Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updating Family Groups

I recently volunteered to provide a series of articles for the Prall Family Newsletter on the children of my great-great-grandparents, Isaac Rittenhouse Prall and Ann Bathia Rhodes.That involved updating my files on all ten children!

I have waded through, Find a Grave, World Vital Records and looking for new details on my great-grandaunts and uncles and their children.  I have added more new information than I ever dreamed of! A lot of blanks have been filled and new cousins added.

Of course, it's a bit depressing knowing that some of the information in my 2009 books on my family is in error, but that's to be expected. Data is corrected, changed, and added as time passes. At least I will have current information out there. Hopefully, all of it accurate.

If you haven't updated a family file in awhile, then have at it! Pick one to start with that only has three or four kids. Ten is a lot to deal with!

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