Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Misinterpreting Evidence - 1B: Cornelius Prall Sr.

Solving the mysteries of Cornelius Prall Sr. was an adventure. Initially, early researchers had Cornelius as the son of his brother Benjamin who died intestate in 1819 and a wife Sarah. He was also the probable son of his elder brother James, dying in 1813 and twice married. His 2nd wife was Christiana "Castelin." Actually, Cornelius  was incorrectly assumed to be James' son Henry/Cornelius.

Cornelius [d. 1819] fathered Cornelius [1768], Garrison [1750-60] & Edward [1787].
Cornelius [d. 1813] fathered John, Cornelius, James, Mary & Rebecca.

Details missed in the early research of Cornelius Prall Sr. were many:
[1] Parents: Aaron Prall & Mary Whitaker.
[2] Siblings: James, Edward, Elizabeth, Benjamin & Jemima.
[3] Cornelius [d. 1819] & Cornelius [d. 1813] were the SAME PERSON!!!
[4] Cornelius married three times: Rebecca Garrison, Sarah Sutphin & widow, Chritiana Catterlin.
[5] Cornelius was the father of nine children, all by Rebecca Garrison.
[6] Cornelius died intestate in 1813, not 1819.
[7] Cornelius' estate went to probate in 1819 & was settled by 1821.
[8] Children Garrison, John, James, Mary& Rebecca were born to Cornelius & Rebecca. They only had one son named Cornelius, not two. That left three missing, Elizabeth, Anna & Jemima. There was no Edward.
[9] There was an estate inventory in which all of the above children and/or their heirs were named.
[10] Deeds!

Items 1 & 2 above were covered in the post on Aaron Prall. Items 3 through 10 will be covered in the next post or two.

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