Monday, February 27, 2017

Rev War Ancestors XVIII: The Sumter brothers

William Sumter [1731 VA - 1820 NC]: William was a captain in the Burke Co., NC Militia under Col. James Rickard. The militia was assigned to defend western North Carolina against Tories.

John Sumter [1733 VA - 1787 NC]: John served as a private in the 9th Virginia militia regiment from Halifax Co. The 9th was added to the Continental Line on 31 Mar 1776 and saw action at Brandywine and Germantown prior to the Valley Forge encampment. John moved to Burke Co., NC and became a militia captain.

Thomas Sumter [1734 VA - 1832 SC]: Known as the "Gamecock," Thomas Sumter became one of the most famous partisan leaders of South Carolina. He was a member of the Charleston Committee of Safety and served as a Ranger Captain against the Tories, a Lt. Col. in the 2nd SC Rifle Regiment at Sullivan's Island, campaigned against the Cherokees and served in the Georgia Campaign before resigning in 1778. With the fall of Charleston in 1780, Sumter came out of retirement to form a militia unit that would operate out of the swamps along the Santee River. He would wage a campaign against British troops and frequently be called on to assist the Continentals under Gen. Nathanael Greene. After the war Sumter was active in SC politics.

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