Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rev War Ancestors VII: Another soldier changes sides

Conrad Earthenhouse (Bodenhaus) [1755 SAX - 1843 KY]: Earthenhouse was a native of Saxony [Germany] who served with the Lossberg Regiment as a Hessian soldier to fight for the British in America. Earthenhouse saw action at Long Island and Trenton. The Lossberg Regt. was sent to Virginia in 1779. There Conrad and fellow soldier, Jacob Zike, deserted. They made their way to Hanover Co., VA and elisted in the Continental Army. Conrad served under General Edward Stevens in1780. The former Hessian saw action at Camden and Coepens. His regiment was stationed near Redstone Fort in western PA under Mjr. Hickman and engaged Indians near Hagerstown, MD.

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