Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surnames of Female Ancestors II

Tucke: Robert Tucke's wife is given as Alice with no surname. Solving this one requires research in 1500s Devonshire, England. Boy, a two-three month stay in England would be a nice research trip!

Thomas: We now travel to Wales for another missing maiden name. The wife of Evan Thomas was Sarah. Sarah was born about 1600.

Swart: And then there's the situation where you have no name for the missus. This is the case for the wife of Cornelis Swart. The time frame is the early 1600s in The Netherlands.

Strutt: The late 1500s in Suffolk, England brings another missing surname. Agnes, wife of Robert Strutt.

Sumter: What was the maiden name of the mother of "the Gamecock," Gen. Thomas Sumter? That would also apply to his sister, Anna Sumter Land. William Sumter married a lady named Elizabeth. To make matters worse, the couple is often confused with other Williams and Elizabeths from the early 1700s in England. [They immigrated to Virginia about 1730.]

Standiford: Pathiah or Bathiah Standiford married James Cunningham in 1773 Baltimore. The question here, who were her parents?

Stallion: Thomas Stallion married Elizabeth about 1531 in Essex, England. Her maiden name? Unknown at this time.

St. John: Appropriately enough, there is more that one issue with this family. Christoper/Christian St. John [Sension, Santken] married a woman named Joan about 1600/01 in London. His grandson, Mathias, was married to Elizabeth in Fairfield, Connecticut. Trust me, I've searched for the maiden names of both women! Mathias' grandson, Job married Sarah. It is believed, but not confirmed that her maiden name was Lewis.

Smith: Revolutionary War veteran Henry Smith was married to Elizabeth Powell at the time he filed for his pension. Elizabeth was too young to be the mother of Henry's son William. So, the identity of William's mother remains a mystery.

Simmons: John Simmons Jr. was married three times. The name of his first wife is believed to be Mary Nelson. The only reference to her identity is a DAR application.

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