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Meet the rest of the "new family members"

[1] Annetje Bording [c1654 New Amsterdam - aft. Oct 1679 NY] m. 30 Jun 1675 NYC - Cornelis Cregier.

[2] Claes Claeszen Bording [c1617 Denmark - 1680 NY] m. 8 Aug 1649 New Amsterdam - Susanna Vreught [c1630 Netherlands? - 1690 NYC] Claes was a sea captain.

[1] Susanna Vrught [see above]

[2] Pieter Vreught [c1600 Netherlands - bef. 1647 ??] m. c1630 Netherlands - Marritje Simons [c1610 Amsterdam, Neth. - c1647 New Amsterdam] Pieter was a surgeon. [1]

As I did a little digging, Vreught surname became questionable. The vast majority of sources showed Susanna as Susanna Lees Marsuryns [Elias, Leus and Martyns also appeared.] That left me wondering about Vreught as her surname. Another sources was located that cited several records bringing the issue to light.

On 17 July 1647, Marritje Simons declared her intention to remarry in New Amsterdam. Her deceased husband Pieter Vreught, surgeon, and children, Susanna and Willem, were named in the document.
At least two other records give her as Susann Vreught, wife of Claes Bordingh. Elias was given as Susanna's surname in her marriage record. [8 Aug 1649: Claes Claeszen von Ravox & Susanna Elias] Other sources use Marsuryns or Martyns. Lees and Leus were probably diminutive forms of Elias. It is possible that Susanna Vreught married a man named Elias [Lees/Leus] Marsuryns/Martyns between 17 July 1647 and 8 August 1649, who died before the latter date. [2]

More details on these families as I dig into the Dutch records in NY.

[1] Acree/Sachse/Hoover/Ogden/Skipworth/Nelson/TenEyck/Williamson & Associated Families
[2] Ancestors of David Lloyd Jones; RootsWeb World Connect

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