchard Farm" in Salem Village [Danvers].
10 Nov 1680: Sarah [John & Elizabeth] is born at Salem.
1691: The Nurses & other families oppose Rev. Samuel Parris, who is supported by the Putnams & other powerful families. The Nurses are allied with the Porters, the villages wealthiest family.
Feb - Jun 1692: Witchcraft allegations are made against numerous citizens of Salem Village, including Rebecca & two of her sisters.
19 Jul 1692: Rebecca, wrongly accused, is hanged for being a witch.
22 Nov 1695: Francis dies at "Orchard Farm."
20 Dec 1699: Sarah Nurse marries Peter Twiss Jr. at Salem.
1 Dec 1719: John Nurse die at Salem Village.
1640: Walter Tybbot arrives with Blinman's Welsh Party at Plymouth.
19 May 1642: Walter is made freeman at Gloucester, Massachusetts Bay.
6 Nov 1643: Daughter Mary marries William Haskell at Gloucester.
14 Aug 1651: Walter dies at Gloucester.

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Salt Lake Institute 2015

For those of you interested in the Salt Lake Institute, get registered soon! Early sign-up is new for me. I usually waited until August to sign up for Problem Solving [now on hiatus for 2015]. Registration started at 11:00 A.M. Eastern Time. I signed on about 11:05. The course I wanted "Diving Deeper into New England" was already down to about 17 openings. By the time I was officially registered there were 13 slots left and yesterday - 6.

My last check [about 2:00 PM today], five tracks were filled [30 or 35 students each, I believe]!!
Openings left for other tracks:
Diving Deeper into New England = 6
The Genealogy Law Library = 3
Advanced German Research = 2
Finding Immigrant Origins = 24
Researching in Original Resource Repositories = 22
Post War Military Records = 28
US Research Strategies: Part 1 = 23

If any of the topics sound interesting, get registered!

Dates: Jan. 12-16, 2015

Next up on the timelines, 1640.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

1636-1639 [Part II]

1637: Richard Singletary arrives in Massachusetts & settles first in Salem.
7 Sep 1638: Richard takes the oath of freeman at Newbury.
1638/9: Richard's first wife dies at Newbury.
cApril 1639: Richard marries Susanna Cooke at Newbury.
1640: Richard receives land at Colchester/Salisbury.
28 Oct 1644: Son Nathaniel is born at Salisbury.
1652: Singletarys move to Haverhill.
1662: Nathaniel is dismissed from militia training due to lameness.
22 Dec 1673: Nathaniel marries Sarah Belknap at Haverhill.
7 May 1675: John [Nathaniel & Sarah] is born at Haverhill.
11 Apr 1682: Susanna [Cooke] Singletary dies at Haverhill.
25 Oct 1687: Richard Singletary dies at Haverhill.
13 Aug 1689: Nathaniel & son John are attacked by Indians. Nathaniel is killed & scalped; John is captured, but escapes.
c1700: John moves to Salisbury.
17 Dec 1700: John marries Mary Greeley at Salisbury.
23 May 1709: John settles at Framingham.
30 May 1720: John sells Framingham property & removes to Sutton, where he builds a gristmill.
Sep 1721: Amos [John & Mary] is born at Sutton.
7 Mar 1735: Mary [Greeley] Singletary dies at Sutton.
15 Jul 1735: John marries widow Mary [Curtis] Keeney at Sutton.
6 Sep 1742: Amos marries Mary Curtis at Topsfield.
1747: John is still residing at Sutton.
13 Mar 1749: Mehetible [Amos & Mary] is born at Sutton.
31 Mar 1769: Mehetible marries Peter Jennison at Sutton.
1776-80: Amos represents Sutton at the Massachusetts Provincial Congress.
1788: Amos, an anti-Federalist, opposes ratification of US Constitution, fearing the power of the learned & wealthy.
28 Jun 1799: Mary [Curtis] Singletary dies at Sutton.
30 Oct 1806: Amos dies at Sutton.

1638: Richard Dodge & family first appears at Salem.
29 Oct 1638: Richard is received as a resident of Salem.
c1649/50: Son Edward is born at North Beverly [part of Salem].
1653: Richard is one of the first donors to Harvard College.
1667: Richard is one of the proprietors & founders of the 1st church of Bass River [Beverly].
15 Jun 1671: Richard dies at Beverly.
30 Apr 1673: Edward marries Mary Haskell at Beverly.
27 Jun 1678: Richard's widow, Edith [Brayne] Dodge dies at Beverly.
Apr 1692: Hannah [Edward & Mary] is born at Beverly.
15 Jun 1720: Hannah Dodge marries Samuel Curtis at Topsfield.
13 Feb 1727: Edward dies at Beverly.
1737: Mary [Haskell] Dodge dies at Beverly.

1638: John & Tabitha [Rogers] Stoddard arrive at Plymouth.
1639: John is granted land at Hingham.
18 May 1642: John Stoddard of Hull is made a freeman.
1647: John granted land at Conyehassett.
28 Feb 1648/9: Daughter Elizabeth marries John Low, Sr. at Hingham.
bef Nov 1661: Tabitha [Rogers] Stoddard dies at Hingham.
16 Dec 1661: John Stoddard dies at Hingham.

c1639: Thomas & Mary [Bridgum] Benedict arrive at what becomes Beverly.
c1640: The Benedicts join Presbyterian minister John Yonge's congregation at New Haven [CT].
1649: The Benedicts remove to Southold, Long Island [then part of Connecticut.]
1655: Daughter Mary is born at Southold, L.I.
Jun 1657: Thomas has taken up residence at Huntington, L.I.
15 May 1662: Thomas is appointed to Huntington town commission, now part of New Haven. 
3 Dec 1663 Thomas is made a lieutenant of the town of Jamaica.
26 Sep 1664: Benedict & others petition Col. Nicholls to establish a settlement along Arthur Kill Bay [now Elizabethtown] in East Jersey. [Long Island is now under British rule.]
1665: Benedict family moves to Norwalk, Connecticut, where Thomas becomes active in local affairs.
Mar 1689/90: Thomas dies at Norwalk.
c1702: Mary Benedict marries John Olmstead at Norwalk.
1721: Mary [Bridgum] Benedict dies at Norwalk.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Timelines for 1636-1639 [Part I]

c1636: William Haskell, his siblings, mother & step-father, John Stone, arrive in New England & settle in Cape Ann [Beverly].
c1640: The Stone-Haskell clan moves to Gloucester.
6 Nov 1643: William Haskell marries Mary Tybbot at Gloucester.
c1651: Daughter Mary is born at Gloucester.
30 Apr 1673: Mary Haskell marries Edward Dodge at Beverly.
16 Aug 1693: Mary [Tybbot] Haskell dies at Gloucester.
20 Aug 1693: William dies at Gloucester.

March 1636: Samuel Gorton & family arrive at Boston aboard the Speedwell.
1636: Samuel forsakes Boston for Plymouth Colony.
June 1637: Samuel leads an expedition against the Pequot Indians.
1638: Gov. Prence banishes Gorton from Plymouth due to his religious beliefs.
bet 1638-41: John is born to Samuel & Mary [Maplett] Gorton.
1639: Samuel relocates to Pocasset [Portsmouth], Aquidneck Island.
1640: Gorton & his followers are forced from Pocasset when deposed ruler Judge Coddington regains control.
1642: Gorton acquires land adjacent to Providence & founds the town of Shawomet [Warwick].
1643: Massachusetts enlists two Indian tribes to try to rid New England of the Gortonists.
Mar 1644: Massachusetts authorities give Gortonists two weeks to leave the colony.
Aug 1645: Gorton goes to New Amsterdam to sail to England to seek a royal charter.
May 1648: Samuel Gorton returns with royal charter for the colony of Rhode Island.
1649: Samuel is elected general assistant to the Governor of Providence Plantation [Warwick & Providence.]
1651: Samuel is elected Governor.
25 Jan 1665 or 1668: John Gorton marries Margaret Wheaton at Warwick.
22 Jul 1672: Samuel [John & Margaret] born at Warwick.
Dec 1677: Samuel Gorton dies at Warwick.
9 May 1695: Samuel marries Elizabeth Collins at Warwick.
19 Feb 1696: Anna [Samuel & Elizabeth] is born at Warwick.
3 Feb 1714: John Gorton dies at Warwick.
5 Jun 1722: Samuel dies at Warwick.
16 Feb 1722/3: Anna marries Daniel Remington at Warwick.
9 Sep 1724: Elizabeth dies at Warwick.

c1637: Randall Holden arrives in New England.
4 or 24 Mar 1637/8: Randall Holden witnesses the deed for Aquidneck & other islands from local Indians.
12 Jan 1642/3: Holden is one of the proprietors of Warwick.
1644: Holden accompanies Samuel Gorton & John Greene to England. [Returns in 1646.]
27 Aug 1647: Randall is named in a letter to the governor of Massachusetts concerning a dispute between Warwick & Pawtuxet. [Pawtuxet was aligned with Mass.]
c1648: Holden marries Frances Dungan at Warwick.
22 Mar 1655/6: Son Charles born at Warwick.
1679: Holden & Greene are back in England to get colonial matters resolved.
c1688: Charles Holden marries Catherine Greene at Warwick.
6 Aug 1694: Catherine [Charles & Catherine] is born at Warwick.
23 Aug 1692: Randall Holden dies at Warwick.
c1697: Frances [Dungan] Holden dies at Warwick.
1710-1716: Charles serves as a Deputy to the General Assembly.
29 Apr 1714: Catherine Holden marries John Rhodes at Warwick.
21 Jul 1717: Charles dies at Warwick.
Dec 1754: Catherine [Greene] Holden dies at Warwick.

Dec 1637: Thomas Grant leaves England with his family bound for New England.
1638: Grants arrive in NE & settle at Salem.
1639: Grants join 60 other families to settle the new town of Rowley.
c1643: Thomas Grant dies at Rowley.
c1650: Daughter Hannah marries Edward Hazen at Rowley.

1637: Frances Dungan arrives at Newport, Rhode Island with her mother, siblings & step-father.
1648: Frances marries Randall Holden at Warwick.
Sep 1677: Mother, Frances Latham Dungan Clarke Vaughn dies at Newport.
16 Feb 1698: Jane [Haburne] Grant dies at Rowley.

1637: John Remington, his wife & children arrive in Massachusetts & settle at Newbury.
1640/1: Remington moves to Rowley.
26 May 1647: John serves as Lieutenant in the Rowley militia during the Pequot War.
c1649: John Remington Jr. marries Abigail Acie at Rowley.
1654: John & Abigail move family to Andover.
4 Feb 1655/6: Thomas [John & Abigail] is born at Andover.
1658: Wife Elizabeth dies at Rowley.
1658: John moves to Roxbury.
1659: John marries Rhonda [Garnder] Gore at Roxbury.
1661: John Jr. moves to Haverhill.
c1664: John Jr. moves to Jamestown, Rhode Island.
8 Apr 1667: John Remington dies at Roxbury.
31 Oct 1667: John Jr. is among those "who rendered services" during King Phillip's War granted land at East Greenwich.
c1679: Thomas marries Mary Allen at Portsmouth.
1687: John Jr. moves from Rochester [North Kingstown] to Warwick, possibly to join the Gortonites.
28 Mar 1692: Thomas, of Prudence Island, is made freeman at Portsmouth.
c1692: Daniel [Thomas & Mary] is born at Portsmouth.
1704: Thomas becomes freeman at Warwick.
13 Aug 1709: John Jr. dies at Warwick.
c1710: Abigail [Acie] Remington dies at Warwick.
Sep 1710: Thomas dies at Warwick.
16 Feb 1722/3: Daniel marries Anna Gorton at Warwick.
17 Aug 1725: Mary [Daniel & Anna] is born at Warwick.
1730-33: Daniel serves in the Warwick militia as an ensign.
c1749: Mary Remington marries Holden Rhodes at Warwick.
12 Mar 1787: Daniel dies at Warwick.

to be continued..................

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1635 Immigrant Timelines

This is already a worthwhile project. "New" data on a few families is pooping up as I confirm dates & events. Give this a try, it might pay off BIG dividends! I will have to say that families with only 2-3 generations before a daughter marries into another line is easier to handle! :)-

24 June 1635: William Arnold arrives in the Massachusetts Bay Colony with his wife, children & other family members.
18 Sep 1635: Arnold is deeded land at Hingham, Massachusetts Bay Colony.
8 Oct 1638: William joins Roger Williams & others as a proprietor of Providence [RI].
27 July 1640: Arnold is one of the signers of the Providence "Constitution."
7 Mar 1645: Daughter Joanna marries Zachariah Rhodes at Newport.
27 Aug 1645: William Arnold acquires land from chief sachem Osomequen of the Pokanocuk.
early 1660s: Christian [Peake] Arnold, wife of William dies at Pawtuxet.
July 1675: During King Phillip's War, William takes refuge at son Stephen's home at Pawtuxet & dies there at age 88.

3 June 1635: Dr. John Greene arrives at Boston aboard the James from Southampton, England with his wife & children.
1635: The Greenes settle at Salem, where William becomes acquainted with Roger Williams.
1636: Greenes leave Salem shortly after the departure of Roger Williams.
6 April 1636: Joan [Tattershall] Greene dies at Providence.
8 Oct 1638: Dr. Greene becomes one of the original proprietors of Providence.
c14 Dec 1638: John marries Alice Daniels.
11 Oct 1642: Greene purchases land at Warwick.
c12 Jan 1643/4: Alice dies at Warwick.
1644: Son John Jr. inherits "Greene's Farm" in Occupasuetuxet after his father moves to Warwick.
c1644: John marries Phillippa ________ on a trip to London, England.
c1648: John Jr. [John & Joan] Greene marries Annis Almy at Warwick.
Jan 1659: Dr. John Greene dies at Conimicut, Rhode Island.
1663: John Greene, Jr. is named on the Rhode Island charter granted by King Charles II.
8 Aug 1665: Catherine [John & Annis] is born at Occupasuetuxet.
1683-86: John Greene Jr. is appointed major of the Rhode Island militia. [reappointed 1690-91, 1696]
c1688: Catherine Greene marries Charles Holden at Warwick.
27 Nov 1708: Major John Greene dies at Occupasuetuxet.
6 May 1709: Annis [Almy] Greene dies at Warwick.

13 April 1635: Richard Scofield leaves Lancashire, England for America aboard the Susan and Ellen.
28 Nov 1641: After spending time in Watertown or Boston, Richard buys Humphrey Griffin's house & lot in Ipswich.
c1648: Scofield marries Mary _______ at Ipswich.
c1652: Richard sells his holdings in Ipswich & removes to Stamford, Connecticut & settles in Middlesex Parish.
c1652: Daughter Hannah is born at Stamford.
1670: Richard dies intestate at Stamford.
8 Jan 1672: Hannah marries Joseph Webb, Sr. at Stamford.

5 June 1632: Welshman Evan Thomas sails to Boston as master of the William and Thomas.
1640: Evan returns to Boston with his wife, Jane & four children.
25 Jan 1641: Evan Thomas, vintner, is accepted as townsmen at Boston.
12 Jan 1658: Jane Thomas dies at Boston.
c1659: Evan marries widow Alice Kirkland at Boston.
25 Aug 1661: Evan dies at Boston.
c1680: George Thomas [Evan & Jane] marries Rebecca Maverick at Boston.
20 Dec 1690: Dorothy [George & Rebecca] is born at Boston.
1696: George dies at Boston.
3 Nov 1696: Rebecca [Maverick] Thomas dies at Boston.
c1719: Dorothy marries Robert Jennison at Boston.
(I have some problems with this line. The Memoirs of Isaiah Thomas claims this line is correct. Most trees place George's birth in Boston c1655, but there is no record of it. Memoirs states George was born in Wales before the family arrived in Boston. This would make George 19-20 years older than his spouse.)

April 1635: Francis Newcomb & family arrive in Boston aboard the Planter.
13 May 1640: The Newcombs remove to Mt. Wollaston [Braintree/Quincy]
16 Jan 1645/6: Daughter Judith is born at Braintree.
30 Oct 1666: Judith marries Samuel Jennison at Watertown.
cMay 1685/6: Rachel [Brackett] Newcomb dies at Braintree.
27 May 1692: Francis Newcomb dies at Braintree.

c5 April 1635: Zacheus Curtis departs Southampton as a passenger on the James for America & settles in Salem.
c1645: Zacheus marries Joanna Cooper at Salem.
c1649: Son John is born at Salem.
c1658: Curtis family moves to Reading,
4 Nov 1658: Zacheus sues William Bartholomew for getting him to move to Gloucester, then deciding Curis was unfit to run Bartholomew's farm. Zacheus won the suit.
c1660: Curtis family moves to Rowley Village [Boxford].
c1672: Curtises move to Topsfield.
4 Dec 1672: John Curtis marries Mary Looke at Topsfield.
16 Nov 1676: Recently widowed Thadeus Brann gives his daughter, Mary, to Curtises to raise. [Brann is killed by Indians in June 1677.]
27 Dec 1677: Daughter Mary [John & Mary] is born at Topsfield.
Nov 1682: Zacheus Curtis dies at Topsfield.
31 May 1698: Samuel [John & Mary] is born at Topsfield.
17 Aug 1706: Joanna [Cooper] Curtis dies at Boxford.
Apr 1718: John Curtis dies at Topsfield.
15 Jun 1720: Samuel [John & Mary] marries Hannah Dodge at Topsfield.
8 June 1726: Mary [Samuel & Hannah] is born at Topsfield.
15 Jul 1735: Mary [John & Mary] marries John Singletary. 2nd marriage for both; no children.
6  Sep 1742: Mary [Samuel & Hannah] marries Amos Singletary at Topsfield.
23 Aug 1745: Mary [Looke] Curtis dies at Topsfield.
c1748: Samuel moves family to Oxford.
1749-1751: Samuel operates an inn at Oxford.
c1776: Curtis family leaves Oxford for unknown destination.

c1635: Widow Bridget Very arrives in Massachusetts with her 3 surviving children, settling at Salem..
6 Oct 1635: Edward Giles has married Bridget Very & is fined for "knowing his wife carnally before marriage."
c1650: Samuel Very [Thomas & Bridget] marries Alice Woodis at Salem.
1 Dec 1655: Elizabeth [Samuel & Alice] is born at Salem.
17 Aug 1677: Elizabeth marries John Nurse at Salem.
Nov 1680: Bridget _______ Very Giles dies at Salem.
1683/4: Samuel Very dies at Salem.

c1635: Abraham Belknap & family arrive in New England.
1638: Abraham receives at 40 acre grant at Lynn.
Sep 1643: Abraham dies at Lynn.
c1652: Samuel marries Sarah Jones at Hingham.
5 July 1653: A Samuel Belknap, believed to be the son of Abraham & Mary [Stallion] Belknap is recorded as a land owner in East Hampton, Long Island.
Aug 1653: Samuel is residing in Salem.
14 Oct 1656: Sarah [Samuel & Sarah] is born at Salem.
22 Dec 1673: Sarah marries Nathaniel Singletary at Haverhill.
28 Nov 1677: Samuel takes the Oath of Allegiance at Haverhill.
18 Apr 1689: Sarah [Jones] Belknap dies at Haverhill.
11 Nov 1701: Samuel dies at Haverhill.

(In my files, I have numerous articles naming John & Francis Peabody as father & son. In the article on 'Francis Peabody' in The Great Migration, Anderson states there are no records linking the two men. John did have a son named Francis, however. John arrived in 1636 & settled in the towns of Plymouth, Duxbury & Bridgewater in Plymouth Colony. Francis arrived in 1635 & settled in Massachusetts Bay, residing in Hampton [NH], Ipswich & Topsfield. All are far north of the Plymouth settlements. Family members tended to settle near one another. John & Francis weren't even close by colonial standards! Based on this information, I have adjusted my Peabody timeline to exclude John.)
7 Jun 1635: The Planter arrives in Boston  with Francis Peabody of St. Albans among her passengers.
1636: Peabody settles at Ipswich.
1638/9: Francis joins the migration led by Rev. Stephen Bachilor to settle at Hampton [New Hampshire]
c1640: Francis marries Lydia, possibly the daughter of Isaac Perkins, at Hampton.
1640: Lydia [Francis & Lydia] is born at Hampton.
1648: Lydia [Perkins] Peabody dies at Hampton.
1650: Francis marries widow Mary [Foster] Wood at Hampton.
25 Mar 1650: Francis sells property in Hampton & moves to Topsfield.
8 Jul 1661: Lydia Peabody marries Thomas Howlett at Boxford. [Thomas dies in 1667.]
8 Jul 1668: Widow Lydia Peabody Howlett marries Thomas Perley at Rowley.
1672: Francis builds the first gristmill in Topsfield,
19 Feb 1698: Francis dies at Topsfield.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


1630-31: William Jennison arrives in Massachusetts & settles at Charlestown. His brother, Robert, may have arrived with him, or shortly thereafter & settled at Watertown. [Some sources say Robert arrived as late as 1637.]
1639: Robert marries Grace _______ in Watertown.
May 1645: Robert is made freeman at Watertown.
16 Oct 1645: Son Samuel born at Watertown.
30 Oct 1666: Samuel marries Judith Newcomb at Watertown.
24 July 1684: Robert is born to Samuel & Judith.
4 Jul 1690: Robert dies in Watertown.
15 Oct 1701: Samuel dies at Watertown.
c1719: Robert marries Dorothy Thomas at Boston.
6 Dec 1720: Joseph, son of Robert & Dorothy, is born at Cambridge.
1 Mar 1723: Judith Newcomb Jennison dies at Watertown.
1745: Joseph Jennison marries Martha Twiss at Salem.
6 Jan 1749/50: Peter Jennison [Joseph & Martha] born at Sutton, Massachusetts.
31 Mar 1769: Peter marries Mehetible Singletary at Sutton.
19 Apr 1775: Peter joins the call to arms at Lexington.
1779: Robert dies at Auburn.
31 Mar 1787: Dolly [Peter & Mehetible] is born at Sutton.
c1800: Jennisons move to Chenango Co., NY.
c1803: Dolly marries John W. Simmons at New Berlin, Chenango Co., NY
8 July 1806: Martha Twiss Jennison dies at Salem.
16 Feb 1812: Mehetible dies in New Berlin, Chenango, NY from burns resulting from a furnace fire.
8 Dec 1816: Peter dies in New Berlin, Chenango, NY.
11 Jan 1818: Joseph Jennison dies at Auburn.

5 Feb 1631: Roger & Mary [Barnard] Williams arrive at Boston aboard the Lyon.
1631: Williams becomes a preacher & teacher at Salem.
1632: Separatist views force Williams to move to Plymouth.
1633: Roger returns to Salem.
1635: Williams is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Jan 1636: Williams flees to the sanctuary of the Narragansett Indians to avoid a deportation order.
1636: Narragansetts give Williams land for new settlement that becomes Providence Plantation [Rhode Island] that is open to people of all beliefs.
1639: Roger forms the 1st Baptist Church in the colonies.
15 Jul 1640: Daughter Mercy born at Providence.
1643: Williams goes to England seeking a charter to join Providence, Newport, Warwick & Portsmouth. [Granted in 1644.]
1651: Williams returns to England to renew the 1644 charter.
1654-58: Roger Williams serves as president of the colony.
1659: Mercy Williams marries Resolved Waterman at Providence.
26 Mar 1676: Williams' attempts to save Providence during King Philip's War fail as the city is  burned.
1676: Mary Williams dies at Providence.
27 Jan-15 Mar 1683: Roger Williams dies at Providence.

2 Nov 1631: The Lyon arrives at Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts Bay with Samuel & Eliza/Elizabeth Wakeman among her passengers. [Great Migration Newsletter Vol. 1, #4, Oct/Dec 1990, p. 26 gives the arrival as the previous November.]
7 Aug 1632: Wakemans settle at Roxbury, where Samuel is made Freeman.
1636: Wakemans move to Hartford, Connecticut, where Samuel is one of the original proprietors.
1638: Daughter Joanna/Hannah is born at Hartford.
13 July 1641: On a trip to aid English settlers in the Bahamas, Samuel & the ship's Captain Pierce are mortally wounded by Spanish artillery fire as the ship approaches the port city of Providence.
23 July 1641: Samuel dies from his thigh wound.
Mar 1656/7: Hannah marries Francis Hackleton.
Jan 1665: Hannah is convicted of adultery, murder & blasphemy & sentenced to hang. [She had an affair, the newborn infant died in her care & she swore at the judge.]
18 May 1666: Her death sentence is commuted by Gov. Winthrop.
19 Nov 1667: Hannah is banished from New York City due to not having a license to reside there.
1668: While living at Hussey's Hill, NY, Hannah goes to work for Edward Whittaker.
June 1670: Hannah appears before the Wildwyck/Kington, NY court to testify about her difficulties with the tumultuous Edward Whittaker. The court orders Whittaker to see to her welfare.
1673: Hannah & Edward marry at Kingston.
1675: James Whittaker is born.
Jan 1694/5: Edward Whittaker dies at Esopus Creek, Kingston.
aft 1696: Hannah passes.

1630-31: Humphrey Turner, his wife & four children arrive in Plymouth. [Deane's History of Situate, Massachusetts claims a 1628-29 arrival. If so, Turner returned to England to bring back his family since daughter Lydia was baptized in February 1629/30.]
Sep 1634: Humphrey builds home in Scituate.
1643: John "the Elder" becomes freeman at Scituate.
10 Nov 1645: Son, John "the Elder" marries Mary Brewster at Plymouth.
7 Jan 1650/1: Ezekiel, son of John & Mary Turner, born at Scituate.
Nov 1672-May 1673: Humphrey Turner dies in Scituate.
c1675: Ezekiel moves to New London, Connecticut.
26 Dec 1678: Ezekiel marries Susanna Keeney in New London.
5 Dec 1696: Elizabeth, daughter of Ezekiel & Susanna Turner, is born at New London.
May 1697: John Turner dies at Scituate.
19 Jan 1703/4: Ezekiel dies at New London.
8 May 1717: Elizabeth Turner marries Thomas Dart at New London. [Dart lost at sea 1718-1724.]
31 May 1726: Elizabeth Turner Dart marries John Hazen at Norwich, CT.

c1631: Gerrit Jansen van Oldenberg arrives in New Amsterdam from northwestern Germany.
July 1632: Gerrit is foreman of Kilean van Rennsalaer's farm on Manhattan Island.
c21 July 1639: Gerrit marries Clara Matthys on Manhattan Island.
c1642: Jan Gerritsen born at New Amsterdam.
c1652: Gerrit moves to New Utrecht, Long Island.
c1661: Gerrit dies at New Utrecht.
16 Jan 1662: Jan Gerritsen receives land patent at New Utrecht.
1 Nov 1675: Jan receives patent at Long Neck, Staten Island.
c1676: Jan marries Elizabeth Gysberts ON Staten Island.
c1678: Johannes born to Jan & Elizabeth on Staten Island.
cMar 1697: Jan dies on Staten Island.
c1704: Johannes marries Hester _______ on Staten Island.
c1705: John [Johannes & Hester] is born on Staten Island.
c1713: Johannes dies on Staten Island.
c1728: John marries Hannah _______ in New York.
c1730: John Garrison moves to Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.
c1739: Rebecca [John & Hester] is born in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
c1757: Rebecca marries Cornelius Prall, Sr. in Hunterdon Co., NJ
c1769: John moves back to Staten Island.
Dec 1774: John Garrison dies on Staten Island.
c1780: Rebecca Garrison Prall dies in Hunterdon Co., NJ.

16 Sep 1632: Richard Olmstead arrives with his siblings & Uncle James' family on the Lyon.
1632/3: The Olmsteads settle at Mt. Wollaston [Quincy], then move to New Town [Cambridge].
29 Oct 1635: Richard among those settlers who move to site of Hartford, CT, where he becomes one of the town's proprietors.
c1644: Richard marries in Hartford. [Name of spouse unknown.]
1649: John Olmstead born at Hartford.
1650/1: Olmsteads move to Norwalk.
17 July 1673: John marries Mary Benedict at Norwalk.
c1681: Rebecca [John & Mary] born at Norwalk.
1686: Richard dies at Norwalk during the autumn of the year.
1693/4: Mary Benedict Olmstead dies at Stamford, CT.
c1702: Rebecca Olmstead marries Samuel St. John at Norwalk.
Dec 1704: John dies at Norwalk.

St. John/Sension:
1633/4: Matthias Sension, a Dutch-English chandler, arrives in Massachusetts with his family & settles at Dorchester.
c1640: Sensions move to Windsor, CT.
c1648: Sensions move to Wethersfield, CT.
c1650: Sensions move to Hartford, CT.
1655: Sensions move to Norwalk, CT.
c1656: Mathias Jr. marries Elizabeth _______ at Norwalk.
Nov 1669: Mathias Sension dies at Norwalk.
1672-77: Samuel St. John [Mathias & Elizabeth] born at Norwalk.
c1702: Samuel St. John marries Rebecca Olmstead at Norwalk.
13 Sep 1708: Samuel is one of the original proprietors of Ridgefield, CT.
c1718: Job is born to Samuel & Rebecca at Ridgefield.
Dec 1728: Mathias Jr. dies at Norwalk, aged 100.
c1740: Samuel moves his family to Cortland Manor, Westchester Co., NY.
c1749: Job marries Sarah (Lewis?) at South Salem, Westchester, NY
2 Feb 1750: John [Job & Sarah] is born at South Salem.
c1752: Samuel dies at Cortland Manor.
1755: Rebecca Olmstead St. John dies at Cortland Manor.
1768/9: Job & Sarah move to New Marlborough, Ulster Co., NY
1770: John marries Anna Lockwood in Westchester Co., NY.
2 June 1774: Daughter Bethiah born in Westchester Co., NY [John & Anna].
1776-83: John serves with the 4th New York Regiment.
13 August. 1777: Job is entered as an exempt in Captain Jacob Woods' Company, 4th Regiment of the New York militia.
1788-90: Job St. John dies at New Marlborough.
1794: Bethiah marries Othniel Hurin in Ulster Co., NY
1795-1800: John & Anna move the family to Hamilton/Warren Co., OH. [St. John/Hurin migration]
5 July 1819: John dies in Warren Co., OH
23 Aug 1830: Anna Lockwood St. John dies in Warren Co., OH.

1634: Thomas Scott & family arrives in New England & settles at Cambridge, Massachusetts.
4 Mar 1634/5: Thomas is made a freeman at Ipswich.
c1635: Daughter Hannah is born at Ipswich.
Mar 1654/5: Thomas dies at Ipswich.
7 Jan 1654/5: Hannah marries Joseph Lockwood at Stamford, Connecticut.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1630: The Winthrop Fleet & more

The arrival of the Winthrop Fleet in 1630 led the flood of immigrants for 1630-32.

1630: Thomas Howlett, Sr. arrives in Boston with the Winthrop Fleet & settles in Ipswich.
1634-37: Thomas marries Alice French.
26 June1666: Alice dies at Ipswich.
Sep 1678: Thomas dies in Ipswich.

1630: Edmund and Robert Lockwood and their families arrive with the Winthrop Fleet.
1630-1: Ruth Lockwood dies shortly after family settles at Watertown.
1632: Edmund marries Elizabeth Masters & Lockwoods settle in New Town [Cambridge].
9 Mar 1634/5: Edmund dies at Cambridge.

1630: Thomas French, Jr. arrives in Boston with the Winthrop Fleet. His sister Alice was probably with him. They settle at Ipswich.
1633: Sisters Dorcas and Susan arrive.
1634-37: Alice marries Thomas Howlett.
1638: Thomas and Susan, with the rest of the children, have arrived in Massachusetts.
Nov 1639: Thomas French, Sr. dies at Ipswich.
Aug 1658: Susan [Riddlesdale] French dies at Ipswich.
26 June 1666: Alice French Howlett dies at Ipswich.

1630: William Harris arrives as a passenger aboard the Lyon or with the Winthrop Fleet.
Oct 1630: Harris family settles at Winnissemmet [Chelsea], where William operates a ferry to Charlestown and Boston.
c1634: Daughter Anna marries Elias Maverick at Charlestown.
c1634: William Harris dies at Chelsea.

30 May 1630: Rev. John Maverick and family arrive aboard the Mary and John. [Winthrop Fleet]
1630: Sons Samuel and Elias settle at Winnissemmet [Chelsea].
1632: Elias relocates to Charlestown.
1634: Elias marries Anna Harris at Charlestown.
3 Feb 1635/6: John dies at Dorchester.
1 Jan 1659: Daughter Rebecca born at Boston.
1677: Rebecca marries George Thomas at Boston.
8 Sep 1684: Elias dies at Charlestown.
7 Sep 1697: Anna dies at Reading.

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Immigrant Families 1620-1629

The best laid plans............. OK, my chronological break down broke down right off the bat! The 1620-39 range totaled up to nearly 30 families, so I dropped the first set of dates to 1620-29.

11 May 1620: The Mayflower Compact, penned by Elder William Brewster was signed aboard ship  in Cape Cod.
11 Dec 1620: William Brewster, his family, and other passengers from the Mayflower set foot
on soon-to-be Plymouth Colony.
9 Nov 1621: The Fortune arrives  at Cape Cod and lands in Plymouth several weeks later. William   Brewster's son, Jonathan is among the passengers.
10 April 1624: Jonathan marries Lucretia Oldham in Plymouth.
17 April 1627: Mary Brewster dies.
              1630: Jonathan moves to Duxbury.
              1633: William moves to Duxbury to reside with Jonathan's family.
              1637: Jonathan Brewster serves as military commissioner during Pequot War.
10 April 1644: Elder Brewster dies in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony.
September 1649: Brewsters move to Pequot [New London], Connecticut Colony.
7 Aug 1659: Jonathan Brewster dies at New London.

9 Nov 1621: Thomas Prence arrives on the Fortune and settles at Plymouth.
5 Aug 1624: Prence marries Elder Brewster's daughter Patience at Plymouth. [She dies 12 Dec 1634]
           1634: Prence is elected governor of Plymouth Colony.
1 April 1635: Prence marries Mary Collier in Plymouth. [She dies, possibly, 8 June 1647.]
           1638: Prence is reappointed governor.
c. May 1647: Daughter Elizabeth is born.
1648-1662: The governor marries Apphia Ouick Freeman in Eastham.
1657-1672: Prence serves third term as colonial governor.
1666-1668: Gov. Prence marries widow Mary Howes in Plymouth. [She dies 9 Dec 1695.]
9 Dec 1667: Elizabeth marries Quaker Arthur Howland Jr. at Marshfield, Plymouth.
29 Mar 1672/3: Thomas Prence dies in Plymouth.

 July 1623: Lucretia Oldham arrives in Plymouth aboard the Anne with her brother John's family.
10 April 1624: Lucretia marries Jonathan Brewster.
4 Mar 1678: Lucretia dies at Norwich [Preston], New London, Connecticut.

 29 June 1629: Richard Waterman and family arrives with the Higginson-Skelton fleet at Salem,
 Plymouth Colony.
12 Mar 1637: Richard Waterman is among the followers of Rev. Roger Williams who are banished
from Salem.
8 Oct 1638: Waterman is 12th among the grantees of Williams' Providence Plantation.
12 Jan 1642/3: Waterman is one of the 11 founders of Warwick, Rhode Island.
17 Oct 1643: He is among the "Gortonites" imprisoned at Boston.
2 Sep 1650: Waterman has returned to Providence by this date.
26 Oct 1673: Richard dies at Providence, RI.
3 Dec 1680: Wife Bathia dies at Providence.

Next up, the early 1630s.

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GSMC June Program, Mini-time Lines

On June 14, the Genealogical Society of Marion Co. will have Steven Barnett of the Irvington Historical Society presenting a program on the history of the Irvington neighborhood on the far eastside of Indianapolis. The program will be held at the Irvington Branch Public Library from 1:00-3:00 P.M.

Up next on the blog will be a series of mini-time lines for my immigrant families. Hopefully these will help folks put together their own. The primary dates will be arrival, major migrations and death.

I'm going to attempt to break the time lines into roughly 20 year blocks:
1620-1639 arrivals           1700-1719 arrivals       1780-1799 arrivals
1640-1659 arrivals           1720-1739 arrivals       1800 and after arrivals
1660-1679 arrivals           1740-1759 arrivals
1680-199 arrivals             1760-1779 arrivals

There may be some tweaking if the Revolutionary War years are affected or if there are only a couple of families arriving during a given time block. The 1800s get their own time block since all but 5-6 of my families were here by 1852/3.

What about the families with shaky or unknown arrival dates? I'll deal with those at the end.