Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rev War Ancestors X: Nicholas Miller

Nicholas Miller [1749 GER - 1833 OH]: Nicholas was commissioned a captain in the 12th Pennsylvania in October 1776. Col. William Cooke was placed in command of the 12th in January 1777 at Princeton. The 12th was assigned to Thomas Conway's 3rd Pennsylvania Brigade due to heavy losses at Germantown.

The 12th saw action at the Battle of Assunpink Creek or 2nd Trenton [2 Jan 1777],  Princeton [3 Jan 1777], Brandywine [11 Sep 1777], Germantown [4 Oct 1777] and Monmouth [28 June 1778].

The 12th was with Stirling's Division at Valley Forge, leaving with Miflin's Division in June 1778.

Captain Miller retired on 1 July 1778.

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