Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mrs. Mary Wright XVI: My records wishlist

As I try to sort out what I have on Mary [Davis - Bowater -_______] Wright, I have been putting together a wish list of records that I would like to access.

1) New Garden MM, Chester Co., PA [and other Chester Co. Quaker Meetings] records pre-1730.      I would like to examine the marriage witness lists from about 1704 on to see what Bowater, Davis, Wright combinations appear.

2) Histories on the Chester Co., PA Quakers.

3) Probate records for Chester Co. to see if any Wright will mention a son James who fits the profile.

4) Genealogies on families that married into the Wright families.

5) Quaker Davis records for PA & MD [maybe NJ] to see if there's a Mary Davis who fits the profile.

6) James Wright's marriage record! That one would resolve ALL of the issues!

Possible road trips:

1) Indiana State Library to check the Hinshaw Quaker Indexes for PA, MD, VA (NJ?) & available PA Quaker resources.

2) Earlham College Library: Earlham is affiliated with the Society of Friends and has a large collection of Quaker records.

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