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Wall-Pierce/Pearce: Daniel Pearce, Jr.

Daniel Pearce Jr was born about 1684 -1687. He was made a freeman at Portsmouth on 6 June 1715 and resided on Prudence Island. In February 1724, he was made a Freeman of the Colony. Daniel married Patiece Hill on 3 Oct. 1708, with Daniel Sr. performing the ceremony.

Feb 1727: Sold lands in N. Kingston to John Pearce of Prudence Is.
Feb 1727: Sold lands in N. Kingston to Nathan Pearce for 1000 pounds.
1732-8: Deputy to General Assembly for Portsmouth.
30 Apr 1737: Petit juryman for Portsmouth.
17 Apr 1738: Deeded 80 acres in N. Kingston to his son Daniel Pearce, glazier.
Jan 1739: Sold land to Nathan Pearce of N. Kingston, bordering east the land of Daniel Pearce III.
26 Jun 1744: Daniel Jr. and Nathaniel assisted in the inventory of the estate of brother John Pearce.

Sarah, b. 6 Mar 1710
Nathaniel, b. 20 Jan 1715, m. Meribah
Jonathan, b. 6 Apr 1719
Deliverance, b. 20 Sep 1720, m. Elisha Tillinghast
Thomas, b. 31 May 1723, m. 1748 - Martha Pearce [1st cousin, dau. John & Martha]
William, b. 8 May 1725, m. 5 Jan 1756 - Meribah Pearce, widow of brother Nathaniel
Patience, b. 21 Nov 1728, m. John Wall
Ebenezer, b. 17 Feb 1731


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