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Crail Round III

Third Generation

5.  Ann Eliza "Eliza Ann" Crail9,12,64 (Sylvester B.-2, James-1) was born about 1857 in Marion Co., Indiana.9 She was also known as Ann E. Lyons.19 The eldest daughter of Sylvester Crail was listed as Ann in the 1860 census and Eliza in the 1870 census. She was identified as Ann E. Lyons of California on Sylvester's application to the Indiana State Soldiers' Home. No record of her marriage has been located as of yet.

Ann Eliza "Eliza Ann" Crail and ________ Lyons were married.19 ________ Lyons19 was born (date unknown).

6.  Sarah J. Crail11 (Sylvester B.-2, James-1) was born about 1861 in Marion Co., Indiana.11 She was also known as Sarah J. Goodwiller.11 Sarah's father stated that she was in Califoria at the time he applied to the State Soldiers' Home in 1897. A Sarah Goodwiller married Frank M. Messick on 1 January 1884 in Hendricks Co., Indiana. [Book 9, p. 472] It may be that John Goodwiller died between 1880-1883 and Sarah remarried. A 1900 census check for the Messicks was unsuccessful.

Sarah J. Crail and John Goodwiller were married on 13 Nov 1879 in Marion Co., Indiana.11,65 John Goodwiller11 was born about 1856 in Indiana.11

7.  John Crail11,66 (Sylvester B.-2, James-1) was born on 25 Aug 1867 in Marion Co., Indiana.11,67 He died general paresis on 26 Dec 1925 at the age of 58 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.68 John Crail was admitted to Central State Hospital on 3 December 1925 and died there 26 December of that year. He had been in the Psych Ward at the City Hospital.

John Crail and Minnie Wason \ Wasson were married on 23 Jan 1907 in Marion Co., Indiana.67 Minnie Wason \ Wasson67,69 was born on 14 Feb 1863 in Germany.70 She was also known as Minnie Crail.67 The marriage record for Minnie gives her parents as John and Ursula Einminger. No further information has been located to confirm this.

8.  Albert R. Crail7172 (John V.-2, James-1) was born on 18 Nov 1861 in probably Hamilton Co., Indiana.35,42 He died about 13 Nov 1911 at the age of 49 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.71 He was buried on 13 Nov 1911 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.71 Albert was first listed in the Indianapolis City Directory in 1879 as a clerk. He was residing in the same household as his father and grandmother. [p. 171] In 1880 and 1881 he was listed as a laborer. In 1880 Albert boarded at 3 Pendleton Pike, the same address as his cousin James, who was a blacksmith.[p. 181 & 187]
From 1882 - 1888, Albert, then a sawyer with M. Murray & Company, generally lived with or near his father.[p. 195, 182, 183, 219, 242, 265] In 1889, he was listed as a machinist's hand.* [p.258] He was not listed in the directory in 1890.

*Albert may still have been working as a sawyer, or in a saw mill. Later directories showed him as either a sawyer or machinist.

Albert R. Crail and Mary "Mamie / Samaria" Jerrell were married on 19 Jun 1882 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.73 Mary "Mamie / Samaria" Jerrell7376, daughter of Henry Jerrell and Serepta [Jerrell], was born on 12 Sep 1859 in Ohio.77 She died on 1 Feb 1916 at the age of 56 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.77 She was buried on 3 Feb 1916 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.77 Mamie / Samaria was also known as Mary Crail.73 Mary's will was written on 22 December 1915 and probated in February 1916, following her death on the 1st day of that month. She named her sons Earl, Howard [executor] and Mulford; daughter Bessie; and grandson Marcy, son of daughter Daisy Benjamin, deceased. [Marion Co. Wills, BB-029,film EW14, City-County Bldg., Indianapolis]

Albert R. Crail and Mary Jerrell had the following children:

           15              i.   Daisy Crail, born 2 Apr 1883, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Clarimond M. Benjamin, 23 Nov 1904, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; died abt 25 May 1915, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

           16             ii.   Bessie M. Crail, born 1 Apr 1885, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Isaac N. Wilson, 18 Jun 1919, Marion Co., Indiana.

           17            iii.   Earl Albert Crail, born 4 May 1887, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Mary Florence Foster, 10 Sep 1908, Marion Co., Indiana; died 1 Jul 1946, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.

           18            iv.   Howard John "John Howard" Crail, born 6 Mar 1889, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Violet Smart, 12 Sep 1911, Marion Co., Indiana.

           19             v.   Maude Crail, born 21 May 1892, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Frank Young, 25 Apr 1914, Marion Co., Indiana.

           20            vi.   Mulford Frank Crail, born 30 Sep 1896, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Myrtle Altmeyer, 16 Oct 1918, Marion Co., Indiana; married Selina Ida Williams; died Dec 1965, Indiana.

                           vii.   Elmer? Crail7879 was born in Jan 1898 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.7879 He died about 28 Nov 1898 at the age of 0 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.79 He was buried on 28 Nov 1898 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.79 The 1900 census shows the Crails with 7 of 8 children surviving. The identity of that child is not yet known. Adding Elmer as the "eighth and unknown child" of Albert and Mary is a pure guess at this point. There is a four year gap between the births of Mulford [1896] and Helen [1900]. Elmer fits nicely into that time span. The eighth child died before 1900; Elmer fits this requirement as well.
Albert, Mary, and daughter Helen were all buried at Crown Hill, as was sister Daisy Benjamin and possibly other members of the family.

                          viii.   Helen Crail80 was born on 13 Jan 1900 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.80 She died about 24 Apr 1912 at the age of 12 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.81

9.  Mary E. Crail35,39,8285 (John V.-2, James-1) was born on 15 Sep 1864 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.35,42 She was also known as Mary E. Gall.86 Mary Crail and John Gall spent most of their married lives in Indianapolis. The family was living at the Fort Monroe Arsenal at Elizabeth City, Virginia in 1900. John appeared on the list of soldiers, as a corporal, stationed at the military installation and Mary and the children were residing with Frederich and Martha Martini. Apparently John was stationed at Fort Monroe during the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars. The Galls were back in Indianapolis by 1910. John [listed as a retired soldier], Mary, and son Ralph were living next door to Melissa Crail and her brother Isaac T. Richardson.
According to the Marion County, Indiana Birth Records, Mary was the mother of at least four children. The birth entries were as follows:
Gall ____, John & Mary Crail, F W Oct. 19, 1891 Marion H-4, 220
Gall ____, John & Mary E. Grail, F W Jan. 3, 1889 Marion H-3, 240
Gall ____, John & Unknown Grnil, F W June 8, 1885 Marion H-2, 4
Gall ____, John H. & Mary Craig, M W Mar. 1, 1895 Marion H-6, 155

The four children were Celia [b. 1885], Leola [b. 1889], Ralph [b. 1895], and an infant who apparently died during childbirth.

The Crown Hill Cemetery records [on-line burial locator] show the following Gall burials: Infant - 21 October 1891, John -20 November 1923, Mary - 22 February 1919, Mary E. - 9 January 1967, and Ralph Albert - 6 April 1944.

The 1920 census shows the children as neighbors. Thomas, Celia [Gall], and C. Frances Nevins and Ralph A. Gall lived next to Frank, Leola [Gall], Muriel, and M. Celia Haddock. Celia was appointed guardian for Emma Crail in 1927.

Mary E. Crail and John H. Gall were married on 22 Jul 1883 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.86 John H. Gall84,86 was born in Mar 1850 in New York.32,86

John H. Gall and Mary E. Crail had the following children:

           21              i.   Celia Gall, born 8 Jun 1885, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Thomas Nevins, abt 1905, Marion Co., Indiana.

           22             ii.   Leola Gall, born 3 Jan 1889, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Frank Haddock, abt 1910, New York or Indiana.

                            iii.   Infant Gall87 was born on 19 Oct 1891 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.87 She died about 21 Oct 1891 at the age of 0 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.83

           23            iv.   Ralph Albert Gall, born 1 Mar 1895, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Mary Downey, 27 Sep 1924, Marion Co., Indiana; died abt 6 Apr 1944, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

10.  Cora B. Crail (John V.-2, James-1) was born on 29 May 1870 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.35 She died about 26 Jun 1958 at the age of 88 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.88 She was buried on 26 Jun 1958 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.88 Cora was also known as Cora B. Jackson.

Cora B. Crail and John C. Jackson were married on 24 Sep 1891 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.89 John C. Jackson was born in Aug 1869 in Indiana.90 He died about 25 May 1956 at the age of 86 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.88 He was buried on 25 May 1956 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.88

John C. Jackson and Cora B. Crail had the following children:

                              i.   Ethel M. Jackson90 was born in Jun 1893 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.90

                             ii.   Hazel N. Jackson90 was born on 29 Dec 1899 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.9091

11.  Dr. James Crail45,49,5657,59,92100 (Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 4 Apr 1858 in Indianapolis, Centre Twp., Marion Co., Indiana.49,93 He was educated  Gratuated with Veterinary Surgeon diploma from the Ontario Veterinary College, in Mar 1894 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.96 Between 1901 and 1908 he was a veterinary surgeon in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Indiana.56 James died under mysterious circumstances at Armour Co., on 25 Oct 1920 at the age of 62 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.93,9899 He was buried on 27 Oct 1920 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.63 James Crail was the eldest child of Aaron and Catherine [O'Neil] Crail, born in the spring 1858. He was only ten when his father died from "lung fever" contracted during the Civil War.
By 1880, James had taken up the blacksmithing trade. The family had moved to Peru and then to Tipton, Indiana by 1882, when James married Mima Simmons. He remained a blacksmith until the 1890s, when he decided to attend veterinary school.

James Crail was a veterinarian in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1901 [Shelbyville City Directory.] The family residence was listed as 92 1/2 E. Washington and the office and hospital were at 94 E. Washington. [This block of Washington Street no longer exists, or the buildings were renumbered at a later time.] An advertisement in the 1907 - 1908 Shelbyville City Directory offered the following information: Veterinary surgeon, office and hospital: 95 E. Washington. Listed as boarders were children Harry, Pansy Nell and Bess Catherine and wife, Mima. He was a graduate of Ontario Veterinary College. Phones: Old-213, New-294.

The veterinary office and residence of Dr. Crail was located on the south side of East Washington Street on the block between Noble and Pike. Noble bordered the block to the east. A saloon stood on the corner of the two streets, Wesson & Fields Meat Market was the next building west, then the Crails, a vacant building, and a livery stable on the corner of Washington and an alley. [Streets of Shelbyville 1900 - 1990, Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Latshaw] & 1887 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Shelbyville]

The records at Guelph University show that James Crail of Tipton, Indiana attended a two-year course in veterinary medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, graduating from the college's lecture room on Saturday morning, 24 March 1894.*
  At the time, the state's only  veterinary school was at Indiana University and was too expensive for a man with a wife and three children. James was a blacksmith in Kokomo at the time and was able to line up a blacksmithing job in Ontario to help finance veterinary school. He would later move to Chicago and attend a Chicago university to take an upgraded medical course.
The influx of settlers to Canada left a shortage of veterinarians to tend to the growing number of farm animals. To meet that need the Ontario Veterinary College was founded by Dr. Andrew Smith in 1862 and offered a six week course of anatomy, diseases, and breeding of lines of stock. Dr. Smith shortly expanded the offerings to a two year degree course. The two year course, like the six week program, was a "basics in veterinary medicine" program; very little theory, practical application was the main concern. It was an inexpensive program and had relatively easy entrance requirements. A three story building was erected to house the college in 1870 and a dissection laboratory was built in 1890. By the 1890s, the OVC had an enrollment of 400. There were quite a few applicants from the U.S. Canadians, Page 157 of the registrar's book for the Session 1893-94 lists 31 names, 21 were from the U.S. In 1908 the college was acquired by the government of Ontario and became affiliated with the University of Toronto. The OVC was moved into a new building in 1915. The college was moved to Guelph, Ontario in 1922. [The records of the Ontario Veterinary College are housed in the Archival and Special Collections, McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.]

While working as a blacksmith in Kokomo, James Crail helped make the parts for and build the first Haynes automobile. The Haynes was the first automobile built in the U.S. for sale to the public. It would appear that the family headed for Canada shortly after James finished his work on the car.

He was a member of the Frank Talbot Camp # 85, Sons of Veterans, U.S.A. in Shelbyville and served as entertainment committee chairman for that organization. Mima Crail was a member of the Ladies Aid Society # 29 and served as president of that organization.

On 4 February 1908, Dr. James Crail was recommended "as veterinary inspector at $1400 per annum, on the miscellaneous roll for "Meat Inspector", effective February 25, 1908" by the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry. Dr. Crail reported for duty on the 15th. He received accolades for his work and was recommended for a permanent appointment at the end of his probationary period in August.

Between 16 October 1908 and 11 February 1909, James submitted several letters requesting a transfer to a post in Indianapolis. He stated that his mother was "too aged and feeble to move to his present address." James even offered to make the Chicago to Indianapolis move at his own expense.

[Catherine Crail, who turned 74 in 1908, had been living with her brother-in-law, John, until his death in 1907. There was a Catherine Crail living in Shelbyville at 105 E. Mechanic in 1909. [1909 -1910 Shelbyville City Directory, p.80] (It is unknown if the house at that address in 1999 is the same one on that site in 1909.) This was probably James' mother, who did not make the move to Chicago in 1908. James must have settled on Indianapolis over Shelbyville since the Hoosier capital had several meat packing plants.]

The Chicago City Directories had James Crail listed as a clerk at the Chicago Stockyards at 316 Exchange Building from 1908 - 1911. The family resided on Emerald Ave. Daughter Bess Catherine married engineer Charles J. McHugh in January 1910.

James took a leave of absence from 1 December 1910 until 28 February 1911. This leave was possibly taken to move Catherine from Shelbyville to Indianapolis.

On 1 March 1911 the Bureau of Animal Industry posted notification of the need to fill inspectors' posts at the National Stock Yards in Chicago, as well as positions in Indianapolis, Indiana and Natchez, Mississippi. On the 6th a request was made by Chicago's Chief Inspector to have James Crail fill the opening in Indianapolis.

Letters were sent to doctors H.H. George [chief of the Indianapolis office] and James Crail on 9 March 1911 making the transfer official. Dr. Crail reported on the 18th and was assigned to establishment number twelve, Kingan and Co., Ltd.

 Curiously enough, seven months after his transfer to Indianapolis, on 19 October, Crail requested to transfer back to Chicago "due to [unspecified] family interests." The request was formally denied in a letter dated 25 November.

A series of letters dated from 9 August to 26 August 1912 outlined a complaint filed by the People's Gas, Light, and Coke Co. of Chicago against Dr. James Crail. The PGLC wrote the Bureau of Animal Industry requesting assistance in collecting $180 due them from Crail. James stated that the company had charged him for gas that he never used and that used by the party who bought Crail's business. He did not intend to pay the bill. The Bureau advised the gas company to settle with the veterinarian without the Bureau's intervention. This must have been done, as there were no documents mentioning the final outcome of the complaint.

On 16 August 1916, Dr. Crail's salary was increased from $1600 to $1800 per year.

In a letter dated 24 August 1918 from Chief Inspector G. W. Butler to the Bureau office in Washington, D.C. it was explained that Dr. Crail was charged with a day's leave without pay on 19 August. Crail had alreadt taken his 15 days of annual leave. The reason given for the leave was to attend the funeral of an aunt. [To date, no sisters or additional brothers to Aaron Crail, James' father, have been identified.

The wives of Aaron's brothers did not die on the afoementioned date. Unless there was a family friend that James considered an aunt, there is an unitentified brother or sister for Aaron Crail.]

James ran into trouble in May of 1920. In a letter to the Bureau Chief in Washington dated the 13th of that month, Inspector Butler wrote:

"Dr. James Crail assigned to ante and post-mortem of hogs at establishment 12A, Kingan & Company, Ltd. on May 8, 1920, is reported to have made final inspection of the carcases of ten hogs, removed the retained tags and allowed them to pass the cooler before having inspected the visceras [internal organs]. One of the ten was retained at the gut chute by Dr. Crail and the other nine were retained by a lay inspector who was doing visceral inspection while Dr. Crail was in the final room, and all ten were retained on account of tubercular lesions in the viscera. Three lay inspectors, one of whom is a supervisor and happened to be present, certify the above. Dr. Crail, when questioned about it did not deny it, except to say he thought there were about five hogs instead of ten. He further stated that he regretted it and he would not do such a thing again."

As a reult of his actions, Dr. Crail was taken off "final work" and assigned to general inspection of hogs at establishment 12. Had efficiency reports not already been issued Dr. Crail would had received a lower rating.

The Bureau advised that monthly reports on Dr. Crail's work would be required.

James Crail wrote a letter to his superior, J.R. Mohler, on 29 May 1920, as follows:

"Dear Sir, I rceived the enclosed letter from your assistant chief and am very Soory. Such work could have occurred. I assure you from now on any inspection will be Satisfactory to all concerned. Hopefully I will Speedily gain the confidence and Esteem of my Superiors. Thanking you for your Indulgence. Resp. James Crail"

In a report dated 24 June, Dr. Crail received a satisfactory evaluation. A report from
  27 July stated that he was being assigned to "regular work as formerrly." A report dated 20 August recommended that Dr. Crail be given "the usual promotion diven to others in his class July 1, 1920. The final report, dated 20 September, advised that Dr. Crail's work was satisfactory.
Evidently, James Crail was reassigned to the Armour & Company Plant sometime after the May incident at Kingan & Co.

On 25 October 1920, Dr. Crail was conducting an inspection of the Armour & Co. Plant at Raymond and Dakota Streets. Following the inspection, he was found dead on the premises. The coroner listed the official cause of death as chronic myacharditis and acute delatation of the head.
  The family believed that the "official report" was something of a cover-up. Apparently, the inspection turned up enough code violations to have the plant shut down. Dr. Crail supposedly had fallen down a flight of stairs. The family was convinced that, after it was learned the plant would be shut down due to health code violations, James Crail was attacked, beaten, and pushed to his death.
James and Mima are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery next to Catherine Crail. There had been no marker for Mima, but her grandson, Charles had a stone added in 2001.

James Crail's "Statement of Personnel Record" dated 22 April [probably 1911] provided the following information:
age as 53 [which he would have been in 1911]
address as 2205 New at Indianapolis
state of health - good
graduated at Ontario, Canada and obtained a veterinary degree
first year of training - Chicago [1891-92]
second year - Toronto, Ontario [1893-94]
course of study before and since graduation: horse shoer before graduation, 5 yrs. in Indianapolis and 9 yrs. in Peru. Been practicing Vet. surgery since - 15 yrs.

[James did not mention his time in Kokomo and Shelbyville before his veterinary training.]

*The Veterinary Magazine, Vol. I, Harvard University, 1894 [Google e-books, 6/1/2007]

Dr. James Crail and Ama Jimima Simmons were married on 14 Sep 1882 in Tipton, Tipton Co., Indiana.101 Ama Jimima Simmons, daughter of John T. Simmons and Edith Crousore, was born on 25 Jan 1858 in Howard Co., Indiana.102 She died on 4 Jan 1931 at the age of 72 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.102 She was buried on 8 Jan 1931 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.102

James Crail and Ama Jimima Simmons had the following children:

                              i.   William [Willie] Crail45,103 was born on 24 Oct 1883 in Miami Co., Indiana.104 He died in a wagon accident on 18 Oct 1895 at the age of 11 in Tipton Co., Indiana, United States.45,103 The Crail family was preparing for a move about 1895, when tragedy struck.  "Willie" caught his head in a wagon wheel and was beheaded. Willie was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Tipton, IN.

           24             ii.   Harry Everett Crail, born 11 May 1885, Miami Co., Indiana; married Pearl Ethel Malloy, 29 Jul 1902, Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana, United States; married Lola May Patterson, 8 Oct 1921, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Gertrude Margarite Kassenbrock, 11 Jul 1929, Hendricks Co., Indiana; died 30 Aug 1937, Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana.

           25            iii.   Pansy Nell Crail, born 26 Nov 1886, Miami Co., Indiana; married James Franklin Tierney, 10 Sep 1907, Shelby Co., Indiana, United States; died 29 Jul 1979, Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., North Carolina.

           26            iv.   Bess Catherine Crail, born 13 Jul 1891, Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana; married Charles Joseph Mc Hugh Sr., 7 Jan 1910, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois; died 20 Sep 1952, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

12.  Martha Crail45,105109 (Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 22 Feb 1860 in Indianapolis, Centre Twp., Marion Co., Indiana.49 She died on 27 Jul 1941 at the age of 81 in Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington.109 The Miami Co., Indiana birth index shows a 1 July 1884 male birth for James Nolan and Martha Crail. [Book C-2, p. 7]. The 1900 census has Martha with three children, all living. Those three were Walter and Grace Church and David Nolan. The infant born in 1884  must have been stillborn or died shortly after birth.
Martha was shown a being divorced in the 1910 census. She and William Church must have divorced a few years before son David Nolan moved to Missouri. Martha was living with David and Nellie in 1910. She was also listed as having two of three children surviving. Either Walter or Gracie had passed between 1900-1910.

Martha and third husband Bruce lived on Belmont a few houses away from the Crails and McHughs. Martha and Bruce had a daughter, Doris. In 1920 she was listed as "being raised, but not adopted" by the Thomases. In 1930 Doris was shown as being adopted.

After Martha's mother died, the Thomas clan moved to Washington State. Doris managed the kitchen at an airport there.

Martha died in Spokane in 1941.

Martha Crail and James Nolan were married on 21 Feb 1882 in Miami Co., Indiana.110 Also recorded as 2 February 1882. James Nolan died between 1882 and 1886 in Peru, Miami Co., Indiana. [based on date of widow's 2nd marriage] He was born in Ireland.106

James Nolan and Martha Crail had the following child:

           27              i.   David Nolan, born 28 Jul 1882, Peru, Miami Co., Indiana; married Nell \ Nelle Marvel Pool, 4 Jan 1910, St. Charles, St. Charles Co., Missouri; died 25 Jul 1937, Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri.

Martha Crail and William L. Church were married on 22 Jul 1886 in Miami Co., Indiana.111 William L. Church was born in Aug 1858 in West Virginia.106

William L. Church and Martha Crail had the following children:

                              i.   Walter Church106 was born on 8 Sep 1887 in Marion Co., Indiana.112 1900 Census gives April as birth month.

                             ii.   Gracie Church106 was born on 16 Oct 1890 in Miami Co., Indiana.113

Martha Crail and Bruce Thomas were married on 10 Nov 1910 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.114 Bruce Thomas was born about 1863 in Indiana.108 Between 1920 and 1930 he was an Iron worker for construction company in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.108

Bruce Thomas and Martha Crail had the following child:

                              i.   Doris Thomas108 was born about 1911 in Indiana.108 Doris was adopted by the Thomases between 1920-1930.

13.  Catherine Crail45,115 (Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 22 Feb 1860 in Indianapolis, Centre Twp., Marion Co., Indiana.49 She died on 3 Nov 1901 at the age of 41 in Peru, Miami Co., Indiana.116 Catherine Crail was the twin sister to Martha. They were born on George Washington's birthday. Catherine is listed as "Lena" on the 1900 census.

Catherine Crail and William Benner Jr. were married on 16 Apr 1891 in Miami Co., Indiana.117 William Benner Jr., son of William Benner and Harriet [Benner], was born in Jan 1862 in Indiana.115

14.  Thomas M. Crail45,118120 (Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 12 Aug 1866 in Washington Twp., Marion Co., Indiana.48,120 He died on 13 Jun 1937 at the age of 70 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.120 Thomas was the youngest child of Aaron and Catherine. He married Lillie Brown in 1893 and fathered two children. Thomas was a terminal dispatcher for the railroad in 1900, a furnace setter in 1910, and was listed as a machinist on his death certificate.
Step-daughter, Stella Fancher was the informant for details on Thomas Crail's death certificate.

According to Uncle Mutt, Thomas was small in stature and always wore a vest with a watch and chain. He was a very nice person. He wasat one time a General Superintendant for the New York Central Railroad.

Thomas M. Crail and Lillie Thomas were married on 16 Jan 1893 in Marion Co., Indiana.121122 Lillie Thomas, daughter of Sullivan Thomas and Charlotte Pendle, was born in Feb 1868 in Indiana.118,123 She died before May 1917 at the age of 49 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.123 [based on date of Thomas's second marriage]

Thomas M. Crail and Lillie Thomas had the following children:

                              i.   May Crail was born in Aug 1893 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.118

                             ii.   Earl Crail119 was born about 1899 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.119 Earl's estimated birth year must be brought into question if the 1900 census is correct. He was not enumerated with the family that year. If he was 11 in 1910, as recorded, then the year of birth would have been 1898/99. Earl may have been born later in 1900.

Thomas M. Crail and Maud O'Connor were married on 30 May 1917 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.49,124 Maud O'Connor120, daughter of James O'Connor and Louisa Jeffries, was born on 3 Jun 1867 in Covington, Kenton Co., Kentucky.125127 She died on 3 Jun 1953 at the age of 86 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.127 She was also known as Maud Crail.128 Maud was also known as Maud Kunz.129



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