Monday, July 20, 2015

SLIG 2016: MacCallum Timeline

MacCallum Timeline:

1625-1634 (est.): Birth of Malcolm MacCallum in Scotland
Dec 1650: MacCallum captured by Cromwell's forces at the Battle of Dunbar in Scotland
Nov 1651: Cromwell sends group of Scots on the ship Unity to Boston as indentured servants to work at Saugus (Lynn) Iron Works
1651-1655 (est) MacCallum works off indenture at Iron Works
1655/6: MacCallum marries Martha _______ at Lynn, Essex, Mass. Bay
6 Jan 1657: MacCallum on a list of members of the Scot's Charitable Society of Boston
12 Sep 1657: Birth of daughter Mary at Lynn
25 Aug 1659: Birth of daughter Ann at Lynn
17 Dec 1661: Birth of son John at Lynn
30 May 1664: Birth of son Caleb at Lynn
2 June 1667: Birth of son Daniel at Lynn
18 June 1670: Birth of daughter Martha at Lynn
26 Feb 1677: MacCallum took an oath at Lynn
26 Oct 1680: Ann MacCallum married Peter Twiss Jr. at Marblehead, Essex, Mass. Bay
1683: A "Callom Mecallom" was rated one shilling at Salem (may be son)
7 Dec 1686: Martha Makallum was received at the Salem Church

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