Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rev War Ancestors XX: The St. Johns

This was a very active family during the American Revolution; no less than six members of Job St. John's family served:

Job St. John [c1719 CT - c1789 NY]: Job served as an Exempt in Cpt. Jacob Woods' company of the 4th NY Militia. [Exempts were older or infirmed men who served on guard duty.]

Noah St. John [1752 NY - 1802 KY]: Corporal, Col. Johannes Hardenburgh, Lt. Col. Jansen, Cpt. Ostrander's Co., 4th NY Militia. Saw action at Stony Point, NY.

Samuel St. John [1756 NY - 1819 NY]: Private, 4th NY Militia [see above]

Adam St. John [1758 NY - 1800 NY]: Private, 4th NY Militia [see above]

Matthew St. John [1754 NY - 1836  NY]: Private, 4th Regiment, Orange Co. Militia, Col. John Hathorn.

John St. John [1750 NY - 1819 OH]: Private, Col. Thaddeus Crane, 4th Regiment, Westchester Co. Militia. Captain Ebenezer Scofield, NY Line.

All of the above signed the Articles of Association for their respective communities in 1775.

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