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Perkins Family Update [Gen. 4-5, Sources]

Fourth Generation
4.  Isaac Perkins35 (Thomas-3, Henry-2, Thomas-1) was baptized on 20 Dec 1571 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.45 He was born circa 20 Dec 1571 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.45 He died before 15 Dec 1639 at the age of 67 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America.45 Isaac, also recorded as "Issache," was born in Deceber 1571 in Hillmorton, Rugby Borough, Warwickshire, England to Thomas Perkins and Alice Kebble.
He married 1st, Alice __________ in Hillmorton about 1594/5. They had three children, all baptized at Hillmorton: (1) Sarah [3 Feb 1596], (2) Elizabeth [19 May 1600] and (3) Thomas [27 May 1601]. Mrs. Perkins died in late June 1602 and was buried on the 28th of the month.

Isaac remarried shortly after his wife's death - to another Alice. This marriage spawned seven children, all baptized at Hillmorton:

(1) Abraham [c 4 July 1603]: He married Mary Wise or Wyeth and was one of the first settlers of Hampton, Rockinham, NH, miller, clerk of the market, constable and tavern keeper.
(2) Jacob [23 Mar 1605/6]: Reportedly settled at Holmes Hole, Martha's Vineyard, Dukes, MA.
(3) Abigail [8Nov 1607]
(4) Isaac [26 Jan 1611/12]: He married Susanna Wise or Wyeth [sister to Mary above] ; like brother Abraham, one of first settlers of Hampton, constable.
(5) Hannah [9 Oct 1614]
(6) Lydia [1 Jan 1617/18]
(7) Mary [16 Sep 1621]: May have married Henry Green of Hampton and died 26 Apr 1690.

Perkins settled in Ipswich by 1637, when he was granted "land lying above the street called Brook Street, six acres." Widow Alice Perkins sold the lot to Joseph Morse on 15 June 1639. Isaac's time in America was only about two years. Isaac was buried in the Old North Burying Ground in Ipswich.
Isaac Perkins and Alice [Perkins] were married circa 1594/5 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.5 Alice [Perkins]5 died circa 28 Jun 1602 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.5 She was buried on 28 Jun 1602 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.5
Isaac Perkins and Alice [Perkins] were married between Jul 1602 and Oct 1602 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.5 Eldest son, Abraham born in early July 1603. October 1602 is nine months prior. Alice [Perkins]5 died after 15 Jun 1639 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts Bay, British America?.5
Isaac Perkins and Alice [Perkins] had the following child:
5 i. Lydia Perkins, born abt 1616, possibly Herefordshire, England; married Francis Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie], bef 1640, Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; died 3 Mar 1648, Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.
Fifth Generation
5.  Lydia Perkins (Isaac-4, Thomas-3, Henry-2, Thomas-1) was born about 1616 in possibly Herefordshire, England.3 She died on 3 Mar 1648 at the age of 32 in Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.3,6
Lydia Perkins and Francis Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie] were married before 1640 in Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.6 Francis Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie]3,78, son of John Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie] and Isabelle Harper, was born between 1612 and 1614 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.910 He signed a will on 20 Jan 1695/6 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.11 [Essex Probate Docket # 20826] He died on 19 Feb 1697/8 at the age of 86 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.12 Francis had his estate probated on 7 Aug 1698 in Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.13 Francis Peabody was the second son of John and Isabelle. He was born in England and sailed for New England in 1635. According to a book of passenger lists found in the British Records Office in London, on 20 April 1635, Husbandman Francis Peboddy, aged 21, "imbarqued in the Planter", Nicholas Trarice, Master, as one of those who purchased certificates "from the Minister of St. Albons in Hertfordshire & Attestacon from the Justices of peace according to the Lord's order." The ship arrived at Boston 7 June 1635.

The first record of Francis Peabody is in reference to his "planting ground" in Ipswich, Essex County in 1636. In 1638/9, he joined Rev. Stephen Bachilor and 12 others in settling at Hampton, Norfolk Co. [now Rockingham Co., New Hampshire]. Francis became at freeman there on 18 May 1642. His residence at Hampton was near those of Isaac Perkins and William Cole. He married Isaac Perkins's daughter Lydia about the time he moved to Hampton. On 4 November 1645, the Ipswich court recorded that Eunice Cole*, wife of William, was ordered to sit in the stocks at Hampton for having made slanderous speeches against Susan Perkins and Lydia Peabody. She was to pay the witness, Isaac Perkins, 7d and pay court fees.

In 1649 he was appointed as a commissioner by the Norfolk County court to try cases involving small amounts of money. Francis sold his Hampton property to Robert Drake on 25 March 1650 and moved to Topsfield, Massachusetts. [Topsfield had been set off from Ipswich in 1648.] Peabody purchased 250 acres from Samuel Symonds. On 20 April 1666, he purchased one acre located beside Pye Brook from William Evans. There he established Topsfield's first gristmill in 1672. He built two houses near the mill. The first survived until 1846 and the second, built in 1692, stood until 1914.

As a resident of Topsfield, Peabody served as a selectman and lieutenant of the local military company. A 1678 tax list shows him two sons and a servant, one house, 62 acres of land, six oxen, eight cows, 26 sheep, five hogs, and three horses. The assessment was 18s. 4p.

Lydia Peabody died in 1648. Francis married widow Mary [Foster] Wood in 1650. He was listed as aged 78 in a 19 November 1690 court document wherein Peabody testified that he had purchased half of Samuel Symonds's land.  Lt. Peabody died on 19 February 1698 at Topsfield. Francis Peabody's will was dated 20 January 1695/6. He named his wife Mary, sons John, Joseph, William, Isaac, Nathaniel, daughters Lydia [Perley], Mary [Death], Sarah [Howe], Hephzibah [Rea], son-in-law [step-son] Daniel Wood, and the children of deceased son Jacob. Mary, John and Isaac were named executors. The will was proved 7 August 1698 and the inventory of the estate was recorded 30 September 1698.

[*Eunice Cole was tried for witchcraft in 1656 and sentenced to imprisonment in Boston and a public whipping. She was in and out of prison for the next decade. Her husband died in 1662. Eunice was living in destitute conditions at times. She was tried again in 1673 [for trying to persuade at 10 year old girl to live with her] and found not guilty. Widow Cole was imprisoned again in 1680. ]
Francis Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie] and Lydia Perkins had the following children:
6 i. Lydia Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie], born 1640, Hampton, Norfolk, Massachusetts [present-day Rockingham Co., New Hampshire]; married Thomas Howlett Jr., 8 Jul 1661, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts; married Thomas Perley, 8 Jul 1668, Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died 30 Apr 1715, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
7 ii. John Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie], born abt 1642, Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; married Hannah Andrews, 23 Nov 1665, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts; married Sarah Mosely, 26 Nov 1703, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; died 5 Jul 1720, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts?.
8 iii. Joseph Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie], born abt 1644, Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; married Bethiah Bridges, 26 Oct 1668, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts; married Mary Wheeler, 4 Jan 1714/5, Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died Apr 1722, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
9 iv. William Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie], born abt 1646, Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; married Mary Brown, 8 Dec 1680, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts?; married Hannah Hale, 14 Aug 1684, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died 6 Mar 1699/1700, Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
10 v. Isaac Peabody [Pabody, Paybody, Pabodie], born abt 1648, Hampton, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; married Sarah Estes, abt 1694, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts; died abt Dec 1726, Topsfield, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
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