Sunday, August 30, 2015

SLIG 2016: Plan of Attack

The Salt Lake Institute is just a little over 4 months away. Subject to change [even once the Institute gets underway], I have started to put together my "plan of attack" for library research. Books, microfilm and microfiche will be checked on the following topics:

(1) Histories of Essex County, Massachusetts, with focus on Lynn and Salem. [Malcolm MacCallum lived in Lynn and, possibly, Salem.

(2) Vital records [especially marriages and deaths] for Essex Co.

(3) Probate records for Essex Co.

(4) Church records for Essex Co.

(5) The Scots Charitable Society of Boston.

(6) Records pertaining to the Scottish prisoners from the Battle of Dunbar sent to New England-1651.

(7) Family histories for MacCallum, Callum [longshot, but needs to be checked]

That should keep me busy for a couple of days. There will also be suggestions from the course consultants to follow-up on.

Before I head west, I will go through each of the above topics on the FHL catalog and make a list of books, films and fiche that look like possible hits. That will give me a starting point for Day 1.

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