Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rev War Ancestors XII: The Rittenhouse Family - partisan activity

Isaac Rittenhouse [1729 NJ - 1809 NJ]: The Rittenhouses were innkeepers and farmers in Rosemont, Hunterdon Co., NJ during the war. West Jersey was a hotbed of activity early in the war. Continental Army and British regulars, Patriot and tory militia were all in the field at one time or another.

Rittenhouse leanings were patriotic. Tory militia units were often on foraging details, searching for food, supplies and livestock. Isaac's family had a system to counteract the Tory horse raids. When the Tory patrols would approach the homestead, Mrs. Rittenhouse would signal her sons. The boys would lead the horses deep into the nearby forest, while Isaac kept the Tories detained long enough for the horses to disappear. After the scavengers tired of hunting for the elusive livestock, Mrs. R would use a pre-arranged signal to let her sons it was safe to bring in the horses.

There was more than one way to serve the cause!

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