Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mrs. Mary Wright XV: English Quaker Records from

I was able to glean a few Bowater records from England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage & Death Registers on

In no particular order:
1) Mary Bowater of Newberry St. near Spittlesfield, wife of John Bowater. Aged about 55. Died 10th day 2nd month 1704.

2) Mary Bowater, daughter of John & Mary Bowater of Spittlesfield in Stepney Parish was born 3rd day 12th month 1688/9.

3) John Bowater of Westbury St., Spittlesfield, aged about 75,died 16th day 11th month [called January] 1704.

4) John Bowater & Mary Maunder married 12 Nov 1685. MM Devonshire House, Houndsditch, London.

5) Jonathan Bowater, son of John & Mary of Spittlesfield, born 3rd day 5th month 1687.

6) Mary Bowater, daughter of John & Mary of Spittlesfield, Stepney Parish, born 3rd day 12th month 1688/9

7) John Bowater of Broomsgrove, Worcester, nailor, son of John of the same place & Frances Corbott, daughter of William Corbott of _______, Staffordshire, nailor, having _____ their intention of marriage in Dudley & Chadwick. 12th day 2nd month 1685. [Witnesses Thomas & William Bowater, James Corbott]

We have here a family group: John Bowater [c1629-1704], Mary Maunder [c1649-1704], Jonathan Bowater b. 1687] & Mary Bowater [b. 1688/9]. Also there is John, who married Frances Corbett, who was the son of John Bowater. These records confirm what Stuart Baldwin stated in his article.

Questions that might arise from the above records are: Was the John Bowater who married Mary Maunder, the father of the John who married Frances Corbett? How many John Bowaters are recorded here? 

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