Saturday, July 18, 2015

SLIG 2016 Problem Solving Update

Problem Solving attendees were requested to send in preliminary information on their project last week.

Regions offered: New England, South, Midwest, Germany and British Isles

I hadn't planned on narrowing down my six options quite so soon! I did select my Scottish ancestor, Malcolm MacCallum.

Region: New England
Ancestor: Malcolm MacCallum
Time Frame: 1630 - 1710
Location: Massachusetts
Goal: To flesh out the life of Malcolm MacCallum
What is known: MacCallum was a prisoner of Cromwell after the Battle of Dunbar [1650]. Cromwell had many of his prisoners transported to the British colonies in America. MacCallum was among those sent to the iron works at Lynn/Saugus, Massachusetts aboard the Unity in 1651. By about 1655/6, he married Martha ???? His children were born at Lynn. Little else is known.

This project has the potential of being a complete disaster or a roaring success. The chances of locating information on MacCallum's early years in Scotland are very slim. He was probably between 16 and, say, 25 when captured. [So born between 1625 and 1634.] If he appears beyond the birth records of Lynn [deeds, marriage, death, local histories, etc.] then there is a chance of learning a good deal more about the Scotsman. The children dropped the Mac from the surname, so Callum needs to be searched as well.

As the various parts of the project are ready, I will post or summarize them on the blog.

1. One page summary with goals
2. Time line
3. Research report [what has been done, what needs to be done]
4. Family group sheet
5. Pedigree chart
6. Research log
7. Map 

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