Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Distaff Surnames N & M

Norton: Hugh Norton of Fairfield, CT married about 1722. The question is to whom?

Maverick: A new twist! Robert Maverick married Miss Bull in 1577 Devonshire. Her first name is missing!

Mattle/Motley: Thomas Mattle married the mother of Anne Mattle about 1602. Who was she?

Maplett: Another variation on the theme. Rev. John Maplett married widow Ellen Leaper in England. What was Ellen's maiden name? The reverend's son John married Mary ???? Another missing surname.

Mahurin: Hugh Mahurin's [1691-1755] wife is believed to be Mary Campbell. This is based primarily on the fact that the name Ebenezer shows up in the Campbell and Mahurin familes in Taunton, Mass. Ebenezer Mahurin was thought to be named for Mary's father.

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