Friday, June 23, 2017

The Hill Family

This is a "new" family. The Hill family and the forthcoming Pearce [Pierce] Family report help to expand the story of the Goddard and Wall families.

First Generation
1.  Jonathan Hill Sr.1 died circa 1690 in Warwick, King's Province, Rhode Island, British America.1 He was born in probably England.1 Jonathan Hill arrived on Prudence Island about 1657, in time for the birth of his second son, Jonathan Jr. He had probably resided elsewhere in the Rhode Island colony before that. The Hills were well acquainted with the family of William Allen, who arrived on Prudence Island by 1663.

Jonathan and Mary Hill had three known children: Robert, Jonathan and Henry. Robert, the eldest, married Mary Pearce [daughter of John, the mason] about 1668 and died in 1711. Jonathan Jr. was born in 1657. Henry, born 24 June 1661 at Kingstown, married Elizabeth _______.

The Hills eventually moved to Warwick, where Jonathan died by 1690.
Mary [Hill]1 was born (date unknown).
Jonathan Hill and Mary [Hill] had the following child:
2 i. Jonathan Hill, born 1657, Prudence Island, Rhode Island, British America; died 5 Sep 1731, Prudence Island, Rhode Island, British America.
Second Generation
2.  Jonathan Hill1 (Jonathan-1) was born in 1657 in Prudence Island, Rhode Island, British America.1 He died on 5 Sep 1731 at the age of 74 in Prudence Island, Rhode Island, British America.1 Jonathan was the son of Jonathan and Mary Hill. In a deposition concerning a conversation between his son John and Caleb Carr dated 24 December 1695, he called himself about 38 years. That would have placed his birth about 1657.

Jonathan purchased a quarter of a farm in Coweset from Philip Sweet on 6 July 1703 for £50.  On 24 August 1713, Jonathan bought from Joseph Reynolds of Kingstown, a tract of 100 acres for £300. Another 60 acres were added to the tract. Jonathan conveyed this land to son Thomas of Barrington on 1 January 1728 for £1000. He deeded to son Thomas of Swanzey, 105 acres in Warwick on 16 January 1721. On 15 September 1731, administration of his estate was granted to sons Jonathan and Caleb Hill.

Hill fathered eight children: Jonathan, Caleb [m. Ruth _______],, Mary [m. Isaac Lawton], Patience [m. Daniel Pearce], Rebecca [m. John Allen], Thomas [b. 1692, m. Elizabeth Allen & Rebecca Cole Allen], Ebenezer, and Sarah [m. _______ Hills].
Jonathan Hill had the following child:
3 i. Patience Hill, born ca 1687, Prudence Island, Rhode Island, British America; married Daniel Pierce / Pearce Jr., 3 Oct 1708, Prudence Island, Rhode Island, British America.
1. Daniel Gould Allen & Edward A. Claypool, Allen - Gould - Hill -Descendants of William Allen of Prudence Island, 1660: Including Descendants of Jeremy Gould of Newport, 1630 & Jonathan Hill of Prudence Island, 1657 (Chicago, IL: Edward A. Claypool, 1908), 30-31; digital images, World Vital Records,  ( : accessed 20 June 2017.

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