Friday, February 24, 2017

Rev War Ancestors XV: A Seafaring Patriot

Holden Rhodes [1750 RI - 1809 RI]: The US did not have much of a navy to speak of during the war. As a result, it was left up to privateers to antagonize British vessels. Privateers were, in the eyes of the Crown, pirates. Once the privateers captured a British vessel, the crew generally divided up the cargo as payment. Holden Rhodes was the "prize master" [officer in charge of a captured vessel] on two sloops, the "Joseph" and the "Satisfaction." He joined the crew of the "Joseph" in August 1776. Holden was prize master of the "Satisfaction" when the sloop was taken by a British ship. The surviving crewmen were taken prisoner. Holden Rhodes was sent to Forten Prison in England from July 1778 until December 1779.

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