Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rev War Ancestors XIX: Henry Smith

Henry Smith [1761 VA - 1835 VA]: Based on previous research, Henry served two brief enlistments, one of which was quite eventful. In March 1781 Smith enlisted in Col. Penn's regiment and served for three months. He then enlisted in Cpt. Levinfield Hill's company and was at the siege of Yorktown with the rank of sergeant.

Follow-up research suggests that the above information may be lacking in detail, accuracy or both.
Col. Abram Penn organized a militia unit in March 1781 to go to the aid of Gen. Greene. Penn's regiment was at the Battles of Guilford Court House and Eutaw Springs. Penn's regiment was also at the siege of Yorktown.

Guilford Court House was 15 March, Eutaw Springs was 8 September and Yorktown 19 October.
Henry Smith would have been at Guilford Court House as part of his three month enlistment. If he went home and then reenlisted, Smith might have missed Eutaw Springs. If his service was continuous, then he was at all three engagements.

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