Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rev War Ancestors XIII: Pralls [part 1]

Garrison Prall [c1758 NJ - 1792 KY]: Garrison served as a wagon master in Cpt. Jonathan Higgins' company in the NJ militia. At some point the company was assigned to a Continental Line unit, as some of Garrison's descendants joined the DAR, as did those of Higgins.

Benjamin Prall [c1740 NJ - 1791 NJ]: In 1780, Benjamin was recognized for having provided supplies to his brother, Edward's Maryland troops. Benjamin was a merchant in Hunterdon Co., NJ.

Cornelius Prall, Sr. [1732 NJ - 1813 NJ]: Although the Pralls belonged to the Reformed Church and became Presbyterians after moving to New Jersey, for a time they were forced to utilize the services of the local Anglican Church during the war years. William Frazer was the minister and was paid by a British missionary service. As a result, Frazer included prayers for the royal family during services. This enraged local patriot residents. Yet, the Hunterdon Countians had a great deal of respect for Frazer. Rather than burn down the church or tar and feather the reverend, the patriots hung Frazer in effigy over his pulpit. [Frazer would later baptize Cornelius' daughter, Rebecca.]

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