Friday, July 31, 2015

The French and Indian War / Seven Years War [1754-1763]

The French and Indian War /Seven Years War [1754-1763]: This was a conflict between Great Britain, with her American colonies, and France, with her Indian allies, over control of North America. George Washington got off to a rough start as a military officer with a defeat at Fort Necessity, but redeemed himself after Gen. Braddock was ambushed near Fort Duquesne [Pittsburgh]. The victory in the war went to the British. France lost her western possessions to Spain and eastern lands to Britain. France retained New Orleans and some Caribbean Islands. Ottawa chief Pontiac laid siege to Detroit in 1763, but without French support was forced to give up the attack.

Shawnee raids from the Ohio country into western Virginia resulted in the deaths and capture of dozens of settlers. Among them was the family of young John Faucett. His mother and siblings were killed and John taken captive. He spent several years with the Indians and was adopted into the tribe. John was eventually traded back to the whites. [The fate of his father is unknown.]

Prominent Quaker minister James Wright and his family were driven from their home in Frederick Co., VA during the war. Money was raised in Philadelphia for the relief of the Wright family.

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