Friday, February 17, 2017

Rev War Ancestors VIII: Peter Jennison

Peter Jennison [1749/50 MA - 1816 NY]: Jennison, a resident of New Parish [later Ward and Auburn], was a private in Captain John Crowl's company, in Col. Learned's Regiment. The regiment marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775 to support the militia at Lexington. Militiamen were from New Parish, Leicester, Worcester, Sutton and Oxford. Upon learning that the British were in retreat Learned changed course for Cambridge, serving under Gen. Artemas Ward. Peter served 9 days.

Peter Jennison, then of Worcester, served in Captain David Chadwick's Company. Chadwick's company marched to Hadley on alarm at Bennington [now Vermont] under the command of  Lt. Col. Benjamin Flagg by desire of Brig. Gen. Warner on 28 Aug 1777. [Worcester's Revolutionary Soldiers]

A second version of Jennison's service states that in July 1777, a company from Worcester under the command of Jess Stone from South Parish was ordered to New York to augment forces in that region. At Bennington, they were joined by Captain Job Cushing's Regiment and proceeded to Fort Ticonderoga. There, they received orders to return to reinforce Gen. Stark at Bennington. Arriving too late for the battle, the regiment was assigned to guard British POW's. Jennison's company was dismissed on 29 August 1777 and reached Worcester on 2 September. [Historical Sketches of Auburn, Mass.]

It is probably for the latter action that Peter Jennison was credited with Continental Service.

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