Friday, July 17, 2015

One Last Round of Female Surname Mysteries

Fry: Eve Fry married John Faucett about 1790, perhaps later. No marriage record has been found to date. No vitals records confirming her birth and death dates appear to exist. That Fry is her maiden name is generally accepted, as at least one grandchild has Fry as a middle name. Records from Virginia, Ohio and Indiana appear! [Please?]

DuBois: The wife of Chretien  of  Artois, France was Cornelia. Her maiden name remains a mystery.

Dodge: About 1600, John Dodge married in Somerset, England to Margery ????

Dobbes: Alice Dobbes married Richard Gaymer 1561/2 Essex, England. Or was it Alice Hobbes?

Crousore/Kraushaar: Two generations of befuddlement. Nicholas married Elisabetha, surname not yet known. The identity of the wife of John, his son, remains unknown.

Clark: Who was the wife of Samuel Clark [b. c1750 PA]?

Cawby: Who was the first wife of John/Johannes Cawby of North Carolina?

Bridgum: Same question as to the wife of John Bridgum.

Brayne: Elizabeth???? was the wife of Edward Brayne.

Brackett: Three generations of missing mom info: William married Alice ????, Richard - wife unknown, and Peter married Rachel ????

Bowater or Davis?: There is open debate about the maiden name of Mary, wife of Quaker James Wright of PA and VA. For some years, Mary was believed to be a Davis. Then, Bowater was favored. Now both are again debated. If Bowater is correct, there are a few missing mothers.

Blessing: Margaet ???? wife of John Blessing.

Billiou: Thomas married Amie???? Son, Jean/Jeaq's wife remains a mystery.

Belknap/Beltoft: Laurence, no wife named; Richard married Elizabeth ???? [1500s England]

Barlett: A totally new twist! Katherine ???? married a man named Bartlett. His first name, her last, unknown.

Barlow: Three Thomas Barlows, three unknown wives.

Baker: Samuel of NJ, wife unknown.

Well, I've probably missed a dozen or so, but you get the idea!

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