Friday, March 24, 2017

Wall-Pierce/Pearce: Daniel Pearce Sr.

Daniel Pearce, Sr. was born about 1662 in Portsmouth.  There are mixed dates for his death. A couple of sources give the date as 15 Nov 1732, while others state that he died after 1744 in North Kingston, Washington, RI. Daniel married twice. His first wife was named Mary. It is possible that her maiden name was Weaver. Pearce's second wife was Elizabeth Tucker, whom he married on 13 Dec 1703.

6 June 1692: He was made a freeman in Portsmouth.
1662 - 1720: Resided on Prudence Island or Portsmouth.
1721 -1723: Resided at Kingston.
1694-95, 97: Constable for Portsmouth,
1698, 1701-5, 10-11, 20-21, 23-31: Deputy to the General Assembly from Portsmouth.
1700: Daniel Pearce, Sr., of Prudence Island, bought 700 acres at Aquidnesitt from Benjamin and Jonathan Vail and John Thomas of Swanzey.
1707-8, 11, 20: Justice of the Peace in Portsmouth.
1720: Grand juryman and deputy for Kingston.
1721: Daniel and wife conveyed by deed of gift to his two sons, Daniel Jr. and John of Portsmouth, in common, 400 acres at Aquidnesitt.
8 July 1722: Sold Ephriam Smith, a mulatto man, to his son and daughter.
17 Mar 1723: Daniel, Jr. and wife Patience, and John and wife Martha, sold the Aquidnesitt land back to their father.
1724: Grand juryman and overseer of the poor in North Kingston.
11 Aug 1724: Extended a free deed of gift to N. Kingston of land for a road from Fones Bridge to the sea, for a drift way for public use.
16 Mar 1726: Sold lands to Daniel, Jr. and John.
17 Mar 1726: Daniel and John gave a bond to brothers, Nathan and William, that they would give them part of their father's estate when they came of age.
13 Nov 1736: Before the N. Kingston town council, he agreed to bring a certificate from Portsmouth concerning his daughter and her two sons.

1st marriage:
Daniel Jr., c1684-1687, m. Patience Hill
Margaret, b. c1686-1689
John, b. c1691, m. Martha
Mary, b. 1689-1693, m. 1715 - John Moss [sons: John & Joshua]
2nd marriage:
Benoni, b. c1704, m. 10 Nov 1723 - Sarah Rhodes, d. 20 Nov 1724
Nathan, b. c1706 - d. 15 Mar 1790 Dutchess Co., NY
William, b. c1709

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