Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day!

July 4th. The celebration of US independence from Great Britain. Those of us who can trace our roots back to the colonial era probably have Revolutionary War ancestors. Some patriots, some loyalists, some neutral or switching sides from time to time.

I'd like to thank my Rev War ancestors, direct and collateral, for their sacrifice and dedication to the cause. I'll probably miss a few, but here goes:

Captain Edward Prall, Maryland Line. [POW - Long Island]
Private John Faucett, Pennsylvania militia, Virginia Line.
Private John Simmons Sr., 2nd New York Provisional Regt.
Private John Simmons Jr., New York militia and Levies
Captain Holden Rhodes, Rhode Island [naval] privateer [POW - Forten Prison, Gosport, England]
Brigadier General Nathanael Greene, Continental Army, Quartermaster General, Commander of Southern Campaign
Private Peter Jennison, Massachusetts militia at Lexington.
Private Henry Smith, Virginia Line at Yorktown,
Amos Singletary, Massachusetts Provincial Congress.
Private Conrad Eathenhouse, Lossberg Regt., Hessian army; later Virginia Line
Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, Continental Army, later British Army
Matthias Schultz, Pennsylvania Line
John Schultz, Daniel Morgan's Rifle Company

There were others who served briefly with local militia units or leant misery and discomfort to the enemy.

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