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Wall - Pierce/Pearce: John Pearce

John Pearce was a native of Wales. Based on his testimony given pertaining to the death of Mrs. Rebecca Cornell on 7 May 1673, stating that he was 41 years of age. he was born in 1632. He may have been one of the members of the Baptist congregation of John Myles of Swansea, Wales that settled at Rehoboth, MA in 1662/3, then on to Swanzey, Plymouth in 1666/7. Family tradition holds that he arrived as early as 1660. Pearce was a mason. He identified himself as "John Pearce, Mason" until John Pearce, son of Robert, moved away in 1683, then was then generally called "John Pearce Sr." The maiden name of his wife, Mary, has not been determined.

14 Apr 1668: Bought a dwelling house and 38 acres in Portsmouth from William Corey.
29 Sep 1668: Took a seven year lease on 68 acres from William Corey.
4 May 1675: John Pearce, of Portsmouth, was made a freeman of the Colony.
31 Oct 1677: Included by the General Assembly in the list of 48 grantees of the lands at East Greenwich [5000 acres].
12 June 1678: Allowed by the General Assembly to dispose of his East Greenwich rights to Henry Matthewson.
16 Mar 1685: John Pearce, Mason, and John Pearce [probably eldest son] were drawn on jury of "Tryall's" at Newport.
5 Mar 1686: Was a member of a coroner's inquest held at the home of James Sweet, Jr. on Prudence Island.
23 Feb 1691: Deeded 420 acres of land and a meadow in Natick by Maj. John Greene. [John resided on Prudence Island.]
20 Aug 1691: John and his wife, Mary, deeded the Natick land to son Daniel.

John made his will 23 Sep 1689 at Prudence Island. It was proved in Portsmouth on 26 Apr 1692. He named Mary  sole executrix and left small legacies to children John, Daniel and Mary [wife of Robert Hill]. Mary made her will on 17 Sep 1711. It was proved 15 Oct 1711. She left 40 shillings to the poor of the Church of Christ where she was a member.  The rest of her estate was divided among John, Daniel and Mary [now Sweet].

John: b. c1658, prob. Wales; m. Martha Brayton
Daniel: b. c1662 MA or RI; m. Mary [possibly Weaver]; Elizabeth Tucker
Mary: b. c1666 PLY or RI; m. Robert Hill; James Sweet

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