Saturday, August 1, 2015

The War for Independence [1775-1783]

The War for Independence [1775-1783]: Hopefully, a major explanation is not necessary here. After 1763, the British Parliament felt the colonies should help pay for the debt incurred by the war with France. Taxation efforts were met with protest in America. The colonies finally decided to declare independence and a newborn, upstart nation waged war with a world power. Commander-in-chief George Washington withstood devastating defeats, a plot to remove him from command, an uncooperative Congress and diminishing troop strength to outlast the British.  Key events for the Continentals: Trenton, Saratoga, Valley Forge [Steuben training Americans to fight in the European style], Monmouth, Cowpens, Kings Mountain and Guilford Court House. The war culminated in an American victory with the siege of Yorktown, VA.

I have posted about my Revolutionary War relatives before. Here's a quick overview from a few engagements: Lexington and Concord - Peter Jennison [MA]; Battle of Long Island - Edward Prall [MD]; Saratoga - Benedict Arnold [CT]; Partisan warfare in the South: Thomas Sumter [SC]; Privateer [naval] - Holden Rhodes [RI]. Another 7-10 saw service from the Ohio Valley to the Atlantic Coast. Nathanael Greene served as Quartermaster General and Commander of the Southern Campaign.

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