Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Philippine-American War [1899-1902]

The US acquired the Philippines from Spain in 1898. Revolutionaries of the First Philippine Republic declared war on the US in 1899. The war ended in 1902, although some groups continued to resist the
US takeover. The Filipinos were granted limited self-government and English became the primary language. The islands were promised eventual independence in 1916, which was granted in 1934.

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Family connection: John W. Simmons, brother to ggm Mima Simmons Crail, was living in Washington when he enlisted with the 1st Washington Volunteer Infantry in Tacoma. The regiment was shipped to Manila and saw action in early 1899. The 1st was recalled to the states in August. John re-enlisted in the Hospital Corps and returned to Manila to serve until 1903. He had met a girl, Antonina Del Rosario, while on his first tour. The couple had twin sons [Sep. 1902, one died at birth] and married in 1903. Two daughters and another son were born before John's death in 1909.

John and Antonina's descendants would find their way to the US in 1977.

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