Sunday, June 4, 2017

Marritje Symons: Mother of Susanna Masuryans Lies Vreucht Bording

This is the story of Marritje Symons:

Marritje Symons was the daughter of Annetie Jacobs and Symon _______. She had at least one sibling, a sister named Hester. Hester was born in 1615. She married Jacob Vernoy/de Vernu in Amsterdam in 1632. The couple agreed to manage Andries Hudden's tobacco plantation in New Netherland and left for the colony on 21 Februaru 1639. Jacob died between July and December 1640, not long after arriving in New Amsterdam. Hester married Pieter Wolfertsen Couwenhoven on 2 December 1640 in New Amsterdam. Hester's niece, Susanna, helped with her funeral arrangement in 1665.

Marritje married 1st to Maturin Lies about 1629 in Amsterdam. They had a daughter, Susanna, baptized in 1631. No record of Maturin's death has been located.

She married 2nd Peter Vreucht, a surgeon, who died about 1647. Vreucht was appointed a surgeon for the West India Company that year.

The widowed Marritje appeared before the New Amsterdam court on 19 July 1647 and announced her intention to marry Simon Joosten. A prenuptual agreement was made at that time to provide for the care of Marritje's two minor children "Susanna and Willem Vreught." Marritje and Simon married in August.

It is not known if Willem was the son of Maturin Lies or Peter Vreucht.

Marritje did not witness the baptisms of any of her grandchildren, so may have passed on shortly after her third marriage.

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