Thursday, July 16, 2015

K-G Maiden Name Quandries

Keeney: Usual problem, William Keeney married, c1627 in England, Agnes or Annis ????

Jennison: Elizabeth Favour was believed to be the wife of Robert Jennison of 17th century England. Confirmation needed! Their son, Robert married Grace ???? about 1639 in Massachusetts.

Hubbard: Levin Hubbard married 3 times. Lydia Marshall was the first and Charlotte Adams the 3rd. Who was the 2nd?

Howlett: Who was the wife of William Howlett of 16th century Suffolk, England?

Hooker: Who were the spouses of father and son combo, Robert and John Hooker? John was also called "alias Vowell;" that's a topic for a later post!

Greene: Richard [c1526-1608] of  Dorsetshire, England - his wife was.....?

Gorton: Three Thomas Gortons. Only the grandson's wife is named, Anne???? Two generations forward to John: He married Margaret Wheaton/Weedon/Weeten/Weeden. Which one is correct?

Goode: Henry married about 1646 to whom?

Goddard: Daniel married Anne ???? and they had Henry about 1665 in Gloucestershire.

Garrison/Gerritsen/Gerrits: A pair of early Staten Island mysteries: Who were Hester, wife of  Johannes and Hannah, wife of his son John?

Gamage: Sir Thomas of Wales, who was his bride?

I think tomorrow should wrap up this topic.

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