Sunday, July 12, 2015

Distaff Surname Issues

Scott: We are going back to the 16th & 17th centuries here for the Scott family. George [1495-1562] is lacking his spouse's identity. Son Edmund [1524-1621] married Joan, whose maiden name is not yet known.

Scofield: Richard Scofield married about 1648 in Massachusetts. His wife was named Mary. Another missing maiden name.

Schumaker, Umstatt, Revacomb: Gerhard Rittenhose has one of the more interesting "wife issues." Early researchers believed Gerhard's wife was a Revacomb. That was all but dismissed over the years. Two candidates remained, Mary Schumaker and Anna Umstatt. Mary is favored, but by no means is the decision conclusive.

Ross vs. Johnston: The parentage of William Douglas Sr. of Scotland, England and Connecticut is open to debate. It is believed his father was Robert Douglas of Scotland. His mother? Two possible candidates: Jean Ross and Nicolace Johnston.

 Riddlesdale: Jasper Riddlesdale married Elizabeth about 1518 in Suffolk, England. Son Henry married Joan about 1554 in Suffolk. Grandson John married Dorcas about 1583 in Suffolk. In each case the spouse's maiden name is missing.

Rhodes: Walter Rhodes' wife Elizabeth has the missing surname syndrome as well. They married in England about 1603.

Remington: The wife of Yorkshire's Richard Remington, Joan [b. c1465] also is missing a maiden name. Richard's gggs, John's spouse, Elizabeth, likewise.

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