Saturday, March 11, 2017

Geographical Errors: Lows of Massachusetts

Sometimes we latch on to a couple with names that match those of an ancestral couple only to find out that we missed the right couple by a few dozen or hundred miles. Hopefully, some detail will jump out and the realization that an error has been made.

Such was the case with one of my Low families. Fortunately, the mistake was easy to correct. 

Originally, I had John Low [1623 Eng. - 1696/7 Hingham] and Elizabeth Stoddard [1630/1 Eng. - Hingham] of Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts as the parents of Elizabeth Low, born c1660 in Marshfield. Elizabeth married Walter Joyce.

Although Hingham and Marshfield are in the same county, they are not close enough for John and Elizabeth to have gone to Marshfield to have a child, then returned home to Hingham in 1660.

There was another couple in my records that fit the profile, however. John Low [1629 Eng. - 1676 Rehoboth, Mass.] and Elizabeth Howland [1634 Eng. - 1725 New Jersey]. They resided in Marshfield and that is where their children, including a daughter named Elizabeth.

John was killed by Narraganset Indians as a member of Captain Price's Company near Cumberland, RI [now part of Rehoboth, MA].

Elizabeth Howland was the daughter of Arthur and Margaret Howland. She was also the elder sister of Arthur Howland, Jr. The Howlands were already part of the family tree.

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