Friday, July 10, 2015

Surnames of Female Ancestors: From Z to A

My first installment here actually skips Z, Y and X. That brings W up first.

Wryall: Mary, the wife of Elder William Brewster [Mayflower] is my first candidate. Wryall is one of at least two surnames [Wentworth being the other] offered for Mrs. Brewster. Both surnames have been met with skepticism by many researchers. You'd think someone married to a gent that famous would be well documented!

Wheaton: Margaret, wife of John Gorton. There are several spelling variations for Margaret's surname: Wheaton, Weedon, Weeden and Weeton [marriage record]. Several entries on Margaret give her father [multiple candidates]. In at least one case, she is tied to Frances Latham by her marriage to Jeremy/Jeremiah Clarke. That makes her an ancestor of a whole slew of famous folks!
I haven't worked on this line in awhile, so checking Weetons in Warwick, RI may be in order.

Waite: This surname is listed for Bethiah, wife of Richard Waterman. Rice has also been offered.


Very/Verry: The maiden name of Bridget, wife of Thomas Very, is unknown. She is a possible descendant of Henry Scudder. Research on Bridget would go back to Kent, England around 1600.

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