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The Baker Family [Gen. 1-2]

Back with some family updates: Baker, Marsh & Webster coming up in the next few days.
First Generation
1.  Edward Baker12 was born circa 1610 in England.12 He died on 16 Mar 1687 at the age of 77 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America.12 Edward Baker was born in England. His exact place of birth has been speculated as Suffolk, Essex, Staffordshire, Devonshire or Leicester. An Edward Baker was baptized in Staffordshire on 2 February 1613. Another of the same name was baptized on 21 October 1610 in Breedon on the Hill in Leicester.

He reportedly arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630, but his name does not appear on the passenger list. The first record of Baker was 14 March 1638, when he was made a freeman at Saugus [Lynn], Massachusetts Bay.
("The History of Essex County, Massachusetts with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers & Prominent Men" [1888, World Vital Records database online] shows has references to Edward Baker arriving in 1630; pages252, 259, 345, 395.)
Edward probably married Joane/Jane between 1638 and 1640, depending on the birth year of their first child. The couple settled on a 40 acre tract about 5 miles south of Saugus, Massachusetts Bay.  The land was largely on a hill that rose 180 feet above the Saugus River that became known as Baker's Hill.

The Bakers removed to Northampton, Hampshire County in 1657, where Edward became a successful farmer. Edward had acquired several tracts of land by the early 1660s. [A large portion of Smith College occupies the Baker property today].  The Bakers planted a large number of American Elms on the property. One, standing at the intersection of Prospect and Elm Streets, was known as "Baker's Elm."

They eventually returned to Lynn, where Edward died in 1687 and Joane in 1693.

He and Jane/Joane had at least seven children: [some sources show a daughter Hannah; others give Elizabeth's birth as early as 1657]
[1] Hannah [1638 - 1717, m. Thomas Lewis
[2] Mary [1 Apr 1642 - 1 Dec 1719, m. George Sumner]
[3] Joseph [c1643 - 29 Oct 1675, m. Ruth Holton]
[4] John [1645 - 15 Sep 1719, m. Abigail Fisher]
[5] Timothy [1647 - 30 Aug 1729, m. Grace Marsh]
[6] Edward, Jr. [c1650 - ????, m. Mary Marshall]
[7] Thomas [1653 - 3 Oct 1734, m. Mary Lewis]
[8] Elizabeth [18 Mar 1661 - ????]
Edward Baker and Jane/Joane [Baker] were married in 1638–1640 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America.2 Jane/Joane [Baker]1 was born circa 1617 in probably England.2 She died on 9 Apr 1693 at the age of 76 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America.1
Edward Baker and Jane/Joane [Baker] had the following child:
2 i. Lt. Timothy Baker Sr., born 1647, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America; married Sarah Hollister, ca 1678, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts Bay, British America; died 30 Aug 1729, North Hampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, British America.
Second Generation
2.  Lt. Timothy Baker Sr.12 (Edward-1) was born in 1647 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America.12 He died on 30 Aug 1729 at the age of 82 in North Hampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, British America.1 He was buried after 30 Aug 1729 in Old Burying Ground, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, British America.1 Timothy was born in Lynn about 1647 to Edward and Joane Baker. The family moved to Northampton when he was ten. His brother, Joseph married Ruth Holton in 1663. Timothy joined the Northampton militia and was elected ensign.

Baker married 17 year-old Grace Marsh in 1672. Grace was a member of another prominent Northampton family. Timothy's father, Edward, deeded his home and land to Timothy with the understanding that the elder Bakers would continue residing on the farm.

A daughter, Grace, joined the family in early 1673, but died in February. A son was born in 1675, named Timothy, after his father. Grace Baker died in February of 1676.

Timothy spent much of his time away from home leading his militia unit during King Philip's War. Indians attacked Northampton on 28 October 1675. Joseph Baker and his nine year-old son were victims of the raid. Timothy's Northampton militia, as well as militia units from Hadley and Hatfield attacked an Indian village near present-day Turners Falls, Massachusetts on the morning of 19 May 1676. Some 200 Indians, mostly women and children, were killed. The village and food supplies were burned as well. The men, returning to the village, were able to kill some of the retreating soldiers.

Timothy Baker returned home after the war ended in August 1676. He married Sarah [Hollister] Atherton in 1678. She was the widow of Rev. Hope Atherton who had served with Timothy during the war. Sarah and Timothy had John [1680-1762, m. Rebecca Clark], Thomas [1682-1753, m. Christine Otis], Edward [1685-1758, m. Hannah Munn], Prudence [1687-????, m. John Alvord] and Deliverence [1689-1710].

Baker was later elected a lieutenant in the militia. He served as town selectman several times. Sarah died in 1691 and Timothy in 1729.
Grace Marsh, daughter of John Marsh and Anne Webster, was born circa 1648.1 She died on 31 May 1676 at the age of 28.1
Timothy Baker and Grace Marsh had the following child:
3 i. Timothy Baker Jr., born 8 Dec 1675, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, British America; married Susannah Matthews, abt 1703, Maidenhead Twp., Burlington Co., West Jersey; died 1747, Prob. Maidenhead Twp., Hunterdon, New Jersey, British America.
Lt. Timothy Baker Sr. and Sarah Hollister were married circa 1678 in Hampshire Co., Massachusetts Bay, British America.1 Sarah Hollister12, daughter of John Hollister and Joanna Treat, was born in 1654.1 She died on 8 Dec 1691 at the age of 37.1 Sarah had previously been married to Rev. Hope Atherton.

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