Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rev War Ancestors: How they fit in the lineage

Since half of our ancestors should be female, that limits the number of gentlemen who were eligible to serve in the 1775 -1783 conflict. Not being able to trace a family back to that era, also plays into the number of possible ancestors.

Here is how I am related to each of the soldiers or contributors named in my posts: 20 direct out of 37

Maternal direct: [6]
Peter Jennison: 5th great-grandson
Nicholas Crousore: 5th great-grandson
Amos Singletary: 6th great-grandson
John Simmons Sr.: 6th great-grandson
John Simmons Jr.: 5th great-grandson
Henry Smith: 5th great-grandson

Matrnal collateral: [1]
William Simmons: 5th great-grand nephew

Paternal direct: [14]
Enoch Gulley: 4th great-grandson
John Faucett: 4th great-grandson
James Cunningham: 4th great-grandson
Thomas Barlow: 5th great-grandson
Holden Rhodes: 4th great-grandson
Cornelius Prall Sr.: 4th great-grandson
Isaac Rittenhouse: 4th great-grandson
Seth Mahurin: 5th great-grandson
Nicholas Miller: 4th great-grandson
Edward Land: 6th great-grandson
Thomas Land: 5th great-grandson
John Land: 4th great-grandson
Job St. John: 6th great-grandson
John St. John: 5th great-grandson

Paternal collateral: [16]
Thomas Gulley, Richard Gulley, Edward Prall, Benjamin Prall: 4th great-grand nephew
Thomas Sumter, William Sumter, John Sumter, Noah St. John, Matthew St. John, Samuel St. John, Adam St. John: 5th great-grand nephew
Garrison Prall: 3rd great-grand nephew
John Gulley: 1st cousin 5x removed
Nathanael Greene: 3rd cousin 7x removed
Benedict Arnold: 4th cousin 6x removed
Conrad Earthenhouse: related by marriage to a Cawby

States represented: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Connecticut - 9 out of 13, not bad!

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