Sunday, March 19, 2017

A New Perspective on the Ancestry of Lewis Latham

The Winter issue of the New England Historical & Genealogical Register 171 [p.18-29] offers an article entitled Notes on the Family and Ancestry of Lewis Latham, Father of Frances [Latham] [Dungan] [Clarke] Vaughn of Rhode Island, by Scott G. Swanson.

Latham was sergeant falconer to King Charles I. His daughter, Frances gained her notoriety by being the ancestress of no less than 20 governors or lieutenant governors of various states. I am descended  through  her 1st marriage to William Dungan. Their daughter, Frances, married Randall Holden in Warwick, RI in 1648.

My previous research, based primarily on Alfred Rudolph Justice's "Ancestry of Jeremy Clarke" [1922]. Justice showed Lewis as the son of John Latham Jr., with the line reaching back another 11 generations [John Sr., Thomas, Nicholas, Thomas, Hugh, Philip, Robert, Robert, Richard, Robert Fitz & Henry de Latham.]

Mr. Swanson offers a different lineage. Lewis' father was Oliver Latham, based on Oliver's will and the baptismal records of Lowick, Northamptonshire, England. Oliver was the son of John Latham the Elder of Brigstock.  John the Elder was the son of Thomas Latham.

As to the Latham lineage offered by Justice in 1922, Mr. Swanson finds that there is no current evidence connecting the Northamptonshire Lathams to the Lathams of Lancashire to which Justice tied Lewis' family.

The article is sound and well documented.

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