Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mrs. Mary Wright XXI: Some myths about the Wright family

As I contemplate the identity of Mary Wright, I thought addressing a few myths about the family might be of interest.

1) James Wright arrived in 1682 with Penn's Fleet. Among the passengers with him were George and Squire Boone, the latter the father of pioneer Daniel Boone. George and Squire Boone arrived in 1713; their parents and siblings in 1717. James Wright was between 6 and 11 in 1682, so would not have been identified on a passenger's list unless as an indentured servant or with his parents. It is not even definite that he was born in England. James and Mary were parents of three or four children by the time the Boones arrived.

2) Among the families that traveled with the Wrights were the Bryans. Rebecca Bryan would later marry Daniel Boone. The Wrights did purchase land in the Ross - Bryan Tract in Virginia. There was a connection to Rebecca. the Bryan in question was Morgan Bryan, her grandfather. Rebecca was born in NC in 1708.

3) During the French and Indian War, the Wright homestead was attacked by Indians. James and Mary were killed and scalped. The Wrights were burned out by Indians, but survived. Money was raised by Quaker communities to aid the family. James lived until 1759 and Mary until 1764 - scalps intact!   

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