Monday, March 27, 2017

Generations of Family: Intro; Prall

Over the next who-knows-how-many posts, I am going to attempt to put together each direct line for both sides of the family. :)- This will involve each surname until the line fizzles out with the marriage of a daughter into another of my families. For me, it will be interesting to see exactly how many families I am tied into. For the reader, maybe you'll find we share a common ancestor or family. If I have any lines traced back to the mother country, I will list those generations separately. Otherwise, the first person on the list will be the immigrant ancestor for that line. I will also try to alternate paternal and maternal families until one or the other runs out. At one time, Mom's side of the family would have run, maybe, ten families, but with my Simmons-Jennison research that has changed dramatically.

Format: family # - name - national origin - # generation - estimated arrival - colony/state of arrival

1. PRALL: Dutch origin, 11 generations, c1650-1655 - NY [New Netherland]
Jan Arentsz van Heerde / Baetje Jans
Arent Jansen Prall /Marie Billiou
Pieter Prall / Maria Christopher
Aaron Prall / Mary Whittaker
Cornelius Prall Sr. / Rebecca Garrison
Cornelius Prall Jr. / Elizabeth Rittenhouse
Isaac Rittenhouse Prall / Ann Bathia Rhodes
Hugh McDonald Prall / Margaret Jane Wolary
William Marshall Prall / Mayme Faucett
Hugh Charles Prall / Ruthjane McHugh
TerryDean Prall

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